28 February 2014 @ 06:54 pm
[ The feed activates, and here's Dewey, his lips pursed and eyebrows raised as he looks at the device. ]

So... I figured I should say one last thing before I go home. That's where I'm going. I mean, I thought about going somewhere else, maybe somewhere people would appreciate me a little bit more or let me have a dog, or where I could have superpowers or go to space or something.

[ Then he shrugs. ]

That's where I belong, though, and I... I actually miss my family.

[ He says that really quietly, because he's not supposed to fess up to having feelings. You get punched for that kind of thing in said family. ]

I miss my dad, and my mom, and Francis and Malcolm and I even miss Reese, even though he's a stupid jerk most of the time. I mean, things can be kind of awful, but they're my family, and I'm supposed to be there.

[ He pauses a moment... ]

I had a great time here, though. I got to play the piano and I got paid for it and people even told me how good I was at it. And I did all kinds of stuff that I never did before. I flew and I met people from space and one time I was a wizard and I was also older - well, I guess I'll get to do that one again - and I met people from all kinds of worlds and I'm a squire now and I got to be part of a royal wedding and...

[ He stops and smiles. ]

Yeah. It was great. So, thanks. And I hope you all get to go somewhere that's great for you now, too.

[ He's about to turn it off, but then he thinks better of it-- ]

Oh. And I'm the one who was throwing water balloons off that roof in the square a couple of weeks ago. Um... sorry.

[ And then he ends it. ]
04 February 2014 @ 07:12 pm
[ Dewey is visibly a few years older than usual today. On most days, he's ten years old - but today, he's thirteen. That may not be much of a difference, speaking strictly mathematically, but at those ages it's definitely noticeable.

What he has done on this lovely winter day is bundle himself up, take his portable keyboard, and head to Xanadu with it. Year-round spring, regardless of weather? He still loves snowball fights, forts, and the like, but this is a nice break to have from the City's winters - far harsher than he's used to. When he gets there, he finds himself a bench, unbundles himself from his winter gear, and takes out his keyboard from its case (it's far less burdensome when he's this size). And then, he begins to play: ]

[ ooc: Video is long, but you get the idea if you don't feel like sitting through it ♥ replies with older icons will come from [personal profile] betteratlife. As far as he knows, he arrived in the City at the same time he actually did but was older to begin with. ]
19 January 2014 @ 03:52 pm
Ten Things My Brothers Did to Me

  1. Tried to switch me with another baby at the park

  2. Held me hostage to get their Nintendo back

  3. Dyed pink stripes in my hair

  4. "Rent-a-Runt"

  5. Left me on a buoy

  6. Tied my tricycle to the van

  7. Barricaded the crawlspace

  8. The dog food, the leash, and the front yard

  9. Checked me in as baggage at the airport

  10. Left me here alone

[ cursed and definitely unhappy about this list. ]
01 January 2014 @ 05:43 pm
It's a somewhat grey day in the rustic countryside, the sky overcast, air slightly damp and the ground moist with recent rainfall. The somewhat dreary landscape is dotted with small, thatched-roof cottages, built in small clusters around fields. Some of them are yielding crops, but the one currently being tended by two teenage boys in ratty, dirty clothes is more mud than anything else. Still, they're toiling away in it, even as they mutter angrily to themselves.

Stick around long enough, and you might catch sight of a majestic stallion on the horizon, bearing the Lord's personal guard. As he approaches, peasants emerge from the cottages, eager to catch a glimpse of their beloved ruler. From the cottage by that muddy field emerge a husband and wife who start craning their necks, clearly hoping to be blessed enough to see their Lord.

[ ooc: You may, of course, chose when your character arrives in the dream and how far off they are from Lord Dewey's arrival. Decide who they approach, if you like - visit the boys in the field, the couple from the cottage, or simply wait and hope that you can gain an audience with the magnificent Lord. ]
17 December 2013 @ 01:20 pm
[ Dewey looks like a kid who's been through too much. He's sitting at a table in a cafe (they have good cake), staring at the device flatly. One elbow is on the surface of the table, that hand in a fist that's squished into his cheek, skewing his scowl to the side. On the other, unsquished cheek, is a large, extremely bright pink lipstick mark. He has one word for today, City: ]


[ooc: You can find him out in the City and give him a big ol' G-rated smooch if you like.]
14 December 2013 @ 05:05 pm

[ memory theater is go :> ]
23 November 2013 @ 07:13 pm
[ Dewey has seen one of these before - and having seen it before, he's not taken by surprise when it comes back around. Everyone made it clear it was a regular occurrence, after all.

What it does mean is a stream of people who won't be sticking around - and the thing is, Dewey actually has gotten to miss his brothers in the months he's been here. So he decides that, in their honor, there is only one way to deal with this influx of people who won't be here long enough to give him trouble.

He has found his way up onto one of the shorter buildings surrounding the square, and there he has constructed a short wall fort comprised primarily of cardboard. He has a store of water balloons, paper airplanes, a remote controlled helicopter and a selection of plastic paratroopers. The paratroopers are because he's going to play, thank you very much.

Pass by and see what happens. ]

[ ooc: Happy 4th wall! Come get hit by something. ]
31 October 2013 @ 10:51 am
[ network: morning ]

It's Halloween.

[ Dewey has clearly noticed of the decorations. ]

Everything is okay now, right? And it's Halloween outside. Look.

[ He's excited, despite the fact that it's a little bittersweet - it's Halloween and he's not with his brothers. They should be raining down garbage on their neighborhood, egging houses, planting stink bombs, and blowing up mailboxes. But it is still Halloween, and he can't let it pass without celebration. ]

So I don't know if people usually trick-or-treat here, but I'm going to. You can consider that your notice to make sure you have candy.

- - -

[ action: evening ]

[ Dewey is out and about in the City, going door-to-door and trick-or-treating. Though it may not immediately be apparent, he has taken it upon himself to create what he considers a costume. He's wearing a ratty t-shirt and jeans, made worse by the fact that he’s clearly taken it upon himself to roll around in quite a lot of dirt.

He has a pillowcase in hand - in addition to holding his candy, it serves double-duty for the eggs he's towing. Does he arrive at your character's door? You tell me. ]
20 October 2013 @ 12:31 am
[ Dewey is crouched under the piano in the casino, which is well-barricaded, his legs drawn up to his chest. He looks over his knees at the device. ]

Hi. I'm okay. I haven't been able to get home, but I'm okay.

[ He's scared. Terrified, really, but he's trying not to show it - though the video does shake a bit. ]

In case anyone I know was worried.

[ Eden or Frankie, especially, of course, but he's gotten to know a few people here.

There's a noise off-screen, and he gasps, turning suddenly in that direction. A moment later, he turns his attention back and shuts off the feed. He'll never say how much he misses his family, but right now he'd do nearly anything to have them here - any one of them, really - or to go home.

He really wants to go home. ]
22 September 2013 @ 06:05 pm
[ The device is set steadily on the music stand piano in Lucky's, the casino, for those who would recognize the modest joint. As the video activates, Dewey pulls back from manipulating its buttons. He's wearing a sharp suit, and nods at the camera. Then he begins to play. It's a jazz number from quite decidedly before his time, but since taking on this gig, he's been broadening his horizons. Earl Hines is an obvious figure to start with, and a new recipient of Dewey's appreciation as he explores this genre. He plays for a while before speaking - not too long. ]

I'm sure a lot of people know that there's a casino in the City, called Lucky's. What you may not know is that it has recently secured some new live entertainment.

[ And he pauses to grins at the device there. ]

If we haven't met, I'm Dewey, and I'm playing the piano here now, so I figured I should probably get the word out. The City's even stabilized now, so there's a reason to go out and celebrate. Come say hi if you drop by. I think you'll be able to find me.

[ And the playing drops to solely the left hand accompaniment as he leans forward and kills the feed. ]
07 July 2013 @ 02:16 pm
Hi. I'm accepting visitors, but I do expect something in return for my time, of course. I'm sure everyone can agree that anyone's time is valuable.

So, I accept ice cream, candy, and toys of all kinds - except educational, because those aren't toys.


[ooc: Backdating this to Friday, open throughout the weekend. Long holiday weekend = pretending to be a responsible adult, boo.]
25 June 2013 @ 11:46 am
So why do I just feel like talking? Is this one of those curses people were talking about?

I was actually starting to wonder if they were gonna happen because, honestly, everything that's been going on is pretty different from what people were telling me to expect. I guess maybe things weren't so bad when I got here, though. I mean, I'd sort of expect people to mention to a kid that was just tossed into another dimension that there was some crazy revolution going on. Political unrest turning violent is just the sort of thing that warrants a mention in passing, right?

I mean, not that adults don't try to shelter kids, but I'd expect at least a "be careful" if this was going on. Some kind of ambiguous warning to stay inside and hide, even if you don't expect someone my age to be able to understand the implications of what's happening.

For the record, though, we usually understand what's going on a lot better than most people think we do. It'd be much more helpful to talk to us about things like we're actually people rather than try to lie to us about something that's completely obvious. It's really just insulting, and something like this affects everyone, no matter how old they are or how much they've been told about what's going on. Seems like you might as well help them understand what's going on, since ignorance doesn't actually protect anyone.
26 May 2013 @ 09:57 am
[This is not where Dewey is supposed to be. Perhaps that isn't surprising; Dewey doesn't always stay where he's supposed to be. He's also alone, which is equally unsurprising, because his family is not always the most attentive as his brothers can easily drive his parents to stress-borne distraction. What is unusual is the place in which he's found himself; a city, expansive and impressive, the fountain and carousel in the center, all the streets filled with people, many of whom look like they came right out of fiction.

For his part, Dewey isn't fazed by being here alone. He's fine, this place looks amazing, and he has a new toy that he's poking at which is way cooler than anything he has back home - plus, it seems like it's actually new, and not broken. When you're fourth in line, legitimately new things are unusual. The feed activates, and he smiles.]

Hi. I'm Dewey.

[He's banking on his adorableness to help him out a bit here, but he's not really playing it up.]

I think I just got here. I'm not totally sure, because I'm not sure where here is, but it's definitely not where I was.

[Because he was just on a dude ranch in New Mexico. But he gives a tiny, easy shrug.]

But that's okay. Can somebody tell me where I can get something to eat? I want pizza. Or, if you can order delivery on this, I'll be on the carousel.

Okay, bye.

[And true to his word, he's off to the carousel.]