(Since my life went to hell (pun intended) for a bit and I missed the weekend proper, I will chain my two characters together and do a dual post here with both of them for y'all's amusement. Red for Utsuho, blue for Shikieiki. Both of them will reply in the comments, depending on who you talk to.)

(The screen is black, but voices can be heard.)

Hold still!

No--Reiuji-san, stop it, we just--

Okay hang on! One, two--

(A loud shout. For anyone who has talked to Shikieiki, it probably seems weird that her voice can actually do that, given how calm she usually is.)

(The video feed clicks on now. Utsuho and the Yama are chained together at one arm, with about two feet of length between them, and Utsuho is determined to get the damned thing off. The two of them are basically wrestling, with Utsuho the clearly physically stronger one. But, anyone who can sense magic will notice that Shikieiki's magical aura is immense right now, so much that Utsuho may as well be pinning down a giant. They're both bringing all guns to bear...literally, as Utsuho is trying to melt the chain in half and doesn't seem to understand the concept of heat transfer.)

You're such a chicken! And you'd think someone like you would have better magic resistance. Sit--down! (She forces Shikieiki to fall back, landing hard on her bum and planting her hands. Utsuho, because there's only 2 feet of chain, goes lurching forward with her. She plants the barrel of the cannon on the chain and lights up the whole stretch with gold flames.)

(The Yama shoves herself back farther, and Utsuho falls flat on her face.) Stop! You're burning my wrist!

(Utsuho yanks her back with much greater force, plunks a knee on her back, and aims the cannon again. Uh oh.) You're fine! Almost--got--it!

No, you don't! You're not doing anything to it! Just stop, and it will be over in another day!

I could get it if you wouldn't keep thrashing around! (She pins the chains under the gun's mouth...and pulls out a spell card. A single blue eye flares open now below her, wide and shocked.)

Wait, no! (Shikieiki has had enough of this, twists hard enough to dislodge the knee, and then pulls a spell card out of her pocket with her free hand.)

Spell card--

-- Mirrored Purgatory!

(The card goes off right in Utsuho's face, taking the magic she was going to throw and flinging an attack back at her of a rather impressive magnitude. The force blasts them apart, but the chain still holds, and there is a jumbled screaming before the dust settles and all is quiet.

Shikieiki is lying on the ground, arm outstretched, eyes narrowed, jaw clenched. The skin on the manacled arm is blistered up white around its cuff, spreading out to a sticky red on her hand and forearm, and her shirt sleeve has burned away to her elbow and is still smoldering. She is quietly bearing it, her eyes staring into the distance in a meditative silence, but it's clear that this hurts like hell.

Utsuho, who is totally immune to fire, nonetheless has a nasty wrench to her shoulder from the force of their colliding spells. She's making vaguely unhappy noises into the ground as she lies there, stunned and weary.

They appear to be near the Temple, judging by the background.

The rest of this day is going to suck.)

(feel free to find them or whatever you want. :) )