13 July 2013 @ 07:59 pm
[Johanna tripped while she was running in the woods, the video starting from there.

Johanna herself is panting hard, wearing a tank top and short shorts. She's a bit cut up too, but it's not clear why. She's clearly upset about about something though, and has been running quite a bit. Her hands are covering her ears and she lets out a soundless scream.]


[If you look closely enough, Johanna is trembling. The constant loud ticking has really gotten to her. She has been hallucinate about her time in the quarter quell. It's sensory over load that she can't take. She has no one here.. she has no idea what happened to the rest of them beyond when she saw them before...

Johanna stands, showing that she has a very large axe with her. She swings it like the blade was as light as a feather. It's clear she's an expert with the blade as she aims it right at the closest tree, the wood cut deeply. She just chops and chops wildly, not caring if any bits of wood came back at her.]

05 July 2013 @ 08:53 pm
Okay. Anyone from Panem out there, show your ugly faces.
03 July 2013 @ 04:23 pm
[The video clicks on while Johanna is laying out in the park on a chair. She brought a fold out chair with her and is completely nude at the moment. You can't see her body from the video though since it's a bit under her chair at the moment. You can see her lower back from the crack where the chair bends though, and her outline that is pressed into the fabric. She has quite the slim but curvy form.

There is also something else in the image too though. Something sharp that you can only see the corner of. It's not in full view, but it's clearly very sharp. For anyone that looked under her chair, they would find an axe. Good luck being able to look that closely without her pulling it out though.]

The sun is really lovely. The perfect day to show some appreciation by worshipping it with my body~.

[She laughs, only thinking out loud to herself. For anyone that walks by, she is reading a book at the moment, half sitting up in the chair. It's Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. She's paying everyone else no mind. Unless they walk over and try touching here. Anyone stupid enough to do that would be cut.]

These people are idiots. [she mumbles to herself, talking about the book.]

(OOC, Video and action welcome! Please put in the tittle which it is.)
05 June 2013 @ 07:09 pm
All of you.





[Johanna talks in a fake shocked voice.] Oh no, one person was killed. Someone isn't letting me fly or set random fires!

[And back she goes to her normal annoyed tone.] Where I'm from, the government gets twenty four kids together every year to "play" in a game where they have to kill each other. So your little worries here? NOT THAT BIG.

So lift your little skirts up girls, because it can, and probably will, get WAY worse. If all this makes you blow a fucking gasket, go tell your mommy. Shit happens, deal with it without making yourself a fucking easy target.

(OOC, that last part was advice hidden in all her bitching. The tallest nail always gets hammered first, right? Johanna still has to bitch at everyone though.)
12 May 2013 @ 08:13 pm
All of you are retarded. The next person who tells me to stand up straight and stop slouching is finding out where I hide my knife.