08 March 2013 @ 08:38 pm
Slow day at the casino.

You know you do something right when they stick around. And not just a day, a few weeks. This is a long run. Years. Yeah. I still got it. This is the real thing. I can feel it in my gut. Hell, it's a whole bunch of feelings all sort of mixed on up to be one feeling. Responsibility. Care. Protective. Worried. Happy. Unsure. Glad. Fucking glad. Holy shit I hope to God I don't mess this one up. I dunno what I'd do. It's like one of those things after you've had wine who wants the water?

Is that in the bible? I feel like it is. I haven't read that in a long, long fucking time. If it was, I'm pretty sure it wasn't one of the important details. Jesus died, the Jews suffered. The world's gonna end. If you changed the names it sounds like fiction. Who would do that though? That'd take way too long. 

The Ten Commandments was a very good movie though. Except all that Egypt shit makes me want to watch Liz Taylor as Cleo. We should watch that some night when we actually watch a movie. Rex Harrison. Whatever happened to that guy? Talk about a legend in his time.

You're doing a good job, Dimmy. A real fucking good job. He was out like a light. That's how you know you've done 'em good. The minute the head hits the pillow the chainsaw starts. I still got it. After all this fucking time, I still got it. And I gotta keep having it. All about the delivery. You got it. Out of your forties and still a fucking machine keeping up with a younger fella, that can't be something that happens all the time. I mean, there are ways but the real thing. The real deed feels better and means more. It's a good thing he's sleeping. It's better that way. Give him time to re-cooperate. It gives you time too. 

Except now being at work all I'm seeing are these assholes and bimbos. I wonder if ties are around to make it easier to strangle somebody. Naw. Or else they'd all be made out of the good silk stuff. Fingers are better to use. Oh hell if that fucker over there things he's gonna be on the cigarette girls he's gonna break all ten of his fingers. Leave her the fuck alone. It ain't a crime to try and make a dollar. We all can't steal or befriend men in high places. You better see me. Yeah. Me and my middle finger.

Fingers. Shit. I should get that sized. Yeah. Don't want to forget that. I gotta write that down. That and what to do when I get home. Clean the weapons, check the smoke alarm batteries.... fuck there was one more thing. Maybe the kid would know. 

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