21 October 2012 @ 02:30 am
[Hey, City! You missed this doofus, right?

Sometime in the afternoon on Sunday, there is an Andy sleeping on someone's roof in his pajamas. Since going home, he's slipped right back into his old habits (without much of a choice either) and that includes sleeping in until noon on the weekends.

He's good at being an adult, really.

With a yawn and a stretch, he sits up, running fingers through his absolutely fluffy and messed up bed hair. He shivers in the cold (where did his pile of blankets go?) and takes a really good look at his surroundings.


Oh dear.

Thankfully, his phone thing seems to be sitting right beside him and he picks it up, video dialing out.]

Uh... Hey. Anyone know a good way to get down from a roof without breaking anything? I'd try sliding off, but... bad memories, man.

[Bad memories helping his dad reshingle the roof and taking a spectacular dive off the edge. Good thing there had been a garbage can to break his fall that time.]
22 September 2012 @ 05:46 am
[The device is set up so that it captures a dramatic shot.

There is a dark haired man, back facing the camera. He’s dressed mostly in dark purples with a black cloak that flutters in the cold morning breeze, feathers making the lining ruffling. There is an intricate sword unsheathed in his hand and a silver circlet rests upon his brow. Next to him is a flag, pole wedged into the ground with this creature embroidered into the cloth.

Who the hell is this mysterious stranger?

He turns to face the camera and --

Hold the fuck up.

It’s Andy.

No, seriously, it’s Andy.

He looks serious, but as soon as his face comes into full view of the camera a smirk quirks at the corner of his mouth.]

It has been many winters since I’ve been banished, but winter is coming once more and I refuse to remain forgotten any longer.

It is time I reclaim my throne.

[His eyes flash with determination before he clicks the device off. The journey begins now.]

((ooc: Feel free to action it up or hit him on the network! Andy is not cursed per say, he's just going to consider this one big old LARP and is going to go with it, darnit.))
04 September 2012 @ 11:54 pm
[Last month was stressful: people flinging themselves off of buildings, snakes flinging themselves at him, talking objects, and one of his few friends in the City disappearing.

He's finally accumulated enough money from his job to splurge on video games, so today is going to be a day to relax, to have fun, and to not worry about a damn thing. Still in his pajamas, he loads up Guitar Hero, picks up the guitar joystick and... smashes the hell out of that thing like a rockstar.

He's in full on rant mode -- so angry, there is no icon in which to contain that rage -- when he pops the video feed on to let the City know exactly how he feels.]

You know what?! SCREW THE MAN! I'm tired of the man telling me what to do, getting in my business and not letting me live my life the way I want to! I what -- have to get up to go to a pointless dead-end job and buy all sorts of shiny things the man tells me to like a car and a house and for what?! For more debt so I can hemorrhage more money to the man and --

[Andy stops mid rant, all of the anger ebbing from his face and leaving the poor man confused.]

What the..?

[It's then he realizes what happened and he turns, slowly, to look at the smashed controller. That sound? That is the saddest whimper in the world.]
[The post starts off in text first:]

aslasfasAWAflashfa33!saflj aslfj asfasuwo

[Before Andy manages to switch it up to audio, but that’s definitely not his voice coming out of the speaker. What your ears are treated to is the sound of a very upset dog barking its head off, trying to figure out what the heck is going on.]


[Sometime later that afternoon, when he’s calmed himself down, Andy makes a break from the Welcome Center. He’s a dog; he’s sure it’s a curse and, well... he’s got time to kill until midnight and no opposable thumbs with which to play video games, so why not to check out the town?

Dog!Andy can be found around the city doing various things: from rummaging in the garbage cans, chasing his tail, harassing ducks in Xanadu, and even chewing on a manky boot.

He’s a fairly friendly dog and will happily approach anyone that comes near.]
11 August 2012 @ 02:49 am
[For the past couple of weeks, things have been seeming to go fine for Andy. He's still staying at the Welcome Center, but he's managed to score a job at a corner market. Most of his nights are filled with patrolling in costume and any down time is met with either sleep or newly acquired video games.

All in all, life is pretty normal for him once again since coming to the City and he feels better prepared to handle things. Even the last couple of curses have been alright, minus the champagne shower and nearly frying himself with static shock on doorknobs.

But today? No sir, today is not a happy day.

His phone is on and the camera pans over to the toaster.]

Okay. Someone please tell the toaster that its purpose is to toast bread so I can finish making breakfast and go to work.

[At this point in time, the toaster itself pipes up, speaking gruffly and now being portrayed in a lovely shade of orange text:]

Yeah, ain't gonna happen, pal. You wanna put toast in me, you're gonna have to fight me because I ain't toastin' toast no more, NOPE. Every day you stick toast in me and do I ever get a word of thanks? NOPE. So you can take your bread and shove it right up your --

Alright, alright! Jesus! Thank you for making toast for me every day, I appreciate it, but can I please just finish so I can go?

Go to hell, kid.
24 July 2012 @ 02:37 am
>> Andy's internalizing. )

[The video feed clicks on and there is a masked man smiling goofily into the camera.]

Good evening, citizens of the... er, City! It is I, the Jersey Devil, and I have revealed myself to you tonight to let you know that you should never fear! I will be here, watching over you and the rest of the City, keeping evil doers at bay.

[Which, really, the Jersey Devil hasn’t seen any evil doers yet, but one never knew when they’d pop up!]

Should you need me, just call my name and I will be there to defend you!

[And with that, there is a dramatic cape whoosh of his cape and JD is off to stop crime, or at least attempt to. The camera feed clicks off.

However, later in the night, Andy will shapeshift into his Jersey Devil form, the actual monster, to stretch his legs and get a better look at things from topside of the city. It’s about damn time.]

((ooc: Andy will be around in either costume or JD form, you get to pick which you’d like to encounter! It’s like a choose your own adventure. Andy will mostly be running around doing shenanigans and thinking that he’s all that until he gets bored. Monster icons will be from the account [personal profile] didthemash))
15 July 2012 @ 12:47 pm
[Andy doesn't seem to notice that he's being recorded. He's too busy licking his arm with a mixture of confusion and pure bliss in the look on his face.]

Man, I haven't tasted this since I was a kid. Salted caramel ice cream, mmmmm...

[Mid-lick, he notices the recording light on the device is on and he looks like a deer caught on in the headlights. Crap.]

This isn't anything weird, I swear! ...I taste like ice cream!

[He snatches for the device, fumbles with it as the feed goes rocky before it cuts out completely, having been dropped on the ground.]
11 July 2012 @ 11:28 pm
[Oh, Andy, you poor baby. This is not your day.

Andy limps down the street of the square, wheeling a rather beaten up and broken bicycle with him (he doesn't look much better, bike helmet hanging on only by the chinstrap).

All he had wanted to do was stop a bank heist, but instead, he had peddled head first into a wall and ended up... wherever here is.

With a sigh of defeat, he plops himself down onto a curb, bike falling next to him. Maybe he's hallucinating from the concussion. Maybe he's in a coma and this is all a dream.

Yeah. This is totally a dream.

He mutters to himself:] Aha, yeah, brain. This is a good one. I can wake up now, okay?