17 July 2012 @ 01:16 am
( there is some quiet fumbling for a good couple moments before the video feed clicks on to reveal the bewildered face of Ticky Mikk who is currently using the screen of the communication device like a mirror. it's definitely one of the more shoddy mirrors he's ever possessed. )

. . .The City. Seriously? Is this some sort of joke? Who would call it such a thing? ( no, no, don't answer that. that was rhetorical. still, he takes a moment to glance around to check out his surroundings. nope, still in some freaky city and definitely where he was Supposed To Be. just like all the previous times. still here, still here. yeah, shit. )

Is this thing on? ( he taps the screen twice with his forefinger, hoping that the instructions he had been given were correct. no time like the present to test it out. it was certainly kind of that skittish gentleman to give him a couple of pointers. )

Oh man— ( he groans to himself. how did a thing like this happen, he wonders irritatedly. he was really quite in the middle of something. ) Shut up. I'm not laughing.

( there's a soft pause before he sighs, considering what to do in the meanwhile.

then he smiles dangerously. )

Yeah, looks like I've got no choice but to bite. It appears that I have suddenly have some free time.

So, tell me, where can a man get a decent pack of cigarettes?

(( ooc: sorry for the brief disappearance! ))