24 February 2014 @ 11:58 am
Y-you-!! ALL OF YOU!?


Nonononononono! This cannot be happening.

Oh you tiny baby little ants!

L♥~I♥~N♥~A THOUGHT BETTER OF YOU! And is owing someone money. Whyyyyyy do you put your trust in blind bumblers! Are you t r y i n g to bring about disaster doom destruction???


L~I~N~A is REVIVED RAGING.........................................................................................................................REALLY PISSED OFF.

All can could perhaps be forgiven if you join the winning side~~~
24 May 2013 @ 02:40 pm
Tiny baby little ants ♥~ a word!

We Deities are aware of the messy mess mess. Such an eye sore! Garish ugly hideous.

No one wants those fliers or graffiti....RIGHT?
No one wants those fliers or graffiti to be on their establishments to give off some sort of message.....RIGHT?
No one is getting any silly ideas....RIGHT?

JUST what LINA thought! Good!

Keeping such messages notes notices would be giving the wrong WRONG wrong impression entirely! Citizens aaaare not party to such happenings. OH HO~! LINA should say s m a r t citizens are not party to that.


DISREGARD! I shall say it again. Disregard that riffraff! They will be getting theirs. For now clean wash straighten up! You are not one of the guilty! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiinstead, be part of the solution answer resolution! Shut these so called helpers down.

That is true helping! VOLUNTEERS?
03 April 2013 @ 08:53 pm

[The gateway in the sky is glowing and all of the unruly, large dragons that have evaded this long are pulled through the glowing center. It looks spectacular in the night sky emanating a silvery blue light that really looks spectacular off of the scaled surfaces of the beasts.]

FLY FLY FLY~ d r a g o n s!!

[Lina is inspired by the moment and starts to play a tune on a flute. As the clock strikes 11:59, all of the dragons pulled upward and the ring in the sky disappear! All of the dragons that remain in the City now are those that have been shrunk to a house pet size by science, magic or deity deal.]
30 March 2013 @ 05:53 pm
Sooooooooooooo...... the little tiny small surprise is not so petite wee bitty. And they were so p r e t t y as eggs~! But these creatures will grow and growl and grow.... So many! So big! So few things to eat for so big of things!


Your most WONDERFUL SUPERB TERRIFIC deities will fix drive out the vermin~~. The sky shall be opened to take up all of these dragons. One ring! One ring to pull them through and take them away. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY, AND IT IS OUT. NO ONE AND NO THING BUT THE BEASTS WILL PASS THROUGH!!!

But but but my dearest my darling ants it is taking a liiiiittle time to open this gateway! It will be there so soon, so soon. If the tiny small baby citizens MUST keep these...pests THEY MUST FIND A WAY TO KEEP THEM A MANAGEABLE SIZE. If not? THEY MUST GO! Lina wishes you good luck~♥!

[ooc; The How to Train Your Dragon plot continues! Now that the dragons are growing and growing, the problem is apparent. A gateway will appear in the sky at 12:01am April 1st and will stay open until 11:59pm on April 3rd. It shines and lulls the beasts to a daze and pulls them up like a tractor beam or makes them fly through it. The gateway will be open only so long. Now is the time to find a way to keep the dragons small through science, magic or deity deal!

EDIT: For plotting purposes (and because it is never easy to say goodbye) the dragons do not have to leave as soon as the portal opens! The more the dragons resist, the more wild and unruly they become. Better get to the shrinking or wrangling soon!]
12 January 2013 @ 12:15 pm

Ooooooooooooooooooooooookay! Up up up! ALL of you beasties. Let us start the show!

[She starts to clap her hands. Shiny metallic fingernails glitter as she sets a beat. Behind her, all spiffed and straightened are all those nasty ghouls! They're walking, no, marching. Stomps and clomps with a clinking of metal and coins they make their way.]

Left and right. Again and again.

[Music plays without end. What a sizable procession! It keeps going right from the stadium. Not a ghoul is stepping out of line, and they all are keeping perfect time paying no mind at all to the citizens and places they pace. This is a sight to be hold. Why, a black parade of dead to be exact. On they go through the snow, to the Drowning Pool. By the time they reach the waters, the sun has set.]

Dive~! Submerge! Plunge!

[The procession goes into the water. Ice is nothing when you're deceased, it shatters. Lina sways and stomps waiting as bubbles rise. For those patient enough to keep observing the lengthening hours can see that the ghouls are retrieving ruins bit by bit. This is not a fast task. Hours and hours into the night, still they toil to retrieve...something. It must have been something once. Up it goes before it stands on an island surrounded by the waters in the early light of day. The ghouls remain on that freshly raised mass.

The orchestrations stop and for one long moment there is no sound. Lina taps her lips.]

[ooc: The procession from the stadium to the lake lasts from the late afternoon until nightfall. All of the mysterious work after will continue slowly through the chilly night to show the newly raised island to the world Sunday morning. Characters are welcomed to observe from a safe distance. Do not disturb~! (It's for the best.)]
28 October 2012 @ 07:56 pm
 Enough. Enough. ENOUGH.

Lina has had enough of the likes of you circus folk! This is OUR show. What a mess wreck disarray!  Exit stage left~ NOOOOOOOOW! Get out! Get out. GET OUT.


N o w.

[A mighty breeze will blow away the tents and occupants of the dreadful circus. Now is the time to see clowns flyyyy. Any citizens still at the circus grounds miraculously remain even in cages. How ...lucky.]

[ooc; So ends our circus event! Feel free to spam here for paying your entertainment due!] 

Oooooh S T U D E N T S~~~

Our session is zoom zoom zooming by! Soon it will be summer break.......

Especially so soon so close so near to finals~♥ Failing students could be JEOPARDIZING their attendance to the dance. Oh so horribleeeee. And remember recall remind yourselves that good grades are no match against:

Your professor principal dean L♥ I♥ N♥ A♥ will have her eyes ears mouth and nose open. 
Faaa~aaculty~ need I be reminding you that high test scores will result in better equipment facilities materials? IT COULD BE CASH RIPE FOR THE TAKING!