30 May 2013 @ 10:29 pm
Another fun month.

[ 8/ ]

Has anyone actually seen the posters being put up? Or the graffiti everywhere?

[ he knows it just as likely has been done by invisible robot creatures at this point -- it is the City -- but no harm in asking...right? ... ]

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30 April 2013 @ 11:03 pm

Not something worth repeating.

[ Pause. ]

Justification for the auto-feeder though.
29 April 2013 @ 11:11 pm

[ Visible through one of the cameras in the prison yard there are a number of people. One of them keeps pacing and pausing to squint at it every so often. Arthur has nothing better to do, perhaps -- so far. When he stops near beneath it, he mutters to himself even as he paces again. ]

It's not exactly a wakeup call.

[ More pacing, then silence a while, then the clearing of his throat. ]

In fact, I'm not sure what it is.

[ With a shake of his head he appears to move out of camera's vantage. ]

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17 February 2013 @ 11:20 pm





Not a fan of these weekends. Too crowded and too many cases of mistaken identity.

Most of you're better off just heading inside somewhere to stay warm. Probably won't be here long. Assuming the pattern sticks as usual.

[ pause, considering saying something else, then decides against it and turns the audio off. ]

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14 January 2013 @ 06:30 pm

Zombies. Ghosts? Whatever. Blizzards.

At least one of them makes sense.

[ private : Yusuf and Eames ]

If you need anything, speak now or forever hold your peace.

[ His primary concern is dog food though. Why else would he go out in this? ]

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16 December 2012 @ 02:59 am
Gold eggs, gold rings...

So next it will be...what? Idols? Apples?
09 December 2012 @ 03:54 am
That's the fourth cow I've had to dodge.

What kind of curse is this supposed to be anyway?

[ grumble mumble....as he trudges the rest of the way home, an eye out for angry creatures of bovine persuasion ]
13 October 2012 @ 01:02 am
Private Thoughts || Off the network in some sequestered moleskine no doubt. )

][ a u d i o ][

[ already deeply annoyed. deeply. no need to go deeper. and yet... ]

I like my clothes, but I wasn't looking for it to be a mutual thing. And--

--what the he--

[ --cut off by more muffled curse since someone just had to duck an especially violent bedside lamp. ]

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30 September 2012 @ 03:07 pm
I'm always suspicious of free food, but that goes double for this place.

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15 September 2012 @ 12:16 pm
[ Seated on a park bench, reading, Mae looks up, turns backward when a familiar if elusive voice invades her personal space, coupled with a polite hand tapping her shoulder. At the same time, the device ends up on his jacket, perched neatly on the back of the bench too, its intermittent flash of red light indicating RECORDING TO NETWORK. ]

Got a promise to keep, don't I?

[ Arthur asks and extends his hand to her. A moment's deliberation later Mae closes her book and accepts said hand, ready to step over the back, but Arthur stops her with a hand that smooths from her shin to her ankle, an affectionate politeness somehow. Then he lifts her off the bench's back entirely, spins with her once before setting her down and the long owed daaaaaaaaaance really begins. ]

[ooc: okay so the dance is basically what happens after JGL lifts Zooey off of the bank counter and sets her down, all of course taking place in the park instead of swapping sites. At the end when Zooey is anti-gravitying her way back to standing upright behind the counter, instead imagine Arthur helping her back up over the bench, kneeling using his knee as a step up :3 wherein the device cuts off because he knocks it finally falls off the bench. Practice makes perfect and all that!]
[ The device clatters to the ground and gives an upshot of...a lamppost. And two sets of feet, though the angle it stops at settles on cuffed hands instead. Two sets of those too. ]

This's ridiculous. How...

That's what I'd like to know. I was sound asleep in bed a moment ago! [ Arthur tugged on the handcuffs, incredibly put out by the whole ordeal. He hadn't gotten nearly enough beauty rest for this. ]

[ A frustrated sigh. Those two sets of hands are one-to-the-other cuffed with the lamppost as the centerpiece. Jokes will not be appreciated. ]

This better be a one-day deal.

[ Arthur's head comes up at that. ] You mean I'm stuck with you a whole day? [ he groans and leans his head against the lamp post, his one and only friend. He really, really hated the City sometimes. ]

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31 July 2012 @ 11:43 pm

The least they could do is let you pick.

I'm never sure if it's just them running out of ideas or if it's not even them making the curses up. Maybe it's just...one on a zillion-option wheel. Like in a board game.

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26 July 2012 @ 01:04 am

Guess we should consider ourselves lucky it was water guns.

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01 July 2012 @ 12:49 pm

][ A U D I O ][

Two kinds of weekends seem to repeat - this kind and the ones where there's a ton of curses going on at the same time.

[There're probably more - in fact he's sure there's more than one or a handful of others that have repeated but he keeps circling back mentally to these two as regular offenders.]

Not sure of the connection except more craziness than your average City day.

[Le shrug. On the outside. Burning wood. On the inside. Patterns usually mean something. But that might be the grasping of straws, pitfalls of wanting logical things in illogical places.

There's a pause and a buffered sound like a thumb brushing over the array of device buttons, ready to turn it off when he pauses.


[--then he stops himself. Why would they be here? And he's the one who got rid of them in the first place, memories he must have decided didn't matter. And full name disclosure is stupid just about anywhere.

The device shuts off without any follow-up.

][ A C T I O N ][

Nothing stands between Arthur and espresso. )

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18 May 2012 @ 01:51 pm

1. what's the policy for a missed final at Westerberg?
2. anyone going to the dance tomorrow know if they sell photos and how much they charge?
3. my calculator is still missing.

and this doesn't really fit on the list but for anyone who goes out to eat or orders in? tip the guy/girl/alien/whatever for fuck's sake.

[ open a c t i o n (multiple choice) ]

[ (A) Milling about the school still? You might run into Arthur. (B) On your way to the beach? You might run into Arthur. Either way he looks the same: rumpled with some scrapes to finesse the effect but largely unconcerned about it. If anything he seems distracted - emptying the minimal contents of his locker or walking in a daze or just leaning against the main office building while checking his phone. ]

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28 April 2012 @ 01:31 am

Boss says: I have to go to [INSERT FAR-AWAY CITY - not far-away as in the next border, far-away like 14 hours on a plane that might have to drop him off at the 10 hour point elsewhere with a layover of 5 hours - which contract forbids me from naming].
I say: When?
Boss says: Today.

This asshole. I need a new job.

ETA, another fine example of why that's true:


Dear assistant,
I am an up and coming--


Dear assistant,
We wrote you a week ago about--


Dear assistant,
This is something you won't want to--

Yeah no I really don't.

Dear assistant,
About those photos posted online of you and Mr-


ETA #2 why am I still awake:

Here's a tip for anyone with a PA under them: don't be an asshole, and if it's just a biological necessity for you to be one then don't get a PA. No one deserves you but you.

And then a tip for the people who want to have their projects picked up by my boss (if you don't know who he is already then take that as a sign on its own):


Or...what is it in the movies? Don't have your people call our people - Person.

Instead I suggest grabbing the nearest OED and looking up UNLIKELY then copying it down by hand 500 times. In cursive. If you still want to contact him by then, please, by all means.

Go for it.

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[ Arthur is a bedroom steward assigned to First Class, with a handful of cabins under his responsibility. Is yours one of them? If it is, then your room service, wardrobe assistance, and the usual bed making and room cleaning all fall to him. There is a protocol and a dress code all to abide by not just in the actual attire but the state of it, that said Arthur carries with him an ease of composure, the polite veneer undercut only by the mildness of his tone.

The pay is less than minimum, but on the whole people tip him well. He didn't sign on in the hopes of making sizable pocket change waiting bedside anyway. He just wants passage and this job is his ticket, so that's that.

Substituting for a missing saloon steward here and there isn't really for the money either, so much as to kill time until they land, but he does it fairly often.

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Current Location: your room/ on deck/ corridor/ etc
31 March 2012 @ 01:01 pm

So, say you're going to a barbecue. What kind of food do you assume's going to be there?

[ They probably should have made a list.


And actually that audio is still on; Arthur's distracted, busy in fact as the device picks up the roll of four tiny wheels and general chatter of what must be a shop. Then a pause of the wheels...

...are you too old for holding hands?

[ He's just paranoid maybe. It's a busy store.

Anyway he gets his answer just a second later, a young girl's voice:

I do not think so.

[ Some more grocery background noise as the cart starts rolling again before the girl speaks again ]

Dad, your device is on. [ pause and this time she's obviously speaking into it on purpose, rather than muffled like before ] Poppa, did you want us to bring you anything?

[ Then the device is turned off properly. ]

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17 March 2012 @ 06:37 pm

[ Wandering through the City in something of a daze, Arthur is on his way to the outskirts of the City proper. From there it isn't terribly far from the forest, which isn't really the place for him - prepared or not, and he's more the former than the latter today. His mind is one-track though his goal is anyone's guess.

It's an unexpected day all in all. What had originally been intended as a day spent to scout around for different work has become, instead, an indefinite search for the end of a rainbow. He doesn't give much thought to others wandering around him in a similar state, doesn't give much thought to anything except his destination where he's 100% certain there's something he's looking for.

Or, well, someone.

If you happen to run into him, it might be literally, because that's how attentive he is to his surroundings at the moment - hardly.

At one point, turning his device over and over in his hand absently, the audio clicks on, just barely picking up the end of him muttering:
] ...the woods? Figures.

07 March 2012 @ 05:23 pm
[ When the device knocks on it's on its side, providing first a view of the bubble and the sharp of a knee, then there's some snuffling noises thanks to the corgi trying to...eat it - the device that is - and some sea-sick worthy footage before there's Arthur's voice, ]

Pancake, no! Not food. Bad. Probably lethal. Give me that...

[ Grabbing for the device, he gets it in hand and sighs, arching a brow at the camera seeing it's on, then, bored or whatever, he gives a once-around pan of his environment for the day, his voice equal parts resigned to his 24 hour fate and lazily annoyed. ]

Wonder who came up with this one.

[ Arthur likes his personal space. Really, he does. But...this is going a bit far even for him.

The bubble is sizable - enough so (six feet in diameter give or take) that he hasn't in fact left his room today, which he might not have anyway, not particularly interested in filling the parallel role of hamster-on-wheel. After he turns once in a full circle, he shuts the device off, the last thing transmitted being a slight mumble of,
] Could be worse.

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