[Voice Post]

And so soon do we citizens have the pleasure of our favorite time of year. As always, I am ready to assist anyone in need of it, be it getting around, some of the ruder inhabitants of the City, or merely each other. I look forward to seeing all of you.

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: Anything goes! Do your worst maybe. He may or may not try to latch onto someone at midnight in hopes he goes with them. Theme for this year's amusing links? Two Best Friends Play.]
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[Video/Action Post]

[A pony stands in the middle of the field. It seems to be repeating one thing over and over. And that is:] I'm a talking horse. I am a horse, that can talk.

Why are there so many talking horses around, and why am I one of them?

[/Video/Action Post]
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[Accidental Video/Action Post]

[The scene is Captain Hammer. He is younger. He is also surrounded by a gaggle of girls. He is wearing a letterman jacket, and tossing a football up and down as they walk.]

Don't sweat it, ladies, I'll save a dance for all of you tonight. It's totally normal for a guy like me to take all of you to the dance! And incidentally, I wouldn't worry too much about the chaperones giving us a hard time. The teachers love me! Not that I'm not naturally smart anyways, but they helped me out when I needed some extra help. From being the star of the football team, and all.

[One of the girls giggles and says,] Of course! You're the best, Jack.

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26 April 2012 @ 06:09 pm
[Video Post]

I am unsure what manner of curse this is, aside from an apparent invasion of furry, powerful, toothed, and scaled creatures. I have managed to fight my way through a crowd of alligators, though. And I must say that I feel no more like that Steve Irwin fellow than I did yesterday. [He laughs at his own joke a little bit. Because that was supposed to be funny.] I would, of course, be more than happy to rescue anyone in need of it.

But now I feel that I must go back to my old problem of needing clock reparations. I can't seem to keep them going right recently. I can't imagine why, but perhaps this is what the City does to clocks after a time, hah! as a way of messing with the minds of its citizens on curses. If you can't tell when midnight is, you can't tell when they start and stop. So, I am planning on putting a stop to it.

[He bends down to stop the recording, but as he does, the wall behind him reveals Non-IC cut for potential spider squick )]

[/Video Post]
[OoC: Link to the Australian spiders again.]
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17 April 2012 @ 10:24 pm
[Voice Post]

I'm afraid that I'm a little confused. Where exactly do all these mutant furbies keep coming from, and why is the little one shrieking? It rather seems like every time that I turn around, there are more.

[/Voice Post]
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01 April 2012 @ 07:35 pm
[Action Post]

[If you happen to be strolling through Xanadu, you will notice certain sounds of nature. Wind ruffling through the branches, small animals chittering and chirping, a small stream babbling by.

And, somewhere off in the distance, what sounds like a deep, male voice shouting. Not on top of his lungs, just calling out to seemingly whoever will listen.]

Help, help! Oh, goodness me. I'm oh-so trapped up here in this tower! Won't somebody rescue me from the evil, evil doctor scientist villain? [As you get closer to the voice, you can see that it's coming from up a tree. A tree that is very much not a tower. And the man- you assume- that's making all the commotion is beefy, and wearing a very froofy pink dress with this shoved onto his head. He seems very distressed.]

[/Action Post]

[OoC: Genre swap. He's a princess, waiting for his rescuer, Amu. Who wants to be his captor(s)? ANSWER: EVERYBODY.]
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[Text Post]

Whilst I was in my kitchen, the loud clang of a pan knocked my cock off of the wall. Naturally, this knocked the hands out of whack. I tried all sorts of mechanical lubes to attempt to right it to its normal functionability. Alas, it was not to be.

I should like to get a new one, does anyone have a store that they may recommend?

[/Text Post]

[Text Post the Second; Son of Text Post, Emergency Edit]

My error in my original post was completely unintentional. It was completely due to fault of the curse.

I meant clock.

Under the assumption that this is not a two-day curse, I shall edit it to reflect properly what I meant by the time thrusting comes.

[/Text Post II]

[OoC: The second autocorrect was meant to say Thursday. 8)]
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[Voice Post]

I can safely say that I am quite looking forward to never seeing that much sand again in my life. It was most unsettling, and quite got everywhere. I feel as though I've had most of myself sandpapered extremely slowly, one grain at a time. It rather takes it out of a person. And a lot out of body parts. And skin and such.

I will still do my best to keep up with the crime fighting, of course. But perhaps not so many damsels in distress with repay me, as they say, in any way they can. I believe a simple verbal thanks will do. And that is not to be confused with oral thanks.

[/Voice Post]
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[Voice Post]

Well, this is certainly an interesting curse, isn't it? It appears that there's quite a jump in the City's self-confidence. However, I think you're all missing a little something.

[He switches to video, and he steps back to reveal himself lifting up a car clear over his head. Just kind of- holding it.]

I'll bet most of you can't do this, hm? But not bad, City. Not bad.

[/Video Post]
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