[ there can only be one question in a situation like this. what could possibly commemorate the untimely demise of a luxury seafaring liner? fear not! the great detective Sherlock Holmes, bless his heart, is here to play good samaritan with a rousing rendition of Bach before, after—but preferably during your early stages of panic. carry on! Sherlock certainly is, although his true aim is to smoke out the killer they've been undercover investigating.

in the meantime, enjoy the violin (he's rather good, if I may say so) or try giving him a good premature shove overboard. might be a bit difficult, considering his trusty doctor is nearby scouting for any sign of their suspect. but! such is life. or death, rather. think of the children.

yolo, city.
04 April 2012 @ 04:45 pm
• C8H7O3N3 + H2O2 + KOH
• 20D 5x 30mm
• 8407 P7
Charge AL Multi-Tool
• P226R [L106A1]
Seeking these materials. I'm willing to trade.