21 February 2012 @ 02:04 pm
[ video || Glass City ]

Um - hi. It's, Molly again. Hi.

[ All this sand business has her nervous - she's never seen creatures like those before, and this situation is, well. It's new. She's trying to keep up, though? ]

We're, um - we're trying to gather supplies here, at the Welcome Center, you know, blankets and sorts. Anything you've got to spare, we'd be glad to have it.

Anyone that's hurt or needs help with ... anything, you can have that here too.

[ Molly is the best informant, really. The best. Professional. ]

So, yes. If you can help or need help, just ... give us a shout.

[ private || off the network ] )
12 February 2012 @ 02:40 pm
[ video ]

[ A small, mousy sort of broad in clothes better suited to someone near two decades older than her tucks back the few strands of hair that've managed to fall from their unflattering bun. Nervous, which is to be expected, really, but Molly is nervous. ]

Erm. Hello. That's what people normally say, right, hello? Oh, I must look so silly. I've never done this sort of thing before, this video chat. It's kind of neat, isn't it? These fancy new gadgets can do all sorts.

[ Off topic, rambling, and oh so very nervous. Quite off-putting in a woman, or so Someone would tell her, and she straightens a bit at the thought. ]

Right. Um. I'm ... not quite sure where I am, but - if anyone's looking for me, [ Mycroft, she won't say, because she's been assured all walls are listening and it's in everyone's best interests to be careful of what we say out loud -- ] I'll just. Um.

[ She shifts, uncomfortable and quite visibly frightened - no, nervous, she can't be frightened. So she smiles. ] 

I'll just be waiting here, okay? [ A beat. ] Right. Good, yes. Okay.

[ A short exhale and the feed shuts off. ]