17 June 2012 @ 08:56 am
[The feed opens to show Jack, obviously in a bar setting. But instead of his usual attempts to liven up the place, he's sitting in the farthest corner of the bar, the music blaring around him and both an empty glass of beer and a freshly filled one in front of him. He's very subdued for those who actually know how he is on most days. It's dimly lit so it's difficult to see, but his eyes are a little bit swollen, his cheeks a little damp. It's obvious he's not having a good day. And despite his attempts to hide away and wait it out, the City has a different plan as he doesn't know the video came on for all to see him in his melancholy.]

ooc: Jack's first curse in the City and I'm so cruel to him! Daddy Dearest curse, of course.
02 June 2012 @ 10:06 pm
So where's the best coffee in town? And better yet, where can I commandeer an amazing coffee maker, mechanically speaking rather than personally speaking, of course.

Opinions? Ideas? Helpful suggestions? Coffee is important, after all.
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14 May 2012 @ 11:51 am
[Jack isn't out giving hugs but he is out and about accepting them and returning them with a little more than a hug. Far be it for him to turn down a nice little bit of intimacy and today is obviously the perfect day for that. He's walking around the City here and there and everywhere soaking it up like a sponge.

So, good people of the City, when you see Jack out and about walking, hug him at your own risk. You may get more in return than you bargained for.
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01 May 2012 @ 01:29 pm
[Jack is multi-tasking. He's shopping for shirts in Cinna's shop while simultaneously looking for a job and catching up with Gwen. He's pulled on a nice dress shirt and buttoned a fitted vest over it. He flips on the video and without filters smiles brilliantly into the screen.]

Gwen! Rose! I need opinions and yes, I'm actually asking for yours. Either of you. Both of you. My closet is very sad right now. Cinna, I could use some replacement coats for those just in case moments that tend to arise now and then.

[He's obviously both inspecting himself in a mirror that is beyond the device and continuing to chat away as his hands come up to smooth back the sides of his hair. He might be thinking he needs a haircut.]

And while I'm bothering everyone, I'd like to speak with Tony Stark or anyone who runs City Solutions. I need a job.

And Doctors, next time you hold a party like the one you held this weekend, I expect to be invited.

[And now he's done, the video feed ending abruptly as he goes off in search of more clothing to make him look even more spectacular, of course.]
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17 April 2012 @ 08:13 am
Having trouble with little furballs? Too many in a confined space? Allergic to fur? Allergic to life itself? Easily annoyed with cute little aliens that you don't understand? Too uptight to accept new additions to life? Hate cute things in general?

[The video feed clicks on to show Jack's charming smile. He's wearing sunglasses. In the background it's clear he's on the beach and surrounded by the little furballs.] Well I've been looking for employment and I think I've found it. Furball keeper. Bring them to me, I don't mind them. In fact, I find them endearing, a few of them somewhat sexy. Can you imagine how much sex they must have in the womb of each furball in order for them all to be born ready to have more furball babies?

[He leans back in his beach chair, one arm resting behind his head as he sips at a drink of something pink in a martini glass just as one of the Tribbles sits on his shoulder.] Yep, my kind of alien. Bring them to me and I'll keep an eye on them. Plenty of room at the beach.
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05 April 2012 @ 08:46 pm
Busy day. Busy day! So much accomplished though. Can't complain about business when there are such obvious signs of accomplishments. I like the obvious. Easier to understand. Fewer unanswered questions. Not that the mysterious doesn't have it's appeal as well. All to say that I guess it really just depends on the flavor of the day.

Today feels like an obvious day... maybe with cherries... and chocolate.

But I digress.

Gwen! Come super secret knock on the door and see your surprise. Do we have a super secret knock? We should have one. They're probably good to have... in theory. Not to mention the fun.

ooc: voice post but action for Gwen!
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25 March 2012 @ 08:50 am
[Captain Jack Harkness is standing in the center of the City smack dab in the middle of it all, it all being the Dalek invasion. He's looking every bit the hero, long coat blowing in the slight breeze, a pistol resting lightly at his hip in its holster and a big, complicated rifle looking weapon in his grip. He's grinning a little bit in a cocky, been here and done this before kind of way. And he might even look like he's been having a little bit of fun shooting the metal creatures with the electrical hardware of the rifle so they explode. All in a day's work, really. And anyone is free to run into him out and about in the chaos. He'll definitely do his best to get you to safety and play the hero.

Otherwise, he switches on the audio of his device, too busy and with too many things to do right now for the video.

Everyone alright? [Mostly he's asking after his people, The Doctors, Torchwood and companions. But deep down he does mean everyone. He hasn't really been in the City long enough to meet all the people yet, although he is working down the list, slowly but surely.] Best to just stay inside and out of the way of them if you don't know what you're doing. For all their bulk they can be sneaky little creatures with a penchant for mass murder. I'd hate to see some of those pretty faces get hurt out there so if you need help, let me know. Besides, rescuing damsels in distress looks good on me. [And by damsels he of course means... anyone or anything.]
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12 March 2012 @ 12:21 pm
[Jack is standing in the square, looking up and around at the City and then back down at the Vortex Manipulator on his wrist.] Oh, come on. You had to malfunction now? I mean you've done it before, but...

[Another few brisk taps at the wristband.] Work! If you don't work, a lovely second in command named Bernard is going to be very disappointed when he's stood up. And seriously, of all the places...

[Another sigh as he looks around him again. No way had he wanted to come back to Earth yet. It had been a couple of months but all that guilt he carried still felt as if he'd only acquired it yesterday. He wasn't ready to be here on Earth again. At least it seemed Earth-like...]

Well isn't this nifty? And convenient... [He spots the device and eyes it for a few accessing moments before picking it up. It's rare that Jack shies away from alien technology so he he instantly begins to fiddle with it. The video comes on to a brightly smiling Jack.] Ah, there we go. Captain Jack Harkness here. [And since he knows his smile is impressive, he nods his agreement with what others obviously must be thinking at the sight of it.] I know.

Seems I'm a little bit off course from where I intended to materialize. Malfunctioning Vortex Manipulator. Anyone care to put me up for the night while I work on repairing it? [A glance to his left at the coffee shop and then an arched brow back into the video screen.] I'll be sure to con you a cup of coffee for your trouble.