23 November 2013 @ 12:57 pm
[ He'd been on his way to the library to return some books when he'd first noticed the crowds. It had been a little disconcerting, rereading the last chapter of a particularly interesting tome only to run into a queue of people he didn't recognise. Especially with so many of them as confused as he is.

So once he breaks away - Merlin, he really wouldn't want to be working in a cafe today - he digs out his device.
] Is it just me or is it really very busy today? [ He has to sidestep someone with a quiet pardon me before he starts up again. ] I've never seen so many people arrive before, is it a curse?

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14 November 2013 @ 07:23 pm
[ He's so startled by the hat landing on his head that he switches to video midway through attempting to send a message. Instead of panicking though, he simply smiles. ]

I think you'll find you've already done me. Quite a while ago, in fact. [ The hat ignores him but Remus doesn't seem to mind, just sits still at his desk - covered in paper and books and so many quills - until it makes it's decision. GRYFFINDOR! ]

Well good, I didn't want to go through a crisis of identity. You can be on your way now, people to sort and all. [ His smile widens when the hat flies off his head and back out of his window before realising the feed is running. ] Ah! Hullo, sorry. [ Clearing his throat. ] I imagine Ginny's been on hand to answer questions, but if any of you'd like to talk about the Sorting Hat then I am also available.

[ He can't just become a recluse now, can he? ]
10 November 2013 @ 04:05 pm
[ See Derek Hale's living room floor. See a tiny, chubby little child concentrating really, really hard. He might have been the one to accidentally turn the feed on considering he was touching the device only five minutes ago, but who knows? Now see the dumbbell lift from under the sofa and float several inches off the ground. ]

D'rick, look! [ The little boy grins really wide and automatically lifts his arms to be swept up into the usually grumpy embrace of the house owner. ] I told you!

[ The next voice is Derek's, less gruff than usual. ] Guess you did. Next you can work on making yourself float. Ready for breakfast?

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21 October 2013 @ 01:22 pm
[ With the moon Remus hasn't been able to check in with as many people as he would have liked. The uncomfortable feeling under his skin had forced him to spend a lot longer in the cabin, as though half afraid the wolf would come unbidden without the moon. Then the night itself he'd been stuck between too states, human with the monster in his eyes and he'd been glad when he'd woken up to find the door intact and the wards holding and his own blood the only taste in his mouth.

So when he appears on the feed, he looks tired, lips bitten but not really any worse for wear. He's had a few days to recover and now there's a more important matter to attend to.
] Hello --. Sorry, I would have gone to the proper authority on this but I don't know who that is. I'm just wondering if there's a defensive team within the City, maybe aur -- police. [ For a minute, Remus looks abnormally pleased with himself and those who don't know where he's from might just wonder why he's so happy about policemen.

It's short-lived between one step and the next, because the feed goes dark and there's an almighty crack. It runs for a few, long seconds of black void before his voice comes.
] Lumos.

[ Remus' device is on the ground, his wand now held in his hand. A scar across his knuckles is sharper now, his fist white and gripped. Around his ankle there's a tree root, gnarled and tightening with each second. It looks nothing like the trees within the City usually, colours wrong and filled in like waxy crayons. ] What --? [ But he knows before it acts, because the tree that has been growing from the cracks lifts him up, wood curled as though two seconds away from making sure Remus is a bloody splatter across the pavement. He's knows a tree like that quite intimately. But there's no knob this time, nowhere to aim his spell and imbolise it. ] Incendio.

[ It's not his best plan, but the tree catches fire before it can lift him to full height and he kicks at the smouldering branches before tumbling back to the ground. He lands on his ankle and the expression on his face is certainly not good, but Remus is too busy making sure the entire thing goes down in flames. He breathes heavily through his nose, and with a quietly whispered ferula, he splints up his ankle. Then his fingers are curling around the device and lifting it up. ]

So about your aurors. [ Grim and in pain. ] I'd like to speak to them. [ A pause. ] Though maybe a little later.
01 September 2013 @ 03:52 pm
I can't believe a few days ago it was June for me and now it's the first of September. [ Remus is sitting cross-legged on his bed, leaflets of information spread before him. He's no longer in his school uniform but what he is wearing is quite close - a soft grey jumper that's rolled up to his elbows, a shirt underneath with a crooked collar. His smile is soft, open and eager. The thing about Remus Lupin is he likes making friends. What else would a person do here? Though he's still not quite sure what to do with his device, he's trying. If this is how people communicate then he'll get used to it.

Ginny was kind enough to let him stay with her and for that he's eternally grateful. It might not have been as easy for him to adjust or settle were he on his own. And besides, she's a witch. They're not from the same year but it's close enough.
] I should be getting on a train right about now, heading back to school. There'd be new books and parchment and classes and a whole different timetable and instead there's ... well, Xanadu's nice? I've explored quite a bit. And you have a lot of interesting creatures in the zoo.

[ A pause. It would be so easy to get bored, complacent. He doesn't want that. And he wants to find a way to help Ginny out. He's not really fond of being a freeloader. ] Actually, I was wondering about finding a job. I'd like to be able to do something and I don't know if there's a center or what have you. [ His qualifications are all wizarding though, so. ] I can pick a lot up up and I'm willing to work on a trial basis if that helps. Does anyone know if someone is looking?

[ A laugh and it's soft and nervous. ] I think I'd go barmy with nothing to do, so I'm open to literally anything.
24 August 2013 @ 06:10 pm
I -- err. Is this thing on? [ Something grey is blocking the camera's view, leaving only the young boy's accented voice to drift through. Within it there are faint traces of differing places, a little bit of Welsh hidden within the deep North of England for anyone who discerns that kind of thing. The device booms like something is tapping it and then the feed clears, the strip of red and gold at the end of his jumper giving way to the concerned tilt of his face. Remus Lupin is a boy of about sixteen, tawny hair and kind, tired eyes. If you look close enough there's the silver outline of a scar on his cheek. ]

Merlin, this is strange. [ He's seated on the lip of the fountain, sodden robes heaped up beside him. ] I think -- is this like a microphone? [ Thankfully he doesn't hold it up to his mouth, just cradles it with some manner of alarm in his hands. ] My name's Remus. Remus Lupin. I believe I'm lost. And that I might have somebody's ... it must be a microphone. Actually, I hope I'm not too loud. Apologies if I am. I'd like to give it back to its owner. [ He pulls a face at himself, at how bloody ridiculous he sounds and runs a hand through his hair. Droplets of water still cling to his lashes. ] I'd also like to find the exit.

[ He knows instinctively that this isn't Hogwarts, that the air around him doesn't teem with the same kind of magic. But he didn't apparate, shouldn't have been able to. He wants to panic but that will do him no good. He has to remain calm. So he straightens his shoulders and smiles a little, just the vaguest uptick of his mouth. ] Can anybody help me?