08 December 2012 @ 07:01 pm
Job Offer

Looking for one or two servants to work full time.

- Room and board provided
- Pay on a weekly basis
- Responsibilities include cleaning and pet care
- Prior experience required
Further details inside )

Contact me here if you have other questions or are interested in the position.

[ooc: Or just bug him. That's okay too.]
21 November 2012 @ 09:41 pm
If you feel like you're being followed today, go inside as soon as possible.

Don't let your guard slip. Stay armed.

Avoid the woods.

Those things have been here before and they're not as harmless as they look.

[ And Tyr will be hiding out in the beach house with his staff. It doesn't exactly feel like paranoia after what happened last time he saw slenderman. ]
[ Time for some late night costume fun. Riou and Tyr have found a cool shop that sells costumes of people they know from their world. And because Riou can, he has Tyr holding a bunch of costumes while he tries a Star Dragon Sword the talking sword on Mukumuku. That is the reason this accidental post happens... ]

Well, what do you think? It fits perfectly right?

[ ... A flying Squirrel. With a Sword jutting out of his head. And makeshift hilt for arms.... ]

Then I can go as Viktor- and you go as Flik if you want since we found those costumes--

[ He trails away suddenly and then wanders to one of the costume racks with a surprised cry. ]

Ah! Look! It's- this one says 'Jeane' -- [ This costume. Without the lady. ] -- But I don't remember her wearing this... If it was the one she was wearing at the castle, maybe Rita can wear it. You know, since they're both magic users...

[ Pause. ]

But they're probably too small to fit this...

[ Tyr nods as he appraises it. It says "Small" on the tag, but he's still doubtful. ]

If it was a different Jeane maybe... Let's find something more like Meg wore...
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20 October 2012 @ 07:31 pm
[Tyr tries to look more businesslike than he has in years as he sits beside Rita.]

I don't know if you guys need me to set an appointment for this, but I- we just want to talk... All we want is some information. You don't need to do anything.

[--But then Rita cuts in quickly.]

You do need to talk. I don’t care if we have to pay for the information, we want you guys to cough up something.

[Tyr looks over at her awkwardly, but in the end he just nods...]

Right... We'll be waiting for your response.
15 October 2012 @ 11:17 am
[ Dropping down somewhere by the carousel is one Tyr McDohl, not-so-mint condition, wrapped in an old cloak and the kind of bright, loose-fitting clothes he wore back in his hometown. His face doesn't say anything about how he feels as he picks himself up and brushes himself off with a sigh.

And pauses for a second... ]
I guess this is better than coming back soaking wet again... [ Smoothing his cloak over his chest. ] It feels like it's been forever since I've actually dressed like this...

[ Pat, pat... ] So what month is it now?
09 October 2012 @ 11:07 am
—Take that off!

[ Tyr slams his device down and goes in to yank the clothes off Li's back. In his defense, Tyr is only wearing a purple bathrobe, gold bracelet blastia, and...nothing else save a mark on the back of his hand while Li is wearing his bandanna, shirt, pants, cloak, Tyr's other blastia, and even Tyr's curl-toed shoes that don't quite fit.

And is that his staff against the dresser Li's rummaging through? Maybe he'll make a grab for that, too.]

You don't even know how to use a staff! [ Pausing like he's trying to remember something. ] ...Do you?

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27 September 2012 @ 04:47 pm
[ There's a small list of agreements written neatly and legibly:

Neither Tyr nor Rita will take their bets seriously. Both parties reserve the right to be sore los call off the bet at any time.

Rita will only feed Tyr meat when he is a dog any carnivorous animal.

Tyr will not steal Rita's underwear while cursed. He will replace any that he takes!!

Rita will bathe at least three times a week.

Tyr will make sweets at least three times a week.

Rita will

And the pencil is just laying there when Tyr finally talks: ]

--Forget it! We'll never get this sent off at this rate.

[Rita's voice grumbles in response as she slams a hand against the page.]

Of course we won't if you keep making up dumb stuff like this--you're just scared you'll lose another bet, aren't you?!

[And now she jostles the device, which she had turned on.]

I bet everyone else in the City agrees with me!

[ And that just makes Tyr's face go red as he shoots back: ]

And making candy isn't pointless?! Go ahead and ask if you're actually that sure--And make a bet out of it!

Sh-shut up! --Fine, just get ready to lose!

[Well, City, what do you think? >:|b]
25 August 2012 @ 08:18 pm
[ In the proud tradition of schipperkes...Tyr has decided that everything is his. After being taken from the house after barking at Flynn to back out of the kitchen (maybe with a few growls thrown in there...), he has decided to sit outside of various restaurants...and bark at anyone who looks sort of suspicious approaching.

Depending on how scary a dog that's not even knee-high is, this could work out well for him! ]

[ ooc: Action for when he was still at the beach house is also okay! ]
31 July 2012 @ 10:07 pm
[ Tyr was going to go shopping today, but instead, he and his staff are planted in the sand on the beach. Or becoming one with the beach with how much sand is on his clothing and how his feet, shoes and all, are buried in the sand.

He might just kind of...sulk there. ]

I should have brought my device...
07 July 2012 @ 09:12 pm
[ Tyr is...unusually excited today. He isn't jumping off the walls, but there's an unmistakably happy note to his voice as he broadcasts...a new shack sitting in the sand. ]

It's done now. I can't believe just drawing it actually worked, but it's perfect...

[ He walks closer and opens the door to reveal a full hot tub, large enough to paddle around in, filled with steaming water. There's even a little fountain at one end. ]

As long as it doesn't go anywhere, we can stop the other project...

[ A pause, then he adds: ]

If anyone else wants to try it, the quality of the picture shouldn't matter as long as you can draw it...

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30 June 2012 @ 11:40 am
[ Tyr isn't on the screen, but instead points the device toward the beach that can be seen from the house--Or what can be seen of it, anyway. It's currently covered in people, towels, and umbrellas. Some people even set up a barbecue and some faint music can be heard coming from somewhere.

Despite how happy everyone on the beach looks, Tyr sounds somewhat bitter. ]
And I thought moving to the beach would make fishing on the weekends easier, too... I wonder how many of the people out there are actually sticking around.

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26 June 2012 @ 10:01 pm
[ Earlier in the day, this is Flynn in the kitchen in an apron with Tyr. Tyr's also in an apron. On the dining table, there's this beautifully-made cake* (Note; Flynn's supposed to be great at making food look beautiful! This is my attempt at showing that but it's not exactly amazing... JUST ASSUME IT'S BEAUTIFUL!)-]


Happy Birthday, Rita.

[ A cat-themed cake. ]

I thought I'd help Tyr with the preparations-

[ Tyr comes into view. He seems a little rushed - his hair is even messier than usual - when he announces: ]

The rest of the lunch will be done soon. There's more than enough for everyone.
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[ Tyr is in a better mood than usual as he walks around the empty kitchen. Talking to himself. ]

Relax, Gremio. It's just one birthday... Anyway, we can celebrate again now if you want to--Dad missed it, too. Just sit down; I'll prepare everything for once. I've actually gotten pretty good at cooking...

—I haven't slacked off with that either, Dad. You can watch Riou and I spar later if you wanna see for yourself.

... Ah- Nah, I don't think I'm really ready to go a round with you just yet... Maybe later... Let me start this cake first.
12 May 2012 @ 04:11 pm
[ One: Earlier ]

[ So while you're out and about in the city - or the woods, or the beach, or sleeping in until noon - something might feel a little...off. It's an odd day already, but you might catch a ragged shadow lurking at the corner of your eye. It was sitting in that tree just before a branch breaks right after you pass beneath it, and it was there for a second when that shelf gave way under the weight of those few books, just missing your head.

And maybe Tyr was there, too, making you speed up before you're hit or yanking your arm before those books fall. It's probably pretty weird to have him following you around, too. Not helped by the fact he also looks pretty rough around the edges... ]

[ Two: Later ]

[ And maybe there's good reason to be worried about the person himself as the shadow disappears. Now that stalker is a little more corporal and much less subtle. He's carrying a staff about as long as he is tall, and if you're not fast or flexible, the tip of it might end up colliding with your throat. ]

[ ooc: 1) Characters are stalked by a shadow that makes accidents happen! Tyr will be trying to stop it. 2) By at the end of the day, the shadow possesses Tyr and he tries to kill characters himself. Death and injury are optional! ]
06 May 2012 @ 11:48 am
[ Right now, there's no-one who looks more relaxed than Tyr. His hair is dripping a little as he leans over the edge of the hot spring to use his device. ]

If the City keeps doing this, I'm going to start thinking the deities actually like me... Next year, you can give me cake again, too.

[ ooc: Open for action in either the men's or co-ed hot springs! Or just around. ]
28 April 2012 @ 07:20 pm
—Ah, I got one!!

[ He leaves off the for once, but the way he says that makes it obvious it should be there.

The camera angle is skewed from him just knocking the device out of the way as he grabbed the rod to start reeling in his fish.

Which must be a pretty big one from the way he's wrestling with his rod with both hands, like he's trying to just hold onto it as he reels it in. The rod itself is surprisingly unbent given the amount of effort Tyr is putting in. ]

Klarth, give me a hand!

[ ooc: Lowest Common Denominator this grab bag. Tyr is as strong as a butterfly. :|b Feel free to run into him at the beach! ]
06 April 2012 @ 01:26 pm
[ The device turns on with a clatter and...purring. ]

—Hey! Cut it out-!

[ And Tyr's very annoyed voice as he tries to shoo away the two long-hair cats that are rubbing against his legs as he stands at the kitchen counter. ]

This isn't even— Sindar!

[ And a second later, another cat is plopped to the floor with the other two. ]

I don't know how Luc put up with you...

[ He finally reaches for his device to click off the feed. And probably get back to making breakfast. ]
25 February 2012 @ 01:42 am
[ video sent to Yuri about a minute earlier ] )

[ Public video ]

[ Tyr's neck and the underside of his chin are all that's shown as he speaks in a quiet, somewhat choked voice. As far as location goes, all that's obvious about it is that he's laying in the sand, under the shade of some structure. ]

I, I tried... Sorry... [ And with some more strength: ] Be careful...And save her for me.

[ Some time later, a black shadow covers the entire screen, only to disappear a few seconds later as the device slips out of his hand, showing the sky overhead. ]

[ ooc: Adding to the death count... He'll be around a little while longer for anyone who wants to respond. That shadow at the end would be Tyr's rune leaving his hand to attach itself to Yuri! ]
13 February 2012 @ 11:08 pm
I know Presea isn't here anymore, but are there any other blacksmiths here? Or arms dealers work, too. I just need a new weapon as soon as possible, and I want to commission some custom work later.

And Riou-- [ Who may or may not be in shouting distance. ] I'm sleeping with you tonight.

[ Private text to Rita ]
Come here.

[ ooc: He's also cursed! ]
03 February 2012 @ 02:48 am
[ It's a simple post today: Just an image accompanied by a line of text. In it, it shows Tyr from his messy, black hair to the belt holding his trousers...which are a little low on his hips for them being part of a suit. Really, the uniform is too large for him over all, but he has a smug sort of smile on his face. He left his blouse and blazer unbuttoned and untucked, showing some old scars on his chest and neck (which he's sure have their own sex appeal) and a small, silver rod around his neck which, if anyone looks closely, might realise is actually a flashlight.

But he's proud of this. Below the image, there's just a simple message: ]

It's Commander Tyr. Don't forget it.

[ And for the rest of the day, he'll be out walking around in his over-sized school uniform from a curse two summers ago. He has things to do today, after all. Like visit music stores and go out to eat and have goosebumps. Cold? No. He's too hot to be cold today. ]

[ ooc: Feel free to run into him or just respond to his posting! :3 Drawing isn't totally accurate, but it's an attempt at the MySpace shot. Also possibly placeholder... ]