26 February 2014 @ 11:10 pm
[ video ]

I don't know how to do this.

[It's Ginny voice, but she isn't in the frame. What you see is the living room of Building 12 #915, so thoroughly lived-in, so homey, photographs and cushions and slippers kicked off on the rug. A cat streaks across the floor and out of sight. There's a heavy exhale, shaky on the edges, then the feed cuts out.

When the image comes back, it's her bedroom with an empty suitcase on the bed. To be honest, it may very well remain empty. It's more ceremonial than anything, maybe. But Ginny's now walking in front of the camera, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at the floor with her hands curled into the blanket. When she speaks, it's low and steady but the real struggle is in her expression, which is why she'd hiding it for the most part.]

I've tried to go home for years. I've tried and failed for so long that I'm not even sure I can believe that this time'll be different, but it... It feels different, like everyone's—gearing up, packing up. Like the end of the school year. Only it isn't a holiday; we wouldn't be coming back, right? We can't.

I shouldn't want to. I've always said this place was the holiday. But it's... I mean, I couldn't help it after a while, could I, feeling attached? It became home. I hated that it did. Maybe it isn't home, maybe I meant that—that you lot made it home. It's been five years and I don't know how I can go back to a world where our times don't line up or where I've got magic and you haven't or...

[Or you're dead. Or haven't been born yet. Or you just don't exist.]

Bloody hell. [She inhales sharply, tipping her head back, composing herself. She isn't crying. She doesn't cry. But you can see the tightness in her jaw and shoulders, the flush across her cheeks, how determined she is to not look at the camera.] Gone home twice, never left time for goodbyes. Always gave a hard time to my friends who did the same to me. And now here we are and I'm mucking it up completely.

[Ginny falls silent after that, sitting for a long time. Then Sir Weatherby hoots softly off-camera and it shakes her from it, a fleeting smile passing over her lips as she glances over her shoulder at the owl.]

You're coming with me, of course. And the cats and the puffs.

[Finally, finally, Ginny looks at the camera, eyes bright and blazing, voice softer.]

And I know you lot can't. Home's a mess, even coming over to The Burrow for dinner wouldn't make all the rebuilding worth it. But please let me see you before we all head off, because... Well, if this is really it, I want to make sure— [Breathe, Ginny. She smiles.] If we're friends, we're family, too. I never let family off easily.

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14 February 2014 @ 08:45 pm
[ video | open action ]

Oh, bloody hell.

[Ginny Weasley is standing in a crowded Square, looking a little harried though there's an exasperated smile on her face, too.]

So I reckon that door's starting to work. Or maybe it's always worked since this always happens.

[So maybe the door thing isn't real at all. She can't be sure if they're really working towards going home again, if it will actually work this time. She doesn't know and she doesn't know if she wants it.]

Happy Valentine's Day, at any rate. Mind the thorns on the roses when you shove them in people's faces.

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07 January 2014 @ 07:37 pm
[ video / text / audio ]

[ It's memories, of course. Moments from the previous year plucked from Ginny's head or taken from her device and strewn across the network and broadcast in the Square for those who care to look. They flip through fairly quickly, snippets of voices —

— you don't get to tell me to do it again, I told you I wouldn't!
Ginevra Weasley! I am almost there! For the love of God, stay where you are!

— and images —

You always manage to surprise me, Harry Potter.
Surprise even myself, sometimes. I mean - good to know you haven't got bored of me yet.


[ooc; SO CURSED! feel free to see this broadcast as mentioned. on a more sentimental note, this is my love letter to poly, i suppose, as everything in here from moments to words said have been taken verbatim from moments in the game so this was a lot of fun to piece together. thank you for another wonderful year!]
17 December 2013 @ 10:27 am
[ video | OPEN ACTION ]

[As always, the video begins with a jolt a the device clatters to the ground, giving a very good shot from below as Ginny and a perfect stranger exchange a kiss. One hand is holding her peppermint hot chocolate and the other is resting against his chest as if to say, Don't get any ideas, mate, but it doesn't look like she's holding back, either.

When they break apart, she doesn't look scandalised, just kind of exasperated and amused. But the guy?]

Hey, if that's the thanks I get for ramming into you, maybe we should—

No, that's the thanks you get for not spilling my drink. [But—] Hurry along now.

[And Miss Weasley scoops up her device, shoves it into her pocket, and carries on with her day.]

[ooc; COME AT HER, EVERYONE. she'll be walking around the city doing some christmas shopping, maybe even delivering a few gifts. in the morning, she'll be at the joke shop and then it's off with errands. :D]
08 December 2013 @ 01:07 pm
[ video | audio ]

[Viewers are treated to this video from years ago when they come across Ginny's entry today. It's shaking and loud and ridiculous, one might be able to make out twin men with the trademark Weasley hair and a younger wizard with glasses and Ginny herself. It's hard, though, with the flashing fireworks in the pre-dawn light, her hexes, the confetti streaming through the air. But it isn't impossible.

When the video ends in laughter, it cuts out to be replaced with a softer kind.]


[But it's fondly said. There's a pause as she processes things, marvels at how that was two years ago, how different things have become. How much she's grown and yet, not.]

As if fireworks could've make up for three years. But—I don't know, since today marks five, I suppose I wouldn't actually mind. If it meant they were still here, anyway.

[There's another pause as if she might say more then decides against it, ending the feed.]

[ooc; 5 YEARS TO THE DAY! Happy anniversary, my favourite ginger witch. And thank you for being awesome always, polycakes.]
23 November 2013 @ 01:19 pm
[ video / open action ]

Ginny Weasley here. Still here, really, so come say hello.

[She's somewhere outside, maybe just off the Square and heading towards Xanadu. She's paused to film this, holding the camera up in front of herself and the crowds passing behind and around her.]

Home turned up a few days ago in the City so I think it'd be a treat for it to continue. I don't care if that means I'm getting spoiled. This is the closest I can get.

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17 November 2013 @ 10:50 am
[ TEXT | Gryffindor Common Room Bulletin Board ]


Practice will continue as regularly scheduled. A reminder to service your brooms and gear before the match on Sunday! Nothing's standing in our way to the Cup this year.


Captain Ginny Weasley


[ You might stumble across Ginny in the corridors, at the library looking for books to help study for her upcoming NEWT examinations, coming off the pitch after practice, sitting in the courtyard sketching out Quidditch plays, or even down in Hogsmeade on Saturday if you're so inclined! Join her for a butterbeer?

On Sunday, LET THE BLOODBATH BEGIN. Or whatever. Come find her! ]

[ooc; catch-all post for the Hogwarts weekend. :)

UPDATE: Team Roster « chasers (ginny, jim kirk, clint barton), beaters (sif, tony stark), seeker (peter rumancek), keeper (john grimm). i love you guys omg.]
30 October 2013 @ 11:45 pm
[ video ]

Honestly, if you've learned anything from being in the City, it's that people come from different worlds. That means my lot aren't like what we fought on the mountain. You'll notice I didn't join their little coven, make nice with their bloody goat. Good and bad exists everywhere. I own a magic joke shop, for Merlin's sake.

[Ginny looks a little worse for wear. The visions weren't real but they were real enough to leave their mark—and for all intents and purposes, she went through the Battle of Hogwarts a second time (and then some), so she's battered and bloody and irritable. (Under all the fire is utter mental exhaustion.)]

So don't judge a witch by her wand or her broom or whatever you bloody well choose without getting to know her or you'll find you've got one more to handle. Test me and you'll have bat-winged bogies flying out of your face.

[Maybe she isn't helping her case. Whatever. Her friends know who she is. She pushes both hands through filthy hair and seems to deflate a bit as she exhales, stubbornness still set in her shoulders but expression relaxing a touch.]

Didn't even realise how long we were all up there. ...I feel incredibly unprepared for Halloween.

[She feels about ready to sleep through Halloween. And then she pauses.]

But if that's tomorrow, that makes today my Mum's birthday. [She smiles, brief and faint and private.] So I suppose that's something, even if I've just about missed it. We ought to have a cake.

[ooc; posted late into the evening of the 30th, just before midnight. ginny's dream is here for anyone that might have been caught up in it on the mountain. still doing slow tags, i'm sorry. :( ]
06 October 2013 @ 01:32 am
[ video ]


[It is, in fact, the middle of the night but close enough to sunrise that she can say "morning." But that isn't the bizarre thing here. No, the bizarre thing is that Ginny Weasley is beaming so brightly, she might burst, practically vibrating with happiness and excitement.

Also, she's kind of covered in flour and glitter.]

Isn't it just a wonderful day? And it's only barely started! I know things have been so difficult lately, everything's just been so sad, and there's really no reason for it. Everything will sort out like always. Why get bogged down by the City at all? I know I've let it happen for far too long and that's a shame, really, when I've got so many reasons to be happy!

[She sets the camera precariously on something on the kitchen counter, leaning in close.]

I've got wonderful friends, doesn't matter what all those stupid nightmares say, no one's died on me since the war! And if anyone leaves to go home, well, I say good for them!

[This is punctuated by a fist banged on a cluttered kitchen counter and the camera topples and the video feed cuts out.]


[ TEXT ]

It's better this way! :)

Now you won't see what surprises I'm working on for you lot!!


[ooc; anti-angst at its best... or worst...........]
21 September 2013 @ 12:16 am
[ video / open action ]

Just because I've been here for years doesn't mean I want to play any of the City's games.

[Behold Ginny Weasley, sitting on some rocks at the beach (because obviously the beach party wasn't enough), the sleeves of her blouse rolled up and her vivid hair pulled back into a wind-tousled bun. She's been restless lately, she's been off exploring judging by the sunburn and the new smattering of freckles; but, most importantly, she's found a little something shiny in the sand, washed up with the waves.]

But like it or not—

[She exhales, lifts her wand and with it, a key levitating in the air because she's not stupid enough to touch it after all she's seen on the network.]

Anonymous, I have something of yours. [Then she cracks a bit of a grin.] Should I send it in person or by owl post? Does this mean I saved the day? Ten points to the City for making it appropriately Gryffindor-coloured.

[ooc; as per this event, the key has been found! it actually has no curse attached to it, so worry not.

this is forward-dated to saturday morning!]
02 September 2013 @ 01:07 am
[ video ]

... hi.

[The feed starts sideways on the ground, flaming hair spilling over the green grass because—yes, that is Miss Ginny Weasley, sprawled face-down in Xanadu with her broom under her like she's fallen off. Maybe she has, maybe she hasn't. All she knows is that a nap in the morning sun sounds like a delightful idea (and that coming out in public was a bad one, being around all these other lazy, curse-affected people).

She slowly turns her head to face the camera, eyes closed and speaking around a yawn: ]

'M canceling flying lessons today. Too knackered... or can't be arsed, whichever.

[And the camera just... runs for a few long minutes because she can't be bothered to reach out and shut it off, so the device turns off on its own. Yes, she probably fell asleep. Can't stop won't stop.]

[ooc; SOMEONE WAKE HER UP. so affected, so lazy.]
06 August 2013 @ 02:00 pm
[ video ]

Two things!

[Behold Ginny Weasley, the camera enchanted to float in front of her as she broadcasts this from... Her broom? That's right; she's back where she belongs, up in the air and the summer wind pulling at her hair and clothes, face alight in a smile. She looks infinitely better than she did a week ago, that's for certain.]

Firstly, I believe I owe drinks to quite a few people for the madness that was a few weeks ago. The Anonymous people graciously paid me in liquor from my world for helping restore the Hall of the Missing and it's not like I can drink all of it by myself—have you seen me? I'm too small for all that firewhiskey.

Priority goes to all my doctor friends, because I said so.


[Yes, it's about as loud as capslock.]

I usually offer this earlier in the summer but there's that little matter of a City-wide rebellion and being struck down with a magical plague, so I decided I'd best wait it out until people were a little more available, myself included.

I know I've spoken to a few people about this—Sulu? Stiles?—but it's open to anyone who's interested in brooms and isn't afraid of heights. I've never had anyone fall while I'm in the air with them, so don't worry! It's fun.

And if someone just wants to watch, come along. This is something I love, why not share it in any way I can?

That's all!

[AND OFF SHE ZOOMS, the camera following her for a minute as she speeds around the Quidditch pitch the twins built, corkscrewing and ~soaring, tumbling, freewheeling~ through the air. And it cuts out as she whips past the device.]
18 July 2013 @ 09:35 am
[ text | filtered to FRIENDS and EMPLOYEES ]


To Whom It May Concern :

The businesses owned by Ms Ginny Weasley are to be closed until further notice. She assures employees that they will be paid during this time.

Ms Weasley is currently on medical leave and will answer any questions you may have as soon as she is able. Thank you for your time and understanding.

City General Hospital

[ooc; the plague strikes again! Ginny's just arrived at the hospital after collapsing in her apartment lobby but has been feeling steadily ill since the 16th so people are free to have noticed that. She asked an NPC nurse to write something up for her and thus, this post! THIS IS A CATCH-ALL POST for interaction with her over the course of her illness for the next week: network, visit action spam, or if any doctor friends of hers want to swing by! She ain't goin' nowhere.

ETA: put in a date for your comment, please!

Her essence rite is here. I'm planning on her being sick for the duration of the plot and recovering basically at the end.]
05 July 2013 @ 11:03 am
[ video | action ]

Welcome to the City, and to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes!

[Look, it's the youngest Weasley in question, filming a post to the network from behind the counter at her brothers' joke shop. The place itself is absolutely bustling with people and noise (chatter, whizzing, bangs, flashes!) and Ginny herself looks a little tousled but beaming. She has to raise her voice a bit to be heard.]

Looks like the weekend brought the visitors with it, so we're having a special until everyone goes home! Maybe that's three days from now, maybe it's tomorrow! Wouldn't you hate to miss this lot?

[The camera wheels around to show the shop, the shelves, the colourful magical products, then back to her.]

So come find us! And if you ask us how Babbitty Rabbitty's Cackling Stump is doing, you'll get 10% off one item of your choice! And if you're family—or from home at all—you'll just have to outright bribe me for a discount. [Wink. That means you, brothers, she knows you're out there.] We hope to see you here!

[And with a flourish of her wand and a shower of indoor fireworks later, rousing applause and appreciation from the patrons, the feed ends.]

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Ginny will be at the joke shop, at Passioné, and out and about in the City once shop hours are over. Come troll her on the network or in person!]
13 June 2013 @ 01:39 am
[ audio ]

[This broadcast begins in the middle of a conversation and starts with the sound of a coin being set down on a table.]

What is this?

A gold Galleon. [Flippant, nonchalant.] You know, I don't think money from my world will buy you much of anything in the City. If you wanted to borrow a few coins for a cup of coffee, you could have just asked instead of dragging me out of work.

This coin was one of many, was it not?

[Dryly,] Well, yes, I reckon coins are generally made in large batches. I'm the wrong Weasley to ask, though, Bill's the one who works at the bank.

Your brother was not the one who used them as a method of communication during a rebellion.

[A pause. The question that hangs in the air is, How did you know that? but what we can't see is that the final message sent by Neville Longbottom is still etched into the coin: HP here. App to A's. Taking back H. What we don't know is that she's spoken about it to friends on the network before. It must be on record somewhere. She works this out in seconds so Ginny laughs instead, the sound surprisingly easy.]

That's what this is about? First of all, it was a war in my world. Second: it was a long time ago. Honestly, you don't even know the full—

So you don't deny that you've orchestrated a rebellion in the past?

So what if I have? )

[ooc; those pesky sandworms stealing incriminating "evidence." ginny's getting carted off to jail and all replies will be from her cell there. assume a delay between your character's first comment and her response!]
24 April 2013 @ 10:22 am
[ video ]

I can't imagine how much of a chore cleaning up this mess would be.

[Ginny Weasley, ladies and gentlemen, sitting on a bench in Xanadu with photographs fluttering down from the sky around her. She clears off a spot next to her and sets her device down so you get a shot of her looking up, plucking a few from the air with a Seeker's precision.

She glances down at the ones in her hands, brows knit and mouth a tight line. It's no one she recognises, but who's to say the day will remain that way if she keeps looking?]

Anyway. [Ginny looks at the camera, brushing her hair back over her shoulders.] Now you lot know what I look like if you didn't before. If you see this face in anything you pick up today, I'd like to have them sent over to the offices at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, Passioné, or my flat.

I'll be sure to do the same for you.

[ooc; ms weasley's photographs here. feel free to nab any of them, there are copies! also adding this one as a better version of the ~sunlit days~ kiss.]
30 March 2013 @ 11:06 pm
When you've got a dragon keeper for an older brother, you tend to pick up a few things about his studies. So let's cover the basics, shall we, before it all gets more out of hand—and keep in mind that the dragons I know are probably not the same as this lot but there's got to be some overlap, right?

1. Most breeds aren't fully mature until they're about two years old, but since this is the City, we're going to have to ignore the logic of this part. Because obviously fire-breathing and flying are coming along quite nicely. Lovely.

2. For the love of Merlin, don't approach them alone. Or even unarmed. No, it doesn't matter how big or small they are. It's still a dragon. Charlie might love them but that doesn't stop him from getting hurt on the job, trained to handle them or not. Back home, it takes about a dozen wands to Stun a dragon and you're mad if you think you could take one alone. (And that's coming from me.) There's a reason dragon hide's so valuable; it's one of the toughest, strongest things out there. Magic can get through it but it takes a lot.

3. Following up on #2, don't hack them off. You might think fire's all they've got against you and if you can protect yourself from that, then you're alright, but they've got claws and their tails could snap you properly in half if you aren't paying attention. Sometimes they'll have horns or spines. Every bit of them could be a weapon. That being said—

4. Leave them alone. There's no predicting anything in this place, but dragons are animals, really, so how much different would they be? You don't just corner a unicorn and expect it to adore you because you're a nice person. They don't know that about you, do they? People get gored by unicorns if they aren't careful. Don't provoke the poor things if they aren't doing anything.

5. But I've got my wand if you need anything. I'm no Harry Potter, I haven't dueled a dragon by myself, but I've seen it and I know it can be done. And that's all that matters, isn't it?

I'm sure we all wish Charlie Weasley was the one here for this mess, but he's the only one in my family who hasn't come by the City. Not even on a visitor's weekend. So you'll have to make do with whatever I can remember from his stories about Romania and hope we won't have to make our own.
16 February 2013 @ 10:30 am
[ video ]

This again.

[Ginny usually loves days like this, but she hasn't had a good time of it lately and she isn't sure if seeing familiar faces today will make her feel much better. They'll leave again, as they always do, and she's uncertain she'll be able to shrug it off this time as easily as the other instances.

Still, she's smiling, because the youngest Weasley's always got to soldier on. She's so damn good at it.]

I don't have to go through the old routine, do I? Welcome, you're visiting, don't get too worried or excited, it's magic, yes—I can do magic, too. And yes, my hair really is this red; I don't know why that's come up before, but there you have it. And no. You can't count my freckles. What a thought.

[ooc; FOURTH WALL! HAVE AT HER. Just no doubles, no telling her she's from a book, and no future spoilers beyond the Final Battle (though if it happens, she'll conveniently forget once it's all over). Feel free to threadjack, too! HAVE FUN AND BACKDATE FOREVER! ♥

Also—Mrs Ginny Potter ([personal profile] chasingafter) may be threadjacking in this post!]
03 February 2013 @ 03:04 pm
For those of you that knew him, Percy Weasley's left the City.

Maybe he'll be back or maybe the lucky git's finally gone home. There's usually something more to say in these sorts of posts but I can't really think of anything.

But basically that means Weasley's Wizard Wheezes will be closed until further notice while things are shuffled around. Don't worry—we'll get back to stocking you lot with pranks and joke sweets in no time.


[ private | flagged to JIMMY + RORY ]

My brother left the joke shop to the three of us, so if you'd like to talk about that, we can try and suss it out.

And if we haven't been properly introduced: hi. I'm Ginny.
03 January 2013 @ 04:50 pm
[ video ]

Clint's right. This place really does have to work on its sense of humour.

[Ginny's in the office of Passioné, doors and windows locked, wand in hand at all times. She's seen her brother's face out of the corner of her eye over and over and it's put her on edge, but not enough to stay out of trouble. When she pushes a hand through her unruly hair, there's gauze spotted with red wrapped around her left forearm—that's her reason for making the broadcast, really, so she holds it up to the camera.]

Word of warning if you're playing the heroic Gryffindor like yours truly—they bite.

[She looks like she might say something else, but there's a clatter of sound from the window and she freezes, eyes narrowing. And then she reaches out and switches the feed off.]