08 January 2014 @ 12:46 am
[ Raven... really has no idea what this thing is. at first she thought it was a television with a live feed, but the longer she just stares at the thing, the more clear it becomes that it's- It must have been a walky-talky of some kind! Only with a video feed, somehow, despite that being kind of unheard of, where she's from. She's sure Charles is finding it all very groovy, if he's here. Which of course he is, they couldn't have been separated. Not now.

But it didn't matter how weird this all was, not if this thing was the only way of getting in touch with anyone she knew. She turns it on, quite sure it's just an audio but well, it's video.

which means, for the record, everyone is seeing this blue face on the screen. yup.

Hello? [ she's looking at the comm like it's immediately going to talk back, but. right. it wasn't a telephone. or maybe the message took time to send. whatever. ]

Hi, um. Well. I'm not sure how to directly call the people that this message is intended for yet, so. I'm sorry for clogging up the airwaves, or. Whatever. [ her nose scrunches because okay, wow, technology certainly isn't her expertise, and she had no idea how to talk about it. ] But I really need to get in touch with a few people, see if they're here. Which I'm sure all of you have been trying to do, but it's really important because we were sort of in the middle of trying to prevent a --big thing, and being here could kind of completely ruin any chances of us being successful. And they're... my family so I can't just leave without at least leaving them a note. [ wow, sound more like a child, Raven. really. try. ]

Anyway, I'll try and make this quick.

If any of you guys can hear me, this is Raven. [ there's a tiny, tiny laugh. ] Mystique. [ grin! so proud of herself. ] Yes, I'm calling myself that over the radio because our code names are way far out, no matter what you guys say. I hope if you're here, you're all safe. Actually I just... kinda hope you're here. I'm not ready to be on my own again, if it's all the same to you guys.

[ ... wow, so. that was sharey. she's just going to clear her throat now. ]

Let me know you're okay, please. We should meet up as soon as we can.