17 October 2012 @ 02:22 pm
[ Awful strange happenings going on today. Well, most of the happenings lately have been strange, but this one is...well, just kind of weird. It doesn't seem as dangerous yet, but who knows if that's going to happen.

But it's nice to warn people of these things, usually. ]

If any of your acquaintances seem to be taken with the idea of following someone around today, it may be a good idea to keep them home.

If they've come to the library today, someone really should collect them soon.

[ They are interrupting his reading, thank you very much.

He doesn't feel like being noticed! But feel free to bother over the device or in person. ]
05 September 2012 @ 04:03 pm
[ Today, you get a video of...someone fiddling with the device, briefly, before pointing it in the direction opposite them. It isn't very clear, or well-aimed, but that's what happens when you're not used to using this sort of thing.

What one can see, though, is an upturned table in the library. And someone sort of...caught under it. How suspicious. And dangerous!

And then the camera turns back to its owner, who seems much better off than the other person. ]

Mm, as you can see, there's been a bit of a...situation. As it happens, these tables are a lot harder to lift than one would think! It's a shame, how getting caught up with what's been happening today might cause that to be forgotten.

If there's anyone around here, I'm sure both of us could use a bit of help.

[ Not.......actually cursed! Though it's possible to make that mistake, even if it doesn't quite match the symptoms. Feel free to figure that out; it's up to you, dear City.

Action possible for those in the library or anyone who just wants to pop in and help or whatever. ]
25 August 2012 @ 10:42 pm
It seems that someone here took something of mine today.

If you see a dog with a book, I'd like that back. I'm only borrowing it, and I'm sure its owner would like to see it back in good condition.

You can keep the dog, though.
Good afternoon—City, isn't it? I suppose this is an offer for work; we're rather in need of doctors—a physician, a surgeon. . . a veterinarian. . .

Vincent. Instead of asking for things we don't need—

[ Though that would make one wonder about his definition of "need." ]

—why don't you try asking for a way out, instead? That way, we won't keep anyone waiting any longer.

Well—the master's overstrained himself, after all. . . [ but, returning to the audiofeed - ] It's a matter of some urgency, you see. It seems we won't be staying.