I'm dreamin out loud )

[ooc: Feel free to jump in and interact but prepare to get loved on by a small army of Dream Eaters]
10 March 2013 @ 03:11 pm
[There appears to be a very small boy sitting next to an Irish Setter who's actually taller than him when they're both sitting like this. The boy looks remarkably perplexed by the fact that he is a) not where he is supposed to be and b) in the company of a dog who's very happy to see him, and he will just be darned if he knows how he got here.]

Um... can someone help me? I don't know where I am and my mom's gonna be real mad if I'm late for dinner again. The boat's gonna leave without me if I'm not back soon.

[That's right, suddenly tiny Riku, pretend you're not freaking out and everything will be a-ok, even if you have no idea where you are or how you got here.

Dogs though, being wonderfully empathetic animals, can be extremely reassuring, as Axel demonstrates by proceeding to lick the stoic little boy on his face, causing him to giggle.]

H-hey! Cut that out! ...Does anybody know whose dog this is?
08 February 2013 @ 01:43 pm
[All that's visible for the moment is a belly button and an unbuttoned shirt and the top of a pair of jeans; the video feed starts rather abruptly as he's clearly set it off accidentally because no one in their right mind would want to make a first impression with their navel. He's talking to himself though, thinking out loud more than anything.]

-where do I even start to look? I don't even know what kind of world this place is.

[The stomach moves in time to the sound of a resigned sigh, before the world shifts. Or rather the camera does, as the device moves and the owner of the voice and the midriff comes into focus; it's a boy, around sixteen or seventeen, with bright aquamarine eyes and silver hair framing his face. He's frowning as he concentrates on the device.]

How does this thing wor-

[And then he appears to realise that it is apparently working extremely well, and without his knowledge, as his eyes widen and he looks momentarily surprised before he schools his expression back into something a little more calm, but with perhaps an air of sheepishness.]

I guess it works better than I though. Uh... hi.

[He pauses, as though put on the spot suddenly having to address a strange device with no forethought.]

I don't really know what this thing is, but it looks like it's recording. Maybe it's a video diary or something? I don't get it.

[He looks up and around, looking for someone in the area who could maybe explain better but seems to be dissatisfied as he looks back at the camera a few seconds later.]

If anyone's watching this, I'm by a carousel. My name's Riku, and I could really use a clue about where I am right now. I guess that's all, thanks.