10 August 2013 @ 10:03 pm
[ So you're on a boat, you're on a boat
Take a good hard look
At the bloody awesome pirate boat. As it seems to be Kanye-shrugging on its way into the beautiful horizon.

The camera rooooooolls on board, hits someone's spare glass eye, stumbles across a treasure box holding only two gold pieces and a hastily scribbled "I BE OWIN YE message tucked in, and finally focuses on First Mate Thor the... Terrible? fussing on deck, because - ]

Captain on booooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaard.

[ The camera takes a brief dip in a rum bucket, but floats right back up to show... a hatted bear sniffing the deck, turning to stare deeply and meaningfully in the horizon, then promptly heading for the cabin for its 3927204789th nap.

There is silence. Some awkward clapping. Polite coughing. Then, Thor is done translating instructions:]

Aye! T' Cap'n be saying: sharpen'em knives, kiss t'Luck Token, and be bleedin' them scallywags who hoist their Crown colours. Girl! Get the lass with the hair, there be treasure in the... sea... somewhere, t' Cap'n gone smelled it. Ready t'mermaid, and -

[ ...oh snap, is that an upcoming whale in the distance.

Oh. Oh, no, no. Thank God. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a kraken. But don't you worry: it just wants to make friends. ]

- ...don't be hitting t' kraken.

[ ooc: OKAY, SO. Absolutely anyone is welcome to crash on the Hringhorni at any point, idc how characters get here: they were here all along, they float in on a raft previously stuck in the middle of the ocean, they were drunk and stuck in a mackerel barrel with the rest of supplies, a giant eagle drops them on deck, they burst free from the insides of a captured shark - idk and idc, just jump right in, it's an anyone threadjack everyone kind of thing. ]

current crew; )
28 July 2012 @ 04:16 pm
(while loki is being a drama queen, thor is out walking the dogs. they, for one are enjoying the fact that he's back home with them but he seems really distracted. extremely, distracted that he might be even hit by snowballs.

communicator in his hand, watching loki, it seems that he's ignoring what usually makes him so happy: playing with the children and the dogs in the park. where he would not be armed, he is now and it seems to be quite perplexing.

When is it that we find ourselves on diverging paths? In all my years, it is only now that I feel uncertainty.
14 July 2012 @ 11:04 pm
[ There is a loud crash, as two gods of Asgard slam into the fountain in the midst of a flare of brilliant blue light. As the light fades, they stand. One is Thor, a face that should be familiar to many of the people here.

The other is his prisoner, a pale man with dark hair and pale green eyes. His hands had been bound, and his face had been encased in what could only be described as a muzzle. He raises himself from the water. As he does so, both the shackles and muzzle splash into the fountain, and he finds himself free again.

Free, but certainly not where he had expected to be.

Disbelieving, he stands, and his eyes flash open. Irritated, he steps out of the fountain. He raises suspicious, accusing eyes to Thor.

This is not Asgard.

Nor is it Migard. What is the meaning of this? Where have you taken us, Odinson?

Well, brother, we have returned to - [ Thor pauses, as if remembering a fond memory. ] ... The City?

[ The look on his face indicates more than a if you run away, so help me Loki I'm calling in the Avengers again- or just tell everyone on him. Then a slow smile, because slowly but surely, the one thing he is slowly starting to remember is: ]

Sif is going to be delighted to see you again, Loki.

[ Loki stares around the area, already seeking a means of escape. Thor's words should have returned his attention to the present, but his eyes fall on the small devices at their feet. Loki lifts the nearest one, turns it over in his hand, and registers his own face upon the screen. It's broadcasting. ]

I had imagined our next meeting would be under different circumstances. It would appear that fate has had other ideas.

[ His lips curve into a knife-like smile. Odin's justice will simply have to wait. ]

[[ ooc: Loki is green and Thor is red.

Also, Setine's still on emergency hiatus as of this post, but because they're at the same canon point we wanted to bring these two in together. She asks that we just assume Thor is around again from now on!
17 June 2012 @ 12:00 pm
Possible as it may for the deities to pull Sif and I, but the Allfather? Not that I am not pleased to see my father, but if he is here-

(there's just silence while thor talks to the imaginary Odin.)

Most puzzling indeed. Pray you be on your best behaviors whilst he's here, I beg of you. Especially you, Man of Iron.
05 June 2012 @ 11:38 am
(while there was a curse yesterday of everyone hugging cats, thor was spending it with dogs. so there are puppies everywhere: on him, licking him, oh he's even rolling around with them and playing with all of them.)

Should this be a curse, I would like more warning next time. Some of these ones need homes, should you wish for a fearless companion.

(Who can say no to a Norse god holding up this little guy who is licking his face and barking happily.

Ignore the black cat in the corner hissing at everyone who just wants to be his friend!!
14 May 2012 @ 02:44 pm
Rare as it is for this place to give me a curse that I would actually enjoy, I plan not to waste this opportunity.

Come my friends, my arms will openly welcome you.
28 April 2012 @ 03:20 pm
Midgard is so boring. Mortals are so boring. I want to go back to Asgard now but Heimdall is not heeding my calls.

Until he does, entertain me. (B|) Or I hope you captors are prepared to feel the wrath of Odin himself when he realizes that I'm gone, you know. I've just been acting alright with all of this to spare you, you know.
22 April 2012 @ 02:50 pm
natasha ... i believe that i have something private of yours. should you want it returned, of course.
14 April 2012 @ 03:14 pm
[Should you choose to run into Thor, he's currently hanging out on the front of the ship like a proper Norse God should!] 

It has been almost a millennia since I last set foot on a ship. Though, last I remember, they were not as large as this one and if I recall, there was a lot more pillaging involved. A night of ale and merriment, boar and dancing before they set sail to find their glory and conquer a neighboring Kingdom- those were the ways of the Nordic peoples. 

Nonetheless, I fear that I cannot shake this feeling that I've seen something like this before- perhaps it was during my time on Earth that reminds me?  I trust that many of my friends will be on this voyage as well? One cannot pillage or sail without their companions to join in with them. Especially you, Sif, you better be here. 
20 March 2012 @ 10:01 pm

[though if you're in the house, you might notice that thor really isn't giving a damn about anything and falling asleep in the oddest places.] 
14 March 2012 @ 09:51 pm

[Doing 3.14x more of everything is really tiring. The dog wants to be walked more, Thor's insomnia has increased more, his wish for Loki to be back etc. etc. 

Also, he is 3.14x more grumpy. Enjoy that.] 

[thor is enjoying the fact that he can't find loki (he's not enjoying at all, in fact he's been missing for a few days doing do). so to ease his solace...

that and watching a lot of tv. it seems that burgers and monty python are great for wasting time.

oh and shakeweights.]

Would someone care to explain how this is to make you a better warrior? [he says holding it right up to his face and holding it with both hands. he even has to move his hair out of the way too.]

I ... do not understand how this is supposed to work. Why do you not go and build your physique through movement?

[thor put the shakeweight down. oh. he can hold it with one hand too.

enjoy that imagery.]
02 March 2012 @ 08:49 pm
( the device whips through the air, video feed snapping on abruptly as it collides with a nearby wall. the video is clear, capturing a clear shot of the sharp winds and cracks of lightning in the distance, but the audio comes in fuzzy, filled with static from the velocity of the winds.

a roar of thunder briefly cuts out the audio as the winds clear enough to capture the midst of the chaos.

thor stands at the center, frightening hammer in hand, already spinning it as if it was acting as a vacuuming mechanism for something—his presence is all too overwhelming. )

You fight with no honor. Simply return to me what is mine and let us be done with something that should have happened in the first place.

( the only answer he receives at first is a loud laugh, echoing in this odd atmosphere. the device can’t see him at first, it takes a moment before it captures a clear shot of ikki, an equally menacing presence in this hellish storm. his A-T come alive, lighting up with electric blues as it spins. they whur furiously as the winds kick up.

thor was right about that, this shouldn’t have happened, but where the hell was the fun in that? he had been itching for a fight since the slug infestation and this guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. )

Talks of honour mean nothing from a would-be kidnapper! I’m not going return shit to you!

He’s my animal that responds to his name when I call it. This is almost absurd.

What kind of jerk just calls him his “animal” like he’s property?

I do not wish to harm you, but you must stop. You will hurt more people if you continue!

( the repetitive motion of the hammer drowns out whatever else he was trying to say, lightning coming off of the famed weapon of the god of thunder. )

You’re the only person I see here—!

( the air crackles, breaking the audio feed once more, and then ikki is out of sight, leaving only a flash of bright blue light in his wake. he propels himself forward once more to face thor head on, to smash his fist into his face again.

thor is much larger than him, fist raising to punch ikki square in the mouth just before the feed cuts out, the device getting swept up by the wind once more and shattering against the wall. )

(( ooc: thor is dark blue and ikki is light blue! ))
15 February 2012 @ 01:26 am
[So the video turns on and Sif's expression is...not a happy one.] I am not one for wanting to make these sort of things public, but...

[First off, she hopes everyone believes her, because - yes, she is. This sort of thing comes with best-friend-since-childhood privileges. Sif turns the device around. It focuses on -

Thor. Sitting on the couch in his apartment. Without a shirt off. Eating poptarts.

In the background, there is music. Loud music. He looks up. Such puppy dog eyes.]

Sif, I can never find anyone like her. Though I wish only for the best for her, is it selfish that I wish her here? [He pauses. Leans back, opens his mouth, and-]


[Another poptart is consumed. The video focuses on Sif again; she is most serious.]

I want to know who broke him.

[ooc; Thor is blue, Sif is normal. She really is.]
[There's not much, but there's a tiny bathtub with a very big man in it. No one can really see anything, save for his very long, large legs and his massive arms. A wet puppy pops up over the tub and starts to bark, not before wriggling out and shaking himself dry.

Go Wolf's Heart, go get help to get the Norse god out of the tub.]

[ooc: fourth wall post! everyone is all good to hit him up!]
18 January 2012 @ 09:01 pm
Perhaps it was too vague, my mission to find these deities was not as I wished it to be. For days, I roamed these mountains looking for the grand towers you all told me to seek - yet, it was all in vain.

[He looks like he hasn't shaved in a while, but it's Thor, it only manages to make him look more rugged. But, while he looks a little uncomfortable before a puppy sticks its head out of his armor]

You would have my thanks if Wolf Heart and I would have place to rest for the night. Come morning, we shall take our leave in search of our own dwelling. It would appear that I will have to make residence here for longer than I had hoped.