23 January 2014 @ 05:30 pm
The time is 1800 hours, on my 77th day in the City.

[ the camera shows b'elanna again, and the swings around to show a modest-looking pancake-shaped contraption, large enough for a person to stand on. it moves toward it as b'elanna walks and she swings it around to her face again. ]

All minor tests have been successful with no adverse affects to the objects transported. This is the last test before the equipment is deemed fully operational.

[ the camera points down at b'elanna's feet for a moment before coming up and showing the wall behind her -- painted in engineering yellow. she turns 180 degrees to show the other wall, painted blue, with another large pancake contraption on the floor in front of it. ]

Here goes nothi--

[ the feed fuzzes, and cuts out. ]
29 December 2013 @ 06:15 pm
[ she retrieves the yellow-lined sun hat quickly, and lifts it in oh-please-try-to-get-away-from-me-again triumph while she dusts sand from it and plants it firmly back on her head.

b'elanna tromps back over to her towel and lounges underneath her umbrella before noticing that her device has decided to choose today to spy on her. when normally she might scowl and break it (again), today b'elanna just smirks.

Oh no, you're not ruining this for me. I'm not letting go of a chance to sunbathe and pretend that I'm not here.

[ oh, look at that nummy margarita she's not sharing. sip, ahhh. ]

I'll be enjoying this while it lasts. Don't look for me at the labs.
07 November 2013 @ 08:09 pm
--on my toe first! Right, run away. Try not to disable anyone else while you go!

[ the screen shows a view of b'elanna from below -- she huffs in anger before looking down at the device and giving it a very pointed scowl. ]

For being such a simple piece of crap, it's pretty easy to turn you on, huh?

[ it comes up for a direct view, to show b'elanna head on and looking more annoyed than angry now. her eyebrow quirks, pushing her forehead up and making the ridges a little more pronounced. ]

Sorry, I'm not really in a chatty mood. Thanks, anyway.

[ and with that, she cuts the feed. unfortunately she hadn't taken the time to silence the thing before shoving it into her pocket. ]