[Wandering the third class halls is one stowaway. She’s dressed casually, and cleaned up to the point that she blends in with the third class passengers at the very least. Her brother had given her some money to take with her when she arrives in America to find a new living for herself. Akane’s mental status was never the best, but she at least knew what she wanted. After finally getting fed up with the experiments performed on her by a pharmaceutical company in England, she took her revenge by pitting them against one another, forcing them to kill each other off. Of course, this took the help of her brother, and now it was a good time to run away. She didn’t need the law enforcement after her for murder.

Her brother said he would follow her, but that she deserved to be on such a lavish ship for the hell she’s been put through for the past nine years. In doing so, she writes a letter while sitting against a wall in the hall.]

Dear Brother,

I’ve arrived on the Titanic, and it’s just as majestic as you told me it would be. People are dressed so nicely, and I wish I could be dressed like them, but I guess I’m happy knowing I’m clothed. I’m a little scared right now since I never got a ticket. If they ask me for mine, I guess I can just say I lost it. Though by the time I send this letter, I’ll be in America.

I’m so excited! This is the new life we’ve been waiting for. Hopefully Mom and Dad aren’t frowning at us from heaven for what we’ve done, but I’m sure they’d understand. The money you gave me should pay for my meals, if I have to pay. Maybe I don’t have to since it may come at the cost of the ticket. But maybe I could also use it to tip the bell boys and waiters. I’d feel guilty for simply freeloading the entire way, even if I snuck on.

I’m sorry you couldn’t come with me. I’ll be waiting for you in America!

- Akane
07 April 2012 @ 10:53 am
I can't help but think about the date - in exactly one week will be the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. With everyone talking about curses... Well, I believe the Titanic sunk because it was cursed.

[She says this with a completely straight face.]

There was an Egyptian mummy on board the Titanic, and everyone who was involved with this mummy died a mysterious death. And that's why the Titanic sunk.

[Really, still a straight face here - totally straight. She really believes what she's talking about as she continues her little lecture on this mummy.]

This mummy was really pretty, because her body never shriveled up - and it wasn't saponification either - she was frozen! The story says that from the time of its discovery, all the way through to when it got put on the Titanic - and even though it was carried through the desert - her body never melted! The water in her body stayed frozen!

They called this water in her body Ice-Nine!
28 March 2012 @ 09:08 pm
I think I got a little loot today while whoring the City. This building I ended up at looked familiar, but I couldn’t find my place in the end. I had to stay somewhere else. I hope they don’t mind me being here.

[She’s caught on to today’s curse and being cursed herself, decides just to have fun with it and troll people. She's at her place, just... she wanted to make it seem in context~]
20 March 2012 @ 10:01 pm
Anonymous Text - Untraceable

In order to save your own life, would you lie to the person you care about most? Would you use the person you care about most?

Would you make this person think they were going to die if the necessary conditions weren't met?
08 March 2012 @ 05:13 am
[A video feed shows a brunette, appearing a little worried at the predicament she's been put in, but also calm. She has her hand in a loose fist, slightly pressed against her lip as she looks to the device for inquiry.]

Um... I'm not really sure what's going on, but is this a game? I woke up with this device. It's similar to a phone, so I thought I could communicate with it. I couldn't find any rules on me, so I thought maybe I had to ask for them. I hope that asking isn't going against any rules at all, though if it is, I guess you can disregard this message.

[There's a pause as she opens her mouth to speak once more, but closes it. Then after some moments, she does decide to conclude this message.]

Thank you to anyone who responds!