27 January 2013 @ 11:19 am
[Mike looks paler than usual. Also, he's rather futilely got his coat on and a quilt wrapped around him. He knows it's not helping but. He's possibly a little bit worried about it feeling WORSE if he takes them off? Whatever.

He could have just called Ty, but admittedly, he wants to complain publicly, now that it doesn't matter because everyone knows everything anyway.]

Ty: your powers are shit. If you're still in your ice castle, get the hell out of it. [pause...] What about slushies, can you taste those?
30 November 2012 @ 06:37 pm
[Just Mike's voice to begin with. And a link to this at the top of the post.]

Sorry to start off with this, but there's a bet I need to win with my brother.

[And then this video happens.]

[Mike's face comes up on the screen right after.]

That done with, and hoping it might have caught your attention, besides, I've noticed quite a few houses are still a bit ravaged after everything was edible, and with winter coming on, that's not an ideal state of affairs. So I'd just like everyone to be aware that I'm a fully accredited builder and I'm available to do any work that might need doing in the City. My name's Mike Johnson. Contact me and we'll work out a contract.
21 November 2012 @ 11:55 pm
[Zeb, Mike, and Axl are slumped wearily on the sofa. Zeb is half-heartedly screwing up paper balls to add to a small pile in front of himself and Mike. Axl is slouched with his sword in his lap. It's Zeb who spots Slenderman, standing directly behind where Axl's sprawled. His only immediate action is to sigh and draw back an arm to take unenthusiastic (but carefully judged) aim with his paper ball. Mike grabs some paper himself, but not before rolling his eyes with a heavy, put upon sigh.]

It's right behind you again, Axl.

[Axl swings his sword and Zeb throws his paper, but it's Mike who hits it with a wad of paper carelessly thrown a good foot to its left. Suddenly Slenderman is no longer where he was previously and is right in Mike's firing line. Zeb looks utterly offended. His throw should have hit Slenderman perfectly.]

That is so unfair. There's no way that should count.

I'm not the one who came up with the contest, Zeb.

[This time he throws a paper ball at Zeb... only for Slenderman to appear directly in front of him and take the hit. Zeb is disgusted, though he probaby shouldn't be surprised by now.]

You weren't even aiming for him that time. Axl. Tell him that doesn't count.

[ooc: Zeb is orange, Mike is green, Axl is a lazy butt who doesn't say anything.]
04 November 2012 @ 10:54 am
[Mike is looking as cunning as he ever gets, which is not a lot, but. Take what you can get from a Johnson.]

Wow, it's really busy today, isn't it? Huge amount of people, coming in. I'm sure there are businesses around here that could use some extra staff, or, you know, maybe somebody full time. Because just incidentally, my brother is looking for a job. His name is Axl Johnson, and he has a lot of free time on his hands. Here's his number. [He posts his number to the bottom of the entry. He doesn't even bloody care if his brother gets a few weird phonecalls in the pursuit of getting him into the Real World.]

He's tall as, and he can take instruction [reasonably well, sometimes]. The best reference I can give being as we've been abducted into an alternate universe or something is myself. He's done building work with me before for his college apprenticeship, so he has experience in a working atmosphere, and he knows how to [sit on his arse and eat sandwiches] contribute. He'll be available starting today.

[Just. The smile in his icon, and then he shuts off the video.]

[ooc: Anyone allowed here for Fourth Wall, especially other gods.]

23 October 2012 @ 07:37 pm
[Someone is muttering into their device intermittently in a New Zealand accent.]

Come on…..answer your bloody phone, Axl. … Pick up… Ugh, come on! As if this day couldn't get more shit.

[A pause. Mike is holding his phone away from his face and looking at it, and the reason you can tell, is he’s pressed a button and switched the video on. He frowns at the screen, and ends up talking quietly to his phone.]

What the hell are you doing?

[He turns the phone off. A few minutes later, a text message goes up on the Network.]

Axl if this is your phone I’m reaching I’ve got no idea where the hell I am. Call me back and pass the phone to Olaf.

Don’t tell him to text me back.

Don’t tell him to read this.

Shit. And tell him it's already on.

Are you all ok?