26 February 2014 @ 07:38 pm
We're staying. The ones who came into the City to try and save it and set everyone free. Us, the Anonymous Movement. We're staying.

We talked to the Three Animals, the Animal Trinity, and they've accepted our offer.

We're going to stay and we're going to help repair the City from the damage we did to it. We're going to bury A here. And we're going to help the people for whom this is their world, their home world, to make the City their own. They're the real Cityzens. We're going to get things in place to help them take care of themselves and lead themselves. It's not going to be easy working with the Deities, not after all the stuff that went down. But they have their job and we have ours and we're not in this alone. And this is what feels right. This is what we decided we needed to do.

I tried to explain this to a few people before, but I'll say it here now: we're like the Deities. We're the same kind of...beings, I guess. That's how we were able to get into the City from outside like we did in the first place. They just have some different power behind them than we do. But that's all right, because we've got power of our own too.

We made a lot of promises to you. We promised to get rid of the Deities, which we did for a while. We promises to stop the curses, which we did for a while. We promised to make a way out of the City for everyone who wanted to go. And, in a kind of bassackwards way, I guess we did that too. I mean, there are Doors open all over Misery Square and you can go wherever you want to go now--anywhere. So I guess we kept our promises. But we also broke them. None of it was really the way we wanted. But we tried.

And I mean it when I say thank you to everyone who stood with us and who trusted us. We let you down sometimes--a lot of the time--but you stayed with us. And I want to thank everyone who stood against us too, because that just made us work harder. Every question, every doubt, all the suspicion against us, that just made us work harder to prove ourselves to you. We didn't make good on all our promises, but we tried. So thanks. And I mean it.

We're staying. And we're going to take care of the City and the people in it. This is our City now too. And we're going to watch over it.

[ooc: The NPC members of the Anonymous Movement will be staying in the City to help set up some self-government projects and to see to the citizen side of the City and its well-being. This is their sacrifice to keep the City alive and ticking.]
26 February 2014 @ 04:18 am
[At dawn on February 26th, there is an unexpected arrival in the City:

The storms cease, the waters are cleared, the sun rises, the battles are stopped for the moment, and from the heavens descend a host of figures robed in black (but glowing luminously), an entourage of sphinxes...

And a harpy, a cat, and a dog.

The Animal Trinity has returned to the City to restore such order as should be found in the City. And they have knowledge that needs must be shared with all those in the City. Hear them. Above all else, the City must be preserved and they will set to such preservations. Hear them.

They communicate in their own way, a broadcast sent across the Network and around the City. Hear them. The Dog speaks (perhaps he is known to some of you):]

GreeTINgs and THundErouS SaLUtationS unto YoU, CiTy! YOur splenDoRs dO noT ceaSe nOr do thEy faDe!

We COme nOw at THIs tIme and IN thIs PLace FOr thE sALVAtion anD weLL-bEing Of tHe CIty! FoR tHEre aRE at thIs tiME aNd iN thiS plAce thOse whO arE in tHe CItY buT noT oF it anD thoSE whO arE oF thE CITy buT do NoT knOw it.


ANd wE DesIRE LEmoN CaKEs!!!

[As this communication ends, the host of hooded figures raise their arms and 144 doorways appear in a ring around Misery Square. Glimpses of other times, places, and worlds can be seen through the doors. These are the ways back to all worlds. The views change and shift. The doorways understand the will of those who pass through them and will send them where they please. Anyone can go anywhere. This is one's own choice.

The old Deity office building, ruined during the first battle between the Deities and the Anonymous Movement when the Deities were sent out of the City, is transformed into a kind of ersatz temple. Ruined concrete and shattered glass take on new shapes, almost like a temple of ancient times on Earth. The Animal Trinity will sit here in judgment and rule and will hear trades and requests of those who will remain in the City. They will be guarded by sphinxes. They enter their temple and the City begins to mend. Even the Barriers are restored again--to protect the City, not to trap those in it.

The Carousel begins to turn at its normal speed, though the Clock still ticks slowly--perhaps more slowly than ever. ]

[ooc: So here, then, is They Who Have Returned: the Animal Trinity, made up of Adrastus the dog, and the Cat, and the representative Harpy, have returned to the City to guard and oversee it. For more OOC information on this event, please see this post! A log for departures will be posted in [community profile] tampered tomorrow, 2/27]
25 February 2014 @ 05:54 pm
[Tristero sounds, at best, distraught. At worst, he sounds psychotic.]

You fucking killed A! You fucking assholes, you killed A!

[The thunderous sounds of battle roar behind him]

You think this is a fucking joke? Yeah, that's what you do! You kill each other! You killed one of your own because you thought she was one of us and now you've killed one of ours.

Do you know why we're fighting? To stop this shit from happening anymore! To stop everyone from fighting and dying all the time! I've been fighting my whole life--my whole life. What do you even understand?

And you go and kill A like that?

You don't even fucking know.

[And the connection goes dead.]

[ooc: Anonymous Movement member A has been killed in the battle. But the fight goes on for the rest of tonight. And at dawn tomorrow? Wait and see...]
24 February 2014 @ 11:41 am
Now you all know I dont like to do this but there aint anythin else I can do right about now. Not if we're expectin to be all right at the end of all of this. I aint pleased it's come to this but it's come to this. And what we have here is failure to communicate.

You all stand back now and I'll talk to you in a little while.

[ooc: Blackdog will be transforming into his "monster" state so as to fight against the Deities and their forces. In this shape, he's huge and he's monstrous--he is, after all, a bargeist, really. His monster state is a roiling mass of fur and fangs and glowing red eyes, both formless and in the shape of a veritable pack of dogs. He is a monster at his heart. Watch out.]
23 February 2014 @ 07:18 am
[VROOM!!! VROOM!!! VROOM!!! For anyone looking out the window, the Door is glowing, brighter than ever. The Door is glowing, the Door is glowing. It seems fairly to hum with the light pouring from it.

Suddenly, instantly, the Carousel slows. The Clock, which had been ticking like mad, like the panicked heart of a rabbit, slows. It does not stop, no, it does not stop, though it may seem as though it has. No, it only slows

And in that instant, with the thunder of good, heavy American enginework and a cloud of leaded gasoline exhaust, a red 1959 convertible (yes, complete with deadly fins) comes barreling through the Door--from the Outside into the City.

Squealing brakes and rolling like classic Americana thunder, it roars a circuit around Misery Square, sending the Anonymous Movement, pedestrians, and onlookers at the Door scattering. The radio is on. And it is loud.

And riding in the car? A few familiar faces. The Deities have come back into the City. Mostly, anyway--less Mouse, who was executed for treason as the Anonymous Movement was coming to power, and less Prof. Dr. Laszlo Jamf. But nervous Ned Pointsman, he of the raving warnings of doom, is with them.

It is from his view, from his Network device set to take selfie videos like some 21st century young person, that those watching on the Network can see these events unfold.

They scream to a sliding stop near the Door, rev the engine, and take another roaring turn around the square--for the pleasure of it, apparently.

Content with their noise and exhaust, apparently, they squeal to another burning stop in front of the Door.

And Pointsman addresses the Network:]

Well, that all went better that expected. Good morning, to you, City.

[Suddenly, unexpectedly, inexplicably, he reaches up to grab a bit of hair at his forehead...and proceeds to pull off his face...]

[ooc: They're baaaaaaaaack~!! As of this morning, the Door begins to glow with more intensity. The Carousel and the Clock suddenly both slow, and the Clock now only ticks once per hour!

The Door then opens from the wrong side--or, rather, a red classic convertible bursts through the Door and into the City. And in it are a few familiar faces: the Deities have come back into the City--!

The Deities and the members of the Anonymous Movement meet in Misery Square and a battle for the City begins.
21 February 2014 @ 04:53 pm
All right, everyone. This is it. This is really it.

We tested the Door out last weekend and it worked great. We've honed a few settings and gotten some things more stabilized. And we're ready. We're really ready.

We're going to open the Door tomorrow morning. Early. Probably, like, first light.

You're welcome to come down to see it, if you want. If you want to be the first one through it, you're going to have to wait a bit. We're going to test it again just with ourselves to make sure it works. But then we'll choose who gets to go through--we'll draw lots for it. If you win, you can go through first--right then, if you want. After that, it'll just be matter of lining up if you want to leave.

So tomorrow is the big day.

We've really done it. We've really, actually done it. I know it's been a long road and I want to thank everyone for sticking with us, even when things didn't look like they were going to work. We made this promise to you, and we're going to keep it.

We will open the Door tomorrow at first light.

[ooc: The Anonymous Movement will be opening the Door early tomorrow, February 22. When they do, the Door glows with a supernatural light from within. But anyone who comes near the Door is repulsed or pushed away by an unseen force. What's going on? The Clock is still ticking alarmingly fast. More and worse: the sky is filled with purple stormclouds and the wind is growing stronger, there are tremors felt throughout the City, and...the protective barriers have vanished. The City itself feels fragile, as though it might crumble at any moment. This is not what was expected... For more information about what will happen, please see this post]
13 February 2014 @ 01:45 pm
Now I know they're mad. I said it before and I shall say it again until they hear me:


They think they can open a door into other worlds as simple as that? Have they no idea that the infinite parallel theory would make it nearly impossible for anyone who wishes to go back to his or her or its own world? How is one door supposed to open into the infinite number of worlds? Do they have a radio dial on the side so they can say 'Oh yes, London, 1946, yes, splendid' and have it pop up like a piece of toast on their command? Do they not realize how many entirely separate, independent, and very different version of London, 1946, exist? Have they not even considered the technical details of what they're doing? And of course they won't let anyone with any kind of familiarity with these concepts near the thing. No, of course not. Any time I show my face nearby, that bloody dog of theirs starts growling like the untamed, untrained, monstrous beast that it is. They're all mad! No! No, no, no, no, a thousand times no!

I will take a hammer to their contraption myself if it means the safety, sanity, and salvation of the City and everyone in it! So help me, I will!

[ooc: Ranting and raving as ever.

Observant Cityzens may notice a figure lurking near the test-site for the Door tonight. He may even be a little familiar to some. Spoiler: it's Pointsman. And they may even notice that figure creeping closer...and closer...and closer... Until at last, in the midst of the test--he darts through the Door and out of the City! The members of the Anonymous Movement who are at the test seem shocked and concerned, but none dare approach the door. Indeed, it seems to repulse anyone who comes near it.

Who was that? What happened? What does that mean? Stay tuned!!]
13 February 2014 @ 11:13 am
All right, everyone. Real talk for a minute here.

You've probably been watching us down in Misery Square and if you have been, you've probably bee thinking we're getting close to getting done. You're right.

We've got the Door just about set up now. You remember Blackdog telling you about that, right? All right. Well, we've been working on it because we think we're getting close to having it in real working order. There were a lot of theories that wound up getting unexpectedly tested in all of this--so that's a good thing, when you think about it. Things about how the routes into and out of the City are made and how to make a way from one place to another and whether it's a one-way street in that route. Things like that.

It's looking really good. I mean, it's looking really good. I know the Door itself looks kind of like someone crashed a car into Stonehenge, but from our angle it's looking really good. We're getting good readings and we're seeing signs that it's going to be functional. It's--

I don't know how to explain it. Not in a way that you can put into words. When I was a kid, I fell in a lake and I could see down to the bottom of the lake and there were bones, human bones, on the bottom of that lake. I remember, before my uncle pulled me back up into the boat, thinking that this was something like a vision, that seeing these bones meant more than what I might first think it meant. And I was right. Maybe it's a little too poetic or grandiose or something, but that's how I feel right now, looking through this Door.

It's just a doorway for now because it's just the arch and a bunch of stuff around it. But it'll be a real Door soon.

What you really need to know is that we're getting ready to test it. We think we'll have it ready to go this afternoon or tonight. There's some other parts of it we need to get good and sure about before we turn it on.

Anybody who's worried that it might destroy the City, just come talk to me. Seriously, I can promise you it won't destroy the City. It might shake things up a little. And we've got a theory about what might happen when we turn it on this first time. I mean, you know how nature abhors a vacuum, right? We think something--something kindly like, as Blackdog might say--that might happen. But just at first. This is part of how we're going to stabilize the pathway out of the City.

You've been really patient with us. And you've supported us for so long. Thank you. I honestly can't thank you enough for everything--for all your support, for all your questions, for all your demands, even for all your insults. Because even those made us stop and take a look at what we were doing and ask ourselves if it really was for the good of the City and its Cityzens.

We're getting close to making good on our real promises to you: to get you out of the City if you want to get out.

Hang on for just a little longer. And watch for the test today or tonight. If we're thinking right, there might be some fireworks at first. Nothing too bad, but it might be a little, uh, bright.

Talk to you soon, City.

[ooc: The test of the Door will take place late tonight, the 13th of February, very late at night. Indeed, just about at midnight. It will be rather spectacular with lots of glowing lights in shades of blue and silver and a loud but gentle hum. Very sci-fi.

The results of the test will be the Fourth Wall curse event this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (14, 15, 16)--that is, the visitors will be flooding in because the test of the routes that the Door can create were successful. The visitors will also get out again because the test of the Door was successful. But none of it is permanent because there's still more work to do. Shh, science! Remember that the Anons promised there would be free movement into and out of the City. They're not there yet.

Anyone who tries to go near the Door while the test is going on will either be held back by members of the Anonymous Movement or they will find that the Door itself pushes them away with its glowing light.

However! Observant Cityzens may notice a figure lurking near the test-site for the Door. And they may even notice that figure creeping closer...and closer...and closer... Until at last, in the midst of the test--he darts through the Door and out of the City! The members of the Anonymous Movement who are at the test seem shocked and concerned, Blackdog is barking all the while, but none dare approach the door. Indeed, it seems to repulse anyone who comes near it.

Who was that? What happened? What does that mean? Stay tuned!!]
01 February 2014 @ 05:16 pm
They're doing what?

They want to set up a door out of the City? Are they--are they completely mad? They can't do that! Not if they expect the entire metacellular structure of this entire place to remain stable! Any kind of interference at that kind of structural level will result in nothing less than every last sub-sub-atomic particle turning to its inversion and thereby completely dematerializing the City. I don't mean we'll find ourselves with left-handed molecules but the entire chain will come undone.

They have absolutely no concept of what they're meddling with! They've met with some small success in the course of their tests and now they think that they've found a safe passage out of this place? That's impossible! No, absolutely not!

The possibilities of escape are rendered absolutely null in a situation such as this one where the vibrational resonances of the present organisms and reality only extend as far as the fourth dimension. It's technically impossible to present an avenue of escape at all without the presence of these vibrations in the fifth dimension--at least the fifth dimension. Lacking that kind of reach, there's absolutely no way that door will open anywhere except immediately behind itself. It's a doorway and not a door at all. It opens to nothing. It's an arch. And so far as I know, they've not addressed their means of navigation even if they could obtain the proper vibrational frequencies needed to break on through to the other side. Positing for the moment that they have managed to reach the proper vibrational frequencies, because we'll imagine that they've managed to make a diamond quantum circuit, this is rather like opening a door in a house one doesn't know: there's absolutely no telling where the door might lead and if one might want to pass through it. And it may be impossible to tell where it's leading before passing through it. Furthermore, the infinitude of potential worlds means that with only one door, either everyone will be forced to evacuate to the same world, good or ill, or everyone will have to wait a literal eternity until his own world appears in the doorway. Or perhaps a world only very much like it without being that world exactly. There isn't any telling how the City manages to open and close its portals as it does and these people are completely made to try and replicate that kind of sophisticated movement and vibration across the infinite variety of worlds!

To say nothing of the fact that one of them is a dog!

[ooc: What's going on? Better see this post for more!]
01 February 2014 @ 05:16 am
Well seein as I was the only one who actually participated in both events I suppose it only makes sense that I would get to be crowned the snow queen. It dont really count if you just ride on a sled in a dogsled race now does it? No it doesnt. And I ran in that race and I swam too. So it seems only fair that I would be the one to win.

And I like how I look in this tiara.

Tristero dont like it but that's his business and not mine. He's makin faces at me but like I said that's his business and not mine.

We been right quiet lately on account of doing a lot of work for all you. We think we got this thing about how you get in and out of the City just about knocked and we're gonna do some tests on it pretty soon.

First thing we gotta do is build ourselves a door. Or a Door maybe. Anyway. You're gonna see us down in Misery Square puttin stuff together. Dont worry none if it dont look like a door. It'll look kindly like a door in a day or two. So you just sit tight while we get it together.

That's about all I got. You all did real good in the races though I got to say. You all did real good.

[ooc: As noted on the calendar, the Anonymous Movement will be working on putting up a Door to help everyone escape the City. Will it go as planned? Stay tuned! Also, please see this OOC post to get an idea of how the Endgame Plot for Polychromatic will work.]
06 January 2014 @ 02:30 pm
This is not at all what I intended. Not at all. No, really, it isn't at all what I intended.

Hello? Is there anyone out there? Seems stupid writing this sort of thing but screaming about it won't do any good.


[ooc: What's this about? See here for more information!]
01 November 2013 @ 02:25 pm
[Video Post;]
[Blink, blink! Nah, don't worry. It's just Tristero, standing in the City Cemetery, leaning on the handle of a rake. His smile is a little sad. Blackdog can be seen lying on a particularly flat memorial stone in the background...taking a nap.]

Hey, everyone. Kinda late to say "Happy Halloween," but...hope you had a good time last night.

But besides last night, last month sucked--I mean, let's not lie, last month sucked. It always sucks, I know, but this year sucked worse than most. I would have said it "blew major goats" but that just... Anyway, it seriously sucked and it just kept getting worse. It started bad and it just got fucking worse day by day. But I wanted to thank everybody for sticking with us. And I especially wanted to thank everyone who came up the mountain with us there at the end. I'm sorry it came to that. You put yourselves through a lot. But thanks--for your help and for what you did. You saved the City. You actually saved the City. So...thanks. And I mean that. I really mean that.

And...I thought you should know.

And, hey, after an October like that, November can't possibly be any worse. And, so far, the readings we're getting hold that up. It could be that a whole bunch of curse energy got dissipated. So, yeah, we might get lucky yet.

[That same small, sad smile as he reaches to turn the device off again. And--blink, blink! He's gone.]
[//video post ends]

[ooc: Tristero gave something up to chase out the witches and the goat, you know. But he won't tell what. He's busy cleaning up City Cemetery--because it needs doing--and thinking about it all.]
30 October 2013 @ 10:15 am
[It begins with a shout. And then:]

I am he who BURNS and THUNDERS.
I am he of RUSHING FIRE.
I am every SPELL and SCOURGE.

That you have come to this land which I have claimed for MYSELF and for my FOLLOWERS.
That you have disgraced my SERVANTS.
That you have wounded those who serve ME.
That you have denied my claim on this LAND.
That you defy me in my RIGHTS of dominion of this place from its HEART to the RIM of the world.

O that my mouth could consume you, that my mouth could eat of your flesh.

I am he whose mouth breathes FIRE.
I am MASTER in this place.

Defy me NOT.

That the strength of my SERVANTS cannot hold you.
That the force of my SERVANTS does not bind you.
That you would battle ME as you would an army.


If you would stand against me, hear my WORDS:

MAKE unto me a SACRIFICE such as would PLEASE ME and see if I grant you MERCY.

[ooc: Yes, it's the goat!!! This message is broadcast across the Network in real-time. (Special thanks to the Bornless Ritual.)

As of 6:00pm Eastern Time, if your character made an offering to save the City, please consider that offering as having been made and consumed by the goat. See this post for more information.

If your character is down in the City, feel free to have them hear strange sounds and see flashes of lightning and shadow coming from up on the mountain while this is going on!]
27 October 2013 @ 09:21 am
We're going up there. Up the mountain, I mean.

There's no other option. They can't stay here.

If you want to help, I can't make you any promises about anything because it's going to be a fight one way or another, but we'd be grateful for your help.

We have supplies--weapons and otherwise--if you need them. We'll meet in Misery Square in half an hour.

[ooc: Please see this post for all your nightmare vision needs (please note that making a final sacrifice is optional and this log to play out your character's nightmares~]
21 October 2013 @ 09:42 am
[Voice Post;]
[After a small slamming sound, we join our conversation, already in progress:]

Fuck--okay, no. This is exactly what all the readings pointed to, all right? From Day One. This is exactly it. Do I need to draw you another diagram or what? They ripped a fucking hole, okay? They ripped a hole, they got in, they started, I don't know, dancing naked on the mountain or whatever the hell they do--they're witches, man!

I didnt say they werent but you got to realize that you cant go runnin around like this and expect it to make a lick of difference when what you got to do is think straightlike.

What part of witches do you not get here, man? What part?

I believe I said I understood the entire thing.

They're in the City, man. We can't stop the curses and I swear that's when they're moving. We don't see them for days and then suddenly those spikes are back in all the readings. It's like...all that stuff gets stirred up and they're just eating it with a spoon. And it's not one or two here, okay? It's a fucking coven. A fucking coven of these inter-dimensional bitches--

There aint no reason for you to go using language like that.

--has ripped a way into the City for their own fun.

Seems kindly like you ought to remember what that girl said: didnt we rip a hole in here too?

Not a good time.

We got some witches in the City already so dont you forget that either. Good witches too. So dont tar them with the same brush. Theyre Cityzens the same as all the rest. No dont mind me I'm just tryin to be the voice of reason seein as you arent bein reasonable yourself.

Okay, fine. Fine. Okay. Okay. We're good. Step by step. Okay. So we've got two things to do: warn everyone because, ha ha, the "bad witches" (that suit you better?) are in the City now and then we've got to get the "bad witches" out again. They can't stay here. Not with all the crazy shit they're doing on top of curses. This place is dangerous enough as it is. We don't need their spells going on.

Okay, so, step by step, right? First we warn the Cityzens.

Likely they already know about it.

How cou-- [Blinking red "recording" light is blinking!] Oh, are you fucking kidding me?

[An angry sound and a slam as he slaps the Network device off again. Seems even would-be Deities have trouble with these things now and then.]
[//voice post ends]

[ooc: Tristero and Blackdog are having a discussion. That is, Tristero is upset and Blackdog is being rational and it's a bad scene. And this is in regard to the current witch invasion as they discuss what to do next! So, yes, consider this an announcement that there are creatures called "witches" in the City now. Watch out for those spells they're setting up this week...!]
01 October 2013 @ 10:02 am
Hey, Deacon? Wanna come take a look at something with me? The readings are spiking again.

Hate to say it, but we may have to get up there ourselves.

Kat, if A doesn't have you running around like crazy, we could use another set of hands. Eloise? You good? Wanna come? You know you know this stuff.

Actually, anybody willing to join in, you're welcome to--and I mean anybody. We're meeting in the square in half an hour. I'll explain there.

Yeah, I know the Network is basically shitting itself right now, ha ha fucking ha, but there's stuff going on over top of that. It ain't pretty when that happens.

I've got the trucks by the way.

[ooc: The creepy cottage is now on the mountainside. See the Calendar for more information~ Two other things:

1. Characters are welcome to see NPC members of the Anonymous Movement on rooftops and up in tall buildings, watching the cottage with binoculars. If characters ask them what's going on, they will answer honestly: "We don't know yet, but keep an eye on that cottage. Something weird is definitely going on." Or some variation of that answer.

2. If your character(s) would like to accompany Tristero & Co up the mountain, you are welcome to join in. The Anonymous Movement have found and repaired a couple of old, blue (faded blue) pickup trucks that they'll use to drive up the mountain (just climb in the back), close as they can get to the cottage. They'll creep in the rest of the way on foot. However: the cottage will recede before them, like it's still around another bend in the path. No one will be able to get more than a few dozen feet close to it. And characters may experience a sense of nervousness or anxiety near to it. If anyone is interested in playing this out, just let me know! I have a log post set to go, if you want it.]
25 August 2013 @ 02:11 pm
Okay. This, this right here? This is not what I signed up to do and it's not what I want to do. I don't like doing it because it goes against my principles and my philosophies. I don't want to be sitting here, like those fucking Deities, throwing down laws on you. I don't like enforcing law, I don't like supporting order. I like agreement by consensus. I like collaboration. I don't like this. But shit's happened, and this is the result of it. This is cause and effect. This is the resulting effect. So this is what I have to do.

All right, so, unless you've been, I don't know, comatose or completely blacked-out drunk or something like that, you probably noticed what went on yesterday--between the lights and heat and the cold and the earthquakes and the wind. Yeah, no, not cool.

Yesterday, due to the actions of two Cityzens, the structural integrity of the barriers surrounding the City and the structural stability of the City itself were put in jeopardy. Shit, I mean, even the Clock felt this one. All because a couple of people launched an attack on the barriers.

We've got things under control again now. And the City's not going to go all to hell that easily.

I'm not into public humiliation. But we know who did this. We know their names and their faces. And I've got a name here with me right now. And I'm going to say it. This is the name of one of the two Cityzens responsible for this ordeal:

Wallace West.

I don't know why you got yourself involved in this--that's your business, man. But, seriously, I wish you'd thought about it more before you did it. What you did could've killed everyone. You, your collaborator, me, everyone else. No victory, no return home, no nothing.

Look, I get it. I understand it. This is for everyone in the City, all right? Lemme level with you. You're stuck here and maybe you're unhappy about it. I know you want to get out of here. I understand that. We all understand that. All of us in this movement, our movement, the one that ousted the Deities and put you in charge, we know what it's like to be trapped in a situation with no escape, no recourse, and no hope. We fucking get it. We got in here to break free from that and we want to break you out of it too. Me, personally? I've got Anarchist and Discordian streaks at least a couple hundred hectares wide in me. If you see a limit, you have to push it. That's how it goes. If you see a rule, break it. Why not? So I think, I hope, I can understand at least some of the urge that brought this on. It's something basic, whether it was just pure experimentation, wondering what it'd do if you did whatever, or if it was an attempt at escaping. I get it. You know? But now we're all in this together, no matter where you want to be, you and me and everyone else. We're all here--the people who want to stay here, the people who want to leave, the people who want to come and go, all of us.

So if you're one of the people who wants to get out, this isn't the way to do it. We don't have the same kinds of retributional or, I guess, punishment-based safeguards around the barrier that the Deities had. You've seen those: you hit the barriers, you get shocked or you get killed or you get thrown in the ocean. Whatever. Those things blocked you from doing a lot of real damage. We took those down so we could work out how to get you out of the City, beyond what lies outside the barriers, and home. I promise you, we're really trying to work out ways to get through the barriers and back to your own worlds. I could show you just reams of paper working out how to do it. It keeps coming up null, but we're trying, I fucking swear. But it means the barriers are more fragile now than they ever were before. And when you do shit like this, you're attacking the City itself. It delays us, sure, but it does damage--physically and emotionally--to the City and other Cityzens. I mean, do I really need to explain to you that this is a bad idea?

So, to the two guys who launched this whole thing, seriously, bad call. You put a lot of people in danger for something that you and only you cared about. It was a stupid, selfish, unconsidered thing to do. If you'd actually punched a hole in the barrier, you would have likely killed yourselves and probably a significant number of people in the City itself. There are people here right now who remember a time when the barriers started to come down. I mean, the guy who actually designed the real supports for the things kind of lost his mind and started wrecking it all. Shit went fucking crazy! The Deities themselves were out there, using fucking duct tape to try and patch things back up. It was that bad. I'm one of those people who remembers that. I don't want it to happen again. For the sake of everyone here, I don't want it to happen again.

For anyone out there who's wondering, yeah, the two Cityzens responsible for all of this will be punished. Not for the sake of punishment, not because I'm angry at them--yeah, I am angry at them, but that's not a reason to punish them--but because they put a lot of lives in danger for the sake of an essentially selfish idea. They thought it'd be a good idea to attack the barriers and gave no regard to any repercussions or consequences that could come of that. This is a consequence and it's a small one compared to what could have happened. And I hope they realize that. And I hope that they can give some thought to what's happened and to their place as members of an interconnected society.

What I do, what you do, what anyone does, ripples out to everyone else, to people and organisms and living things and beings that you don't know and may never know. Whatever you do has an effect.

You are the cause. What effect will you have?

[ooc: In reference to this ordeal, with more OOC information to be found here!]
14 August 2013 @ 02:50 pm

[BLIP. On goes the video feed. He looks like he's in some sort of a garage.]

Yo, Cityzens. Your man, Deacon here. Glad that we gave our little buddy Kat a solid welcome. We need to depend on as many bodies as possible. I'll get to that in a second.

I hope we're not all water logged from that pirate business. The domes held up okay. We weren't expecting just how much the sensory deprivation would go. So uh, we're gonna go back to the drawing board there. Look, we're still working it out the best that we can. There's so much ground to cover from the curses, to the barriers to the clock.

[Deacon goes aside a moment. He picks up a guitar and pulls the strap over his head. While he's talking he does a little adjusting of the chords. Just a little. After his eyes are focused on the camera, his hands are still.]

A little guy, you probably didn't know him, everyone called him Snickle was with us from the start. Bean pole sort of a guy, all his skills were in the brain more then the body. All the same he was right there in the trenches going headlong to study what made the barrier tick. Sort of a bloodhound for details. Much of what we got so far has his fingerprints all over it. We were trying to focus on the workings of the clock.

[He looks down and sniffs. Just a noise okay. He rubs his mouth and chin before going on.]

Well. His work done him in. [Deacon looks away and nods a bit before back up to the camera.] He was completely toasted. By my watch it's been about twenty seven hours. Snick hasn't revived. You know what that means. All those warnings about what protects them are no joke. Snickle knew it. He also knew what was to gain.

Can everybody take a moment to raise a glass, bottle...sippy cup to my man Snickle? He's one of you, one of us. We're not going to forget you, bro. And we're not gonna be giving up.

A moment of silence, Cityzens.

[There is that moment a good three minutes or so. The pick that was resting against the strings of the guitar is now between his fingers as he strums out a little bit of something. It's a goodbye, man.]
02 August 2013 @ 12:23 pm
Okay, Cityzens. Let's talk.

Serious conversation here. Because, really, you guys deserve a hell of a lot more honesty than you ever got with the old order that was in charge around here.

We're gonna talk about the City's famous curses.

On Curses and Their Manifestation )

And I'm...I'm sorry. Yeah, that's all I got, Cityzens. I'm sorry. I've been sitting here for weeks waiting to give you some good news for once and it just keeps coming up bad. And I'm sorry.

And now I gotta get back to work too.

[ooc: As you can see on the August calendar, curses will be running on a pretty familiar schedule for the coming month. But the members of the Anonymous Movement do have a few other things they're working on, so stay tuned for some new potential solutions to the curses. More announcements to come!]
19 July 2013 @ 11:33 am
[Funny. There seems to be a very large, very black, rather wolf-like dog on the Network today. He seems to be grinning. He seems even to clear his throat a little. And, when he speaks, it's with the slow, gravelly drawl of some old South Texas cowboy but tinged all over with something...a little more alien.]

[ || Video || ] )

[ooc: Let me introduce you to Blackdog. He hangs out/is BFFs with Tristero (and is also NPC'd by me, Caru). A few characters have seen him or met him already. Well, here he is for everyone else, sounding like a wanderer from No Country for Old Men. This is the IC side of the essence rites part of this plot. The Anonymous Movement has determined that something is wrong and the only way to cure this disease is by the restoration of essence. As of tonight, July 19th, characters involved in essence rites can begin receiving visions and dreams and can begin acting on those visions. And it's not too late to join in, if you want to! It's never too late to join in if you want to.]