29 November 2013 @ 12:47 pm
[ The device has been left on the checkout counter of Lucy's shop. She's running around like a bit of a mad woman and it's her own doing. In the ages old tradition of her world, she's decided to have a Black Friday sale: Buy three, get three free!

The click-clack of her heels can be heard on the wood floor and she's trying to keep everything orderly and neat as well as help customers. After a bit she notices that the device is on, she sighs, rolls her eyes and leans down to look at the camera. ]

Coming Up Roses is having a Black Friday sale! Buy three, get three free. Come find your Christmas gifts and get something for yourself.

[ She flips the camera off. Feel free to stop by and bug her. ]
[ Lucy is sitting up in bed, blankets rumpled around her. She's wearing pajamas and she looks exhausted because she hasn't slept well since she saw that cottage. She's twisting a strand of hair that's fallen out of a sleep-mussed ponytail around and around her finger, releasing it and twisting it again. There's a giant ginger cat curled up amidst the pillows. The edge of a sheet covered mirror can be seen not quite out of frame. She presses her lips together, teeth digging into her bottom lip before she releases it with a puff of air. ]

At what point in the whole insomnia cycle do you start seeing hallucinations? I've pretty much decided I'm going crazy because curses don't last this long. And yet...

[ She pauses, rubbing a hand over her face. ]

I'm sorry. I'm just tired and according to Fight Club, you can't die from insomnia so...[ She shrugs. ] I've lost my train of thought. Good night, City. I hope you all sleep better than I am.

[ She leans forward, flicking the recording device off. ]
28 September 2013 @ 03:06 pm
[ While the carnival might ping every 'bad idea' instinct that Lucy has, she's going to put those aside (for better or worse) to have fun. It's not often that they get a carnival here, much less one that travels. She's curious and it reminds her of simpler times back home going to the state fair in Alabama.

She can be found wandering along the rows of games and food stalls, hopping on and off rides. She's going to take advantage of the fair food and see about winning a stuffed animal or two, maybe even a fish.

Feel free to join her in eating far too much fried food, losing terribly at games that are fixed and riding on rides until she's a bit ill. ]
20 August 2013 @ 12:47 pm
[ Lucy's flat seems to have exploded. Things are stacked and piled seemingly at random. She's wearing a baseball cap backwards and she's got an old tee shirt on and cut off jeans. Her hair is in pigtails and there's a variety of cleaning products scattered about. She's right in the middle of a top to bottom cleaning and organization spree of her flat. She's sitting on the floor amongst a riot of books and knickknacks with a glass of something iced at hand. ]

Hi. So...this seems like an appropriate time to ask. I need opinions and sounding boards for likely highly illogical ramblings of the relationship kind.

Any and all applicants will be considered?
05 August 2013 @ 10:33 pm
[The video clicks on to show Lucy bundled up in blankets on her couch. She gives the camera a wan smile.]

So why do you think they send us home? Is it because they think we need a break, or do they lose control or...is it to punish the people here that we leave behind?

Obviously those aren't the only options. I'm just...spitballing here. I guess.

[She clicks the camera off.]
25 June 2013 @ 08:49 pm
[Lucy is sitting in the stock room at her shop with boxes spread all around her. She glances up at the screen and pops the top on a bottle of lotion. She smells it, seems satisfied and squirts some into her hands then runs it into her skin.]

I don't know what you want me to talk about. I never really went for the whole confession thing and this is reminds me all too much of the therapist sessions Momma decided I needed to go to after Daddy died. Not that there's anything wrong with therapy. I could probably use a lot more of it, but narrowing down what you want me to talk about, particularly in the scope of the City, plus everything that happened at home...

[She stops and shakes her head.]

Let's talk about why I was a philosophy major back home. You literally can't do anything as a philosophy major. I mean...sure I could buy some hemp sandals, grow dreads and be a professor...maybe that was just my professor...but it's not really my style.

[She purses her lips, other words, other things, other confessions on the tip of her tongue.]

Apparently that says something about me. The whole...reason why I wanted to study philosophy. At least that's what the therapist said. Something about ambitions and--

[She abruptly cuts the feed on the video.]
26 May 2013 @ 02:25 am
[The video screen comes up on one lightly tan arm and shoulder. The fringes of blonde hair can be seen brushing against skin. There's a couple of seconds of someone singing softly and humming along to unheard music. It's a song by one of those new boy bands from England. After a moment a hand picks the device up to move it and the owner of the device notices that it's on. There's a quick flash of the rest of the owner and Lucy's face comes into view. She's lying in a lounger on top of the roof of her building in a bikini doing some sun bathing.]

Hi. I didn't turn you on. The device I mean, not the City because duh. Clearly. Anyway, since you are tuned in. This month has been different. I mean with all the curses. So impromptu poll:

Does it mean anything outside of choice B? And if so, what?

Or choice B:

Are the deities simply bored and getting more creative in their boredom?

That's your philosophical question of the day. Not that it's really all that philosophical. My professor would give me like a C for effort, but that's about it.

[ Private to Chekov]

Grab your suit and come sunbathe with me. Or your sunscreen. Do Russians sunbathe? I'm gonna go with no...I injected a watermelon with vodka. It's in the icebox chilling out.
20 April 2013 @ 09:11 pm
[ The woman working in Lucy's shop does not resemble Lucy in any way except for the long, blonde hair. She's nearly six foot tall, a great deal curvier and she's wearing a skirt that goes down to her knees along with a conservative, peter pan collar blouse. She's got on pumps with heels that barely top two inches and a strand of pearls around her neck.

If one chooses to speak to her, they'll find her accent is still there, but her voice is softer, more refined and restrained.

The 'real' Lucy is sitting on a stocking stool in the corner of the shop, her elbow on her knees, her chin in her hand as she watches the 'ideal' her. There's a pout on her face as well as something that's chagrined and a bit ashamed. The 'real' Lucy is wearing a very short, bright yellow mini dress and black platform heels that are 4 and a 1/2 inches tall.

She's literally been put in the corner by her 'better' self.

Not a fun day.]
27 March 2013 @ 07:05 pm
[Lucy is at the shop today as per usual. She's got an egg behind the register sitting in a snug nest of tissue paper she's stuffed inside her handbag. She's restocking, working on displays and all the usual sorts of retail things while keeping an eye on the egg. Feel free to come bother her.]


While I'm pretty sure it'll try to eat my face off when it hatches, I'm keeping it anyway. I mean Ingram started out on fire and he's turned into a very sweet bunny.
12 February 2013 @ 05:53 pm
[The video flickers on and Lucy is in her shop again. She's not paying much attention to it though. Instead, it looks like she's having craft time. There's construction paper, glitter, lace dolies and glue scattered across the surface of the counter.]

Okay, so Valentine's Day is coming up and I really love Valentine's Day. Because of that, everything in the store is 20% off until Thursday. Come and get it while I'm feeling the love.

::Private to Pavel Chekov::

You're coming to pick me up tonight, right?

[He's the reason for all the construction paper and glitter after all.]

[ooc: and this is backdated to the 10th because I completely forgot the proper date of this curse]
29 January 2013 @ 08:08 pm
Also, yes, I look pretty rough. But my ovaries fought back this morning so getting dressed decently was not a priority.

[Brief pause between the text message and audio]


And now that everyone knows what my body has in common with Rocky...bring me chocolate?
26 January 2013 @ 06:11 pm
[Lucy is working in her shop today when she turns on the video camera. She's leaning on the counter that the register sits on, her pointer finger between her lips, a neglected pile of lotions and bubble bath to one side.]

Today, I taste like strawberry ice cream. I kind of want to go home and lick myself.
09 January 2013 @ 08:28 pm
[Yesterday Lucy got bit. She was just going out for milk because it was important to have milk and she was dealing with the whole ghoulish state of the City by baking and cooking. As a result, she'd run out of milk and needed some. She'd gone during the day, reasoning that was the best time for venturing out and she'd thought she was safe. She'd even worn her converse so that she could properly run if she'd needed to.

She'd gotten her milk and she'd done well until she saw him wearing the suit they'd buried him in. He couldn't be here, could he? Maybe he could. Maybe he was. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. At first he'd looked like her Daddy and she'd hugged him, ignored the signs that he was dead like the slightly gray pallor to his skin or the way he'd never do his hair the way the funeral parlor had done it when they'd buried him.

Then he'd bit her. On the neck when he'd hugged her.

She'd reacted by shoving him away, tears in her eyes as she fumbled for the laser screwdriver in her purse. She'd shot at him with it then turned and ran before she could see the damage she'd done.

Back home, she'd tried treating the bite herself (after having a good, sobbing cry at the bottom of her closet) and she'd been determined to stay in the apartment with her milk, her baking and her cooking, but the fever had gotten out of hand. By the time she stumbled her way to the hospital, it was already high and had been for a little while.

Now at least she was in the hospital when the delirium set in. Delirium that is now being caught on video because in her flailing, she's accidentally pushed the record button to broadcast over the network.]

Please, please can I go home? Please? [She's near tears and she's pleading with someone off camera.] I left the milk out and the dog needs to be fed and Masha might eat Ingram.

[Hands push down on Lucy's shoulders and a soft voice assures her that everything is fine. Lucy reacts in a very un-Lucy like way, with rage, pushing back and screaming.]

You can't promise that! You don't know! No one knows that!

[A struggle ensues and in that struggle the device gets knocked off the bed, bouncing before going black.]
21 December 2012 @ 02:45 pm
[Lucy is out running around the city picking up last minute gifts, decorations and food. She's entirely and totally aware of the curse. It's her favorite curse of the year so she's making no attempt to stay out from under the mistle toe. In fact, she might cross the street to be under it's influence for some people.

Later she can be caught at her shop, arranging displays and filling shelves. The mistle toe is fairly plentiful here as well and likely to end up in kissing at any place in the store.]
30 November 2012 @ 05:39 pm
[Lucy is sitting in Cafe Juliet with a cup of coffee. She finishes scribbling something on a small notebook and looks up to the device with a smile.]

So October was awful. November was pretty awful and yet I'm being an optimist today and holding out hope that December is going to be better? At least we've got Christmas to look forward too and I love Christmas.

It's not too early to put up the tree, start listening to Christmas music while baking Christmas cookies and plan a shopping list, is it?

No? Good. 'Cause I'm doing it.
31 October 2012 @ 10:31 am
[Lucy is in her flat, in her bedroom surrounded by bright bits of fabric, feathers, shoes, masks and the like. She looks happy enough, but a little wary. She knows how Halloween in the City goes. She's been through it a number of times and this month has only reinforced her suspicions about how this Halloween is going to go.]

So if I warned everybody about dressing up and sort of suggested that we all dress up as fluffy kittens or harmless teddy bears, no one would take me seriously, right?

[She waits a moment, smirking slightly.]

Yeah, I thought so. The less scary we dress up as the better though. Just look at the month so far and consider how tonight is going to go. Be careful.
28 September 2012 @ 11:18 pm
[Lucy is lying on her stomach across her bed, Masha aka Giant Ginger Brain Washed Cat is lying next to her purring while Lucy runs her fingers along the cat's side. It's rare that Lucy shows up on camera without any makeup, but she doesn't have a stitch on right now and her hair is a very messy bun thing on top of her head. She's wearing sweats and a tank top as well. This isn't an accidental broadcast, but she takes a moment to say anything.]

So in the last month I've been married to two people. I think the City is trying to tell me something and it's just...not going to happen. I'm not the marrying sort of girl, you know? Besides, people leave too often to get married. It's supposed to be a 'for life' thing and that's not even possible here. I had a talk with someone the other day about the City's 'evils': Apathy and Effort. I think I prefer it when the City is apathetic because when they put effort into things someone gets hurt.
18 September 2012 @ 09:54 pm
[Lucy is sitting on top of the counter in her store. She's wearing a dress and a pair of heels. Her hair is wavy, curly and loose around her shoulders. There's a flush in her cheeks that hasn't been there in a very long time and she's got a big smile on her face.]

Someone made a deal for me, at least I think that's what happened. Anyway, I'm alive and who ever it was...thank you. It's not like I really think a thank you can take care of that. It's sort of bigger than that and by sort of I mean a lot bigger than that, but thank you anyway.

[Lucy has an idea who made the deal for her and why, but she's not entirely sure that he wants it broadcast.]
[Lucy comes into view of the screen, bottom lip caught between her teeth. She's got the device propped up on the island in her kitchen]

Morning [She is all giddy smiles. She scoots out of the screen, pans it around a bit to show breakfast prepared and laid out on the island: waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, grits, bacon and eggs. She bends to the side back into the frame.]

Come on. We're going to wake up Pavel.

[She pads barefoot through the house. She's wearing one of Chekov's shirts. It's not terribly loose on her and only hits the tops of her thighs. There's the squeak of the door as she nudges it open; the lights are dimmer here and the bed, at first glance is a muddle of blankets, pillows and a body. She carries the device over to the side of the bed, placing it carefully on the nightstand before she bends over and presses a kiss to Chekov's cheekbone.]

Come on, Slick. Breakfast is getting cold.

(ooc: Chekov and Lucy are cursed with Family Day. They think they're recently married and possibly on a reality show. Or maybe that's just Lucy. Replies to come from both parties.)
04 August 2012 @ 09:24 pm
[Lucy tosses herself onto an empty stool, flipping on the video function of her device as she does. Her cheeks are flushed, her smile is bright and she probably looks a bit tipsy, because she is. She's been drinking champagne since morning, had a little drunk nap in the afternoon then woke up to drink some more champagne.

There's always a curious looking bruise on her forehead just over her left eye. She waves at the camera.]

Hi! So champagne day, best invention ever. I took a bath in champagne, which was just as much fun as it sounds. I had to take a shower afterwards in regular water 'cause champagne is sticky. Also, I got hit with a cork in the head. [She vaguely gestures to the bruise on her forehead.]

Since then, I've had a nap, drank more champagne and intend to dance until this curse is over, at least until it's over. Probably until the club makes me go home.

[Locked to Chase]

[She takes off her high heeled sandals and plunks them on the bar.]

Doctor Chase, I believe me, you and my shoes talked about going dancing.