26 February 2014 @ 07:46 pm
[You know what you need, City? You need a break. You need a cat video. So have this adorable video of Mao sitting on Yin's piano, dozing just a little. He certainly doesn't notice Yin's other cat approaching until it's too late.]

28 January 2014 @ 09:38 am
[Remind him to thank you, Hei, for keeping his server running while he's been gone. When Mao returns to the City, he switches over quite seamlessly from the Syndicate's server to this, restoring all of his memories of this place.]

[ audio ]
Great. Here again.

[Unfortunately, it still takes him a moment to realize he accidentally made a public network post. In public, even. Face, meet paw.

But the damage is done, and at least Hei & Yin -- assuming they're still here, which if his server is running, should be true -- now know he's back. Looking every inch a perfect cat, he trots from the fountain in the direction of Yin's apartment.]

[Come one, come all, make Mao's journey to Yin's apartment one worthy of Homer and the Greek poets! Feel free to run into him anywhere and attempt anything.]
25 June 2013 @ 10:44 am
[ voice ]
[no time to filter. Mao has to do this fast or this infernal compulsion to talk and talk and talk and talk will win]

I'm shutting down. Chekov, reboot me when this is over.

[He hates relying on the kindness of near strangers. Hates being this vulnerable. But it's either shut down his server so that the deities cannot access the information he has, or remain conscious and spew all his secrets for the entire City to hear.

Mao likes his secrets.]

[ action ]
[He uploads the whole of his consciousness, not just parts, and then shuts down the computer. It's only then that he realizes just how much he had come to rely on the server. His control over this body is immediately weakened. It won't be long until he's almost entirely cat. What if Chekov reboots the server but he's unable to download himself to this body again? What's left of his mind spins with countless horrific scenarios.

But there's no use worrying about it. And as the hours pass, he becomes incapable of worrying about it. He wanders the streets like a normal pet cat, sniffing around for things either interesting or tasty or both.

Give a cat a treat?]

[ooc: Mao has uploaded his entire consciousness to a computer and has shut the computer down for its safety, so there will be no replies to the network post! You may, however, encounter him on the street.]
08 May 2013 @ 07:39 am
[ action - backdated to yesterday]
[Mao runs through the streets of the City as he is chased by a mob of cats who look like they're high on ecstasy.]


[Guess who tastes like catnip-flavored ice cream today. GUESS.]

[ action - today ]
[If you happen to be walking by the Welcome Center today, you'll see more cats than you've ever seen in your life swarming and fighting and playing outside it. How cute, you might think.

WRONG. Get a little closer and you'll see that they're all trying to lick up Mao, who is rapidly melting and unable to escape.

What is his life?]
24 April 2013 @ 07:07 pm
[ action ]
[Mao strolls down a street. He has no agenda; it had just seemed like the thing to do. This is unusual for the Contractor.

He's in a bit of a mental fog until he's suddenly hit with a number of pictures. He stares at them blankly for a long moment, not recognizing them.

When he does, he realizes that he has a problem.]

[ voice | filtered to Chekov ]
I need to speak with you.

[ooc: Anyone is welcome to find pictures of Mao's human form!]
25 March 2013 @ 09:56 am
[ voice - failed filter to Hei & Yin - aka open to all ]
Considering the size and transient nature of the City's population, it's remarkable how much infrastructure there actually is. The subway system is extremely well-maintained and goes everywhere. It reminds me of Tokyo's public transit system in a number of ways, except it's not nearly as clean.

The hospital offers a remarkable array of services -- including psychological. There aren't enough psychologists to handle a city this size, but contrary to popular belief, there are therapists in the City.

And of course, everybody knows about the police force. I've seen people complain that they do nothing, but when you actually monitor the calls that come in to the station, you discover that they are extremely busy. After all, there are at least ten non-network users for every one who posts regularly to the network. It is a big City.

Less well known but equally important is the fire department.

There is even an animal control division! They are small but surprisingly effective. They can bag & tag a stray animal in a matter of seconds, before that animal can even blink.

[tl;dr he got caught by animal control and is currently at the pound. HALP.]

[ooc: Open voice & action for all! If you want to go to the pound and pet the pretty kitty, go for it. :3 Mao will not be leaving the pound with anyone except Hei or Yin.]
27 February 2013 @ 08:59 pm


[Watch out under your feet, City. A very unhappy black cat is tearing through the streets, trying to get away from the basketballs that seem almost drawn to his head.

Fuck. His. Life.]
15 January 2013 @ 10:33 pm
[action / video]

[Mao dozes on the floor of Yin's apartment, loling about in a patch of sunlight. If he were still human, being trapped inside because of the snowstorm would have driven him crazy, but as a cat it's easy enough to pass the time sleeping.

He rolls over, and cracks an eye open. Notices that the device is open and on. Stands up, yawns, and strolls over. Lies down on top of it -- not to shut the device, of course. Just because he's a cat and cats do strange things.]
30 December 2012 @ 10:44 am
[ action ]

[Something went wrong during Mao's update last night. It had started with just a headache. Progressed to tremors. Dizziness. Confusion.

He wanders the streets, looking for some place to hide, to feel safe. Something is wrong but he doesn't know what to do about it. He can't think straight.

Eventually, at some point, he's going to start body hopping, thinking that maybe the problem is with the host body.

If you're out and about, you might run into any of the following animals:

♚ Black cat (Mao's original host body)

♛ Baby tiger

♜ Black & white dog

♞ Surprise!

He's sick and deranged. Handle with care.]
05 December 2012 @ 07:21 pm
[Somewhere in the City is a box. Just a box, wrapped in several layers of packing tape. An unremarkable box, really, save for the fact that it's screaming.]



[That is indeed Mao trapped in the box. The poor cursed creature had made the mistake of leaping out at his roommate... And Hei had made sure he couldn't do it again. The box shuffle hops around the room as Mao tries to break his way out.

He has no idea this is recording.]
27 November 2012 @ 10:47 am


[Splash! That, my friends, is the sound of one unhappy cat landing in the fountain.

Mao claws his way out, looking drenched and miserable. He shakes himself off and looks around, the fur on his back sticking out like porcupine needles. It's clear that this is no ordinary cat, even before you see his purple eyes.]


[His voice is soft. There are too many people around for him to risk speaking louder, but if the other Contractor is around, Mao is certain he will hear.


Damn it.

[some time later]


[Wherever he is, he's cut off from the Syndicate's network. Not a good sign. Even worse, he can't find a way into whatever network exists here, except through this extremely cat-unfriendly device. He's going to have to do reconnaissance the inefficient way…once he figures out how. Keyboards weren't designed for cat paws in mind. Sigh.

But eventually he figures out how to turn on the audio function.]

Where is this place?

[Not very smooth. He's spent so long pretending to be a cat, he's no longer sure how to pretend to be human. But it's a start.]

[ooc: Action for anyone near the fountain! Keep in mind that he will pretend to be an ordinary cat, except over the network where people can't see him.]