28 February 2013 @ 09:03 am
[Here is Zeb, clutching a basketball as he looks at the camera eagerly. If it wasn't for that, it might not be immediately apparent he's cursed. He's wearing his usual attire, and skinny jeans are totally appropriate for sports, right?]

So, I'm having a little trouble finding a team to play on. Possibly because I'm not quite as tall as other players. But I could be great at playing basketball. I mean, I've watched a lot of netball. They're more or less the same. Anyway, watch.

[Zeb angles the camera so a basketball net can be seen. He stands in front of it, concentrating hard on lining up the shot, he takes a deep breath, he shoots... and he misses. Completely. Looking back at the camera, Zeb cringes. Maybe he should've practised before trying to film this.]

That was just a warm up. I'll get better as I go along.

[ooc: Backdated to yesterday's curse.]
07 February 2013 @ 10:54 pm
[It's late morning, and Zeb is definitely looking worse for the wear from the following night. His hair is tousled, and he has the bleary, tired look of someone well hungover, but relatively certain it was worth it.]

I didn't think it was possible, but I think I got even more wasted than last year. Last night must've been seriously awesome.

Axl. I made you breakfast. Where are you? [He actually looks quite dejected, but his own assumption of why his flatmate's missing leaves him looking pretty excited.]

Wait, did you go home with some chick last night? I haven't seen you do that since- [Gaia.] ...we got here.

[That save was really not as subtle as he'd have liked, so Zeb decides to skip whatever else he might've had to say and wrap it up quickly.]

Anyway, we should come back, bro. And bring bacon. We're nearly out.
22 December 2012 @ 10:12 pm
[It didn't take Zeb long to work out that the mistletoe today has certain magical properties. Mostly because his attempts to flirt usually end up with him being slapped instead of being kissed. Not that he hasn't had a slap or two today, but as long as he's getting a snog out of it first he won't complain.

And so Zeb is spending his day hanging out under mistletoe, for the most part remarkably cheerful even if there do seem to be quite a few people who have caught on and are giving both Zeb and the mistletoe a wide berth.

If anyone sees him later in the day, they may notice he has a slight case of frostbite on his lips. He's actually standing off to the side of the mistletoe, more wary of where he's standing than he had been earlier if still ready to try and take advantage of it should the right person come along.]

ooc: Basically Zeb is a creeper, but if you want to avoid mistletoe you can catch him in the later part of the day. Backdated to yesterday because I was out then.
21 November 2012 @ 11:55 pm
[Zeb, Mike, and Axl are slumped wearily on the sofa. Zeb is half-heartedly screwing up paper balls to add to a small pile in front of himself and Mike. Axl is slouched with his sword in his lap. It's Zeb who spots Slenderman, standing directly behind where Axl's sprawled. His only immediate action is to sigh and draw back an arm to take unenthusiastic (but carefully judged) aim with his paper ball. Mike grabs some paper himself, but not before rolling his eyes with a heavy, put upon sigh.]

It's right behind you again, Axl.

[Axl swings his sword and Zeb throws his paper, but it's Mike who hits it with a wad of paper carelessly thrown a good foot to its left. Suddenly Slenderman is no longer where he was previously and is right in Mike's firing line. Zeb looks utterly offended. His throw should have hit Slenderman perfectly.]

That is so unfair. There's no way that should count.

I'm not the one who came up with the contest, Zeb.

[This time he throws a paper ball at Zeb... only for Slenderman to appear directly in front of him and take the hit. Zeb is disgusted, though he probaby shouldn't be surprised by now.]

You weren't even aiming for him that time. Axl. Tell him that doesn't count.

[ooc: Zeb is orange, Mike is green, Axl is a lazy butt who doesn't say anything.]
24 October 2012 @ 07:50 pm
[So, did anyone else think the City was lacking in Kiwis? Well, it certainly isn't an issue now. Here is yet another worried sounding New Zealander attempting to leave voice mail. Unfortunately for him, instead of finding its intended recipient it's broadcasting to the entire city.]

Axl. Hi. It's me. Zeb. Still waiting for that text. You know the one you promised me before letting those other gods kick me out because I was too mortal for you? Still not happy about that by the way, bro. I deserve some proper, real invites to your next god party. And no taking them back this time.

By the way, there's some seriously weird shit going on here. Even by your standards. So, just wondering... have you seen Auckland anywhere? Because I sort of don't think I'm in it anymore.