31 December 2012 @ 04:48 pm
If I remember correctly, resolutions were the thing at this time last year. [ he's sounding a little green around the collar ] I think I need to resolve against drinking so much coffee.

... if anyone has a cure for these headaches, I'd be in your debt.

[ double espressos, while a life saver, were obviously not meant to be drunk multiple times a day. After almost a full year of this, Liam, at last, is finally learning to repent. ]
25 November 2012 @ 10:48 am
[ Liam hiccuped and dabbed at the corner of his mouth, a cup of tea (spun sugar) and a plate of chocolate buttons on the table in front of him.

Someone's been eating his way through a coat with relish. ]

I wouldn't recommend eating anything essential, but this curse is rather delightful don't you think? Although if Break was here, he'd have eaten me out of house and home before breakfast. [ ah, how he missed that man!

and then he hiccuped again ]
Opps, my poor manners. I do apologize but is the clock getting a bit too loud? I wish we could turn it down at night at least. I'm not getting much sleep as it is.

[ and then he shook his head and sighed, looking downcast and slightly under the weather. Who knew this much candy could be bad for a man? ]

This just isn't the same, having tea and chocolate by oneself. Elliot and everyone else have gone on home again, if you cared. [ he frowned and pinched his nose to relieve the headache he was feeling ] And they left the most horrible mess next door. They didn't even bother to return all their books! [ He's had to make 15 trips just to return them all. Such a pain! (even if the books were interesting. He may have kept one or two to read on his own.) ]
04 November 2012 @ 08:45 am
[ the noise was deafening, the streets were crowded and it had taken Liam a full fifteen minutes to get his extra tall double espresso with whip cream and he was not pleased. He liked his routine.

Of course, what displeased him the most was that not five yards out from the coffee shop, he ended up with hot coffee dumped all over his clothes thanks to a careless bump. You damn, idiot!. But he kept his cool (only because the guy who bumped him had already faded into the crowd) and stepped back into line after removing his jacket to hide the worst of the stains.

It's a shame though, he liked that jacket.

But since he had another fifteen minutes to wait, he slipped out his phone and spoke into it, hoping that in the cacophony of everyone else, his own voice might be heard. ]

These weekends are always painful. I don't suppose this was actually worth my while, is it? I am Liam Lunettes. If you know me, contact me. [ and now he must go back to waiting. ]

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30 October 2012 @ 02:08 pm
[ Liam is particularly serious today as he waves the City's morning newspaper across the screen. ]

I don't suppose anyone's heard of any news concerning this… headhunter have you? With luck, he's left with the circus, but any news or information you may have on this is of grave importance.


[ he signs off to pace and fret and worry. If Elliot were to ever find out about this… There would be no stopping him. Ever. ]

Private call to Leo and Vincent )

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[ Liam's stern face appears on the line and after a brief sigh, and a push of his forefinger against the bridge of his glasses, he speaks. ]

There's no help for it. I'm afraid I must request help of a particularly delicate nature. Discreetness is of course required. For those interested, please respond to my number, personally.


As for the job itself, well... prior experience in the cleaning business, would be most beneficial.

[ Liam hung up quickly and pressed his forehead against the nearby wall. After months of working for Karl, he still hadn't managed to make a dent in the mess some four or five vampires can make in a days time. And that spoke of nothing about Diva! If Vincent was bad, he had nothing on Diva. Fluff strewn everywhere... ]

((ooc: aka, Liam's been housekeeping for Karl/Solomon/Nathan/Diva/Marishka and anyone else who is a common resident of Diva's Mansion and he's getting frustrated and looking for a maid to help get ahead of the mess. His perfectionist attitude won't allow things to stay in such unkempt conditions!))
31 August 2012 @ 07:44 pm
[ Liam stared at the theater for a long time before slowly shuffling along, looking at one movie theater poster after another. He hasn't ventured here before, preferring to stick with more traditional entertainment, but tonight, he felt adventurous.

-- And the ticking noise of the empty apartment was starting to get to him.

Quietly, he took out his phone and hesitated. Sometimes, advice was welcomed, and other times... No helping it. Turning it on, he showed them a pan of the movie posters:

Better off Dead
The Blob
The Expendables
An American Tail

After a long pause, he turns the phone so he can frown into it. ]
I'm afraid I've never seen a movie before. Are any of these worth seeing? [ although it hardly matters. Anything to get the ticking to stop. ]
15 August 2012 @ 03:47 pm
In a moment, he saw it all. The car speeding down the road, the puddle that came out of nowhere, the little old lady (who bore a striking resemblance to Duchess Rainsworth. Perhaps it was the walker she used?) standing on the curb.

In a frantic moment of OMG WHAT DO I DO, he ran! He dove! He…

Found himself drenched from head to foot in dirty street water. With a small wipe of his face to remove stray droplets of water, he smiled at the stunned lady and kissed her cheek, blushing all the while. He's being so forward! Liam can't get much more celebratory then that. He's Victorian.

"I'm glad you're safe, ma'am."

And with a press of his fingers against his glasses to keep them from slipping, he skipped continued on down the road. Even if he was still drenched.

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14 May 2012 @ 10:59 pm
[ Liam cleared his throat gently before smiling into the camera. One should always look amicable when making a public appearance. ]

As much as I’ve enjoyed all the attention today, I would like to remind everyone to keep a close eye on their valuables or, better yet, leave them at home today. It’s always so easy to get caught up in these curses…

[ thankfully, he still had his pocketbook. That’s where his true treasure lied after all. ]

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29 April 2012 @ 06:23 pm
[ Liam's face flashes into view just outside a nice restaurant and bar ] Don't forget, today is the first "Personal Assistant" cocktail hour. I do hope you managed to get all your work done. I know it's tough, but even PA's need to eat.

[ and he would dearly love not to eat alone once again. Oh well; he has his trusty PDA. Even if he must eat alone, he still has a way to clear up a few more loose ends of work. ]

((ooc: cursed with "Join the Club" curse.))
24 April 2012 @ 05:03 pm
Where the hell are we?

[ Liam frowned and shook his feathery head ] I have no idea. Not in the City.

Wherever it is, I hate it. It's hot, it's humid, there are annoying trees everywhere, I can't see where I'm--


That would be the sound of Elliot not paying attention to where he's going and slamming into a hefty tree branch. Ordinarily, he'd just topple over into the dirt, but today is no ordinary day. As his body is falling forward, his head goes flying backwards to land on the ground a few feet away, rolling until it hits the tip of Liam's left foot. ]

[ Liam cries out a warning only to---


He tripped over said head.

... and left a leg behind. ]

Elliot. [ Liam pushes his glasses back on his nose as he sits up with (some) dignity ] I do believe you've lost your head. [ he knew it was bound to happen sometime. He just didn't think it'd be so soon. ]

Don't be ridiculous! I know exactly where my head is.

[ See? The body's even going to prove it by scrabbling up to it's feet and drunkenly lurching towards where Liam stands with Elliot's hand. Too bad it trips over Liam's leg first.

It's another minute before Elliot's body reaches Liam, at which point it grabs its head and promptly sticks it back on its neck.

Backwards. ]

[ Liam stifles a laugh ] Yes, I do believe you do.

((ooc: Liam and Elliot have turned into a firey from the labyrinth. Enjoy playing with their heads! or whatever other body part happens to just, well... come off.))
17 April 2012 @ 10:59 pm
[ Liam picked up a tribble of his tea, distaste clearly on his face. ] I don't suppose there's an easy way to de-tribblize one's home is there? However much I enjoy fur in my tea, I'd much, much prefer to have it without.

[ he sighs ] And that doesn't even bear thinking of what they've done to the cakes I just made.

[ Yes, he has been experimenting. Making cake was much less expensive then purchasing it, even if one must suffer in quality for it. It'd just be much, much easier without the tribbles appearing everywhere and falling into all the things. He was half of a mind to open up the window and just let them fall out as quickly as they come.

... even if he had thought they were cute to begin with. ]
31 March 2012 @ 08:55 pm
There is something to be said for the sight of a half naked woman wearing a pair of fine gloves to put a man in the mood. You really don't see that too much here in the City.

[ His voice is nostalgic, almost yearning. It's been several months after all, since he's been laid, and while he may have seen several half naked women around the city according to his standards, not very many of them like to wear fine gloves. Liam's been cursed with the "We did that" curse for the weekend. ]
[ Liam took his time fishing out his phone, dreading the conversation to come but knowing he had to make it. But, time held for no man and speak up, Liam did with a slight tremor coloring his voice despite how he attempted to iron it out. ] I'm afraid we've been inundated with feathers thanks to Raven's latest molting spree and the desert. If anyone would care to take them off our hands, it should make a very nice pillow at the least. I'm afraid there won't be any more forthcoming, however, but what we have, is yours.

[ He won't even charge for it. It's just... too many reminders of Gilbert. But it wasn't all sadness, he did have one question of wonder to note. ] Also, these creatures, this... half turtle, half duck; what is it and where did they come from? They're really quite friendly, aren't they? [ A regular boon to an aging soul. He should ask Break if they can adopt one. ]

((ooc: Liam is feeding the turtleducks day old bread out by one of the ponds in Xanadu. Feel free to stumble across him if you'd like a more personal conversation with Liam.))
A Series of Unfortunate Deaths )

Day 006: February 19th:

[ the video feed clicks on, looking grainy and spotty, no voice discernible except for a few words to those in the Glass City. To those in the City of Sand, his voice comes over loud and clear, hesitant, shy, and full of awkwardness as his face flashes into view, hidden behind a gold and white veil. The rest of him is just as dramatically garbed as well. ]

Ah, I... don't suppose someone would be able to offer me a loan? It appears I cannot leave without paying ransom first. I can barter a pouch full of spice in exchange for the help, or, if you prefer to wait, I do have some savings in the city...

[ he cringed as he moved, little cymbals ringing all along his outfit. Yes, the Bedouins mistook Liam for a girl after his awakening in their tents. Would you not as well if at the mere sight of men you fainted? But, yes, our dear Liam is in a pickle and could use some mocking help. Please, before it's too late (and he ends up married to some chieftain's prince)! ]
08 February 2012 @ 09:15 am
[ he stumbles, bumping into some unlikely passerby in a fit of near drowsiness.

fjkls, he blinks himself awake and bows! ]
My apologies! It won't happen again. [ he bobs upright, finding himself face to face with an irate woman, coffee stains all over her neatly pressed white blouse. ]

You cretin! I'll make sure you never do that again!

[ flinching, Liam felt scalding hot coffee poured over his head, staining his clothes. But, it's with trembling fingers as he watches the woman stalk off that he goes to wipe a coffee dribble off his cheek only to find that it's turned to sand the minute he's touched it.

Such is Liam's rather perplexing fate. He is bereaved of both coffee and tea and thus, severely caffeine deprived. It's amazing he's able to stand on his feet at all, really. At least the headaches aren't quite so bad anymore. Still...

He pulls out his phone and starts speaking into it, wiping his face clean with a handkerchief. ]

I could use some advice, if you may. What is your preferred drink? I'm afraid tea and coffee are out of the question as I appear to be having a slight problem with it turning into sand.

[ and he's getting desperate. Help a poor man out, Poly! ]

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[ the ring of a cash register sounds as Liam's voice comes over the speaker phone. ]

Thank-you, but I'll just carry that out with me. Ah, but that second one you can wrap up! It's a gift for a... [ can he even count Elliot as a friend? ] an acquaintance. I failed to help him as promised so while this won't make up for it, I do rather hope...

[ a low laugh echoes in the speaker as the shop lady does as asked ] It's often the thought that counts. I do so hope your acquaintance enjoys the handkerchief. Please come again, sir.

[ Liam deprecates ] Yes, I do so hope he does. Until another time then.

[ another pause and then the tinkle of a bell echoes as he exists the shop. Anyone wishing to catch him will find him strolling through the city, a brown paper parcel under his arm and a cup of tea in his hand. Ever since he discovered it's portability, he's never been with it. ]