( the only reason you're seeing this feed is because lenalee has accidentally fallen on the device. she hasn't got a clue that it's been turned on and that it's currently filming the scenario before her -

which is a family room of sorts with the npc owners of said family room standing all around her, a mixed expression of surprise, disbelief and wtf-are-you-doing-here on their faces. above them, a great hole in their ceiling, much thanks to her activating her boots midair. not that it helped, but at least it missed light fixture. )

A, ah - ( nervous chuckle from the person who's lying on top of a ruined center table, whose usually prim uniform is now covered in dust and debris. ) - I'm terribly sorry to barge in. I usually use the door and I, I promise I'm not a thief -

( hastily said, with hands raised even.

she looks around, giving the device a glimpse of her briefly panic-stricken face, then turns back to the house owners. )
- But may please I borrow your phone?