08 February 2013 @ 05:07 pm

[That's the only warning anybody in the Square gets as Wilee barrels through it on his bike, the state flag of New York tied around his neck, flapping in the breeze like a cape. He's hitting top speeds, popping wheelies and turns like no other, showing off just what the best city in the world is made of.

Right before a man in a leather jacket crosses his path at the wrong moment and comes head to head (or side to front wheel) with Wilee. He doesn't stop, barely even slows down, only turns his head before turning the bike into a full circle.]

Damn pedestrians... Sorry! It's a New York thing!

[ooc: poor ray, no1curr about old men getting hit.]
20 January 2013 @ 12:12 am
[Wow, another familiar yet still new face on the network. This one comes with a guitar that he spends a good five minutes tuning before he launches into a classical rendition of one of the City's favorite songs. Enjoy this display of talent.]

That goes out to all the beautiful ladies out there tonight. Stay pretty.

[Wilee, you're a cheeseball.]
30 December 2012 @ 11:57 pm
[There's a young man dressed in a ripped red shirt and black shorts lying on the ground. Next to him, is what looks like a bike... rather, what used to be a bike, but now its front wheel is all twisted and the spokes stick out every which way. Honestly, the bike looks in better shape than the man who groans into consciousness, rolling onto his side to face the camera.]

V? [He looks confused more than he is in pain. First, this isn't Manhattan and this isn't his cell phone. Secondly, he remembers he wasn't alone before he passed out. Sitting up is painful, but possible, and while most people would be concerned about being in a strange new town and/or injured, this guy is clearly more concerned about his big wheel. The blood running down his forearm isn't even a concern at the moment.] Shit! Asshole cabbie. Gonna fuck him up.

[ooc: Doctors, feel free to grab him up for treatment? He has a gash to his arm that needs stitches, busted ribs, some bruising... basically, he's a ball to treat.]