18 October 2013 @ 12:21 pm
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( sulu's voice sounds a little belabored, like he's been exercising. his words are curt and to the point. )

Apparently going for the head isn't going to cut it. In case you were wondering.

( there's a sound of something slicing, the ring of metal, and then the feed cuts out. )

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( most people would run away from the creepy skeleton creatures, but sulu is determined to find a way through them. he can be found in various city locals, taking them on with a super coolTM sword. you should come say hi. or help. or get into a damsel-y scenario. whatever works, really. )
03 August 2013 @ 11:39 am
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this place hasn't been that hard to navigate, but i wonder if anyone's got a proper map? paper's fine, though i'm more used to digital. or better yet, if there are different maps around. i'd like to see them, if anyone's willing to share.

barring that, what's one place to avoid here and one place to definitely see?

i'm sulu, by the way. hi.

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( and let's just assume that sulu's been sitting on jim's couch for the past day and a half, backreading. you should come say hi.

and let's also assume this whole thing is backdated about 18 hours. )