[So this is Lara in her kitchen, spinning a knife with one hand just for something to do while working on a recipe. It isn't clear whether she's preping a main course, a side dish or a dessert. Not that it really matters.

She addresses her device.]

Not that I do much cooking, but I thought I'd give it a try for the holidays. I'm choosing to be bold and have a turkey in the oven. Does anyone have any suggestions for stuffing?
07 October 2013 @ 11:59 am
[So, this is Lara, sitting at a desk, making notes, looking a little excited by what she's planning. She addresses the device.]

Hello. Lara Croft here. I'm thinking of going on a trip and would like the input, please, of anyone who has gone Underground or even as far as the Clock. Thank you.

27 September 2013 @ 01:52 pm
[Lara is sitting cross-legged in a high-backed chair, dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt, feet bare. From the stack of papers and books around her, she has been busy. She addresses the network.]

I understand that there are people who know others in the City from before they were brought here. There are a few groups of at least six, I believe, and doubtless, there are more with which I'm unfamiliar.

[She taps her pen against her full bottom lip.]

I find that intriguing. Could those in such groups or with knowledge of same respond, please? Perhaps there is a pattern to who is snatched and from where. I'd like to find out.
21 August 2013 @ 04:18 pm
[Lara doesn't want to be here anymore than anyone else -- except, perhaps, for those who are dead where they originated from -- but it is apparent that she needs to get a few things sorted out. She can't stay at the Welcome Centre forever and certainly doesn't want to take up space someone new might need.

In this video, she's smiling, because the alternative is highly unlikely to encourage anyone to assist her. Besides, she's just spent some time pretending to be a pirate. That was fun!]

This seemed like the most prudent way to reach people, so.

My name is Lara Croft and I'm looking for a room or a flat to share while I continue to get my bearings. Also, I gather I need employment. I work as a photo journalist, though I doubt there's much need for that here. Aside from the lack of camera equipment.

[Lara sighs, but presses on.]

Archaeology is a... hobby.

[A quirk of her lips here. Hobby, indeed.]

I also know quite a few languages, if anyone needs something translated, and have fighting skills that could be applied to work in security or some such.

[She laughs a little.]

I don't think I'd be suitable as a domestic, as my priorities don't include dusting and my cooking skills are mostly related to wilderness survival, also known as 'minimal'.

If anyone has any suggestions or openings, do let me know. Ta.

[That last line could be misinterpreted, but it wasn't intended...]
07 August 2013 @ 11:48 am
[Someone else has arrived in the City, landing in the fountain, which seems to be a tradition here. The screen of the device, which is waiting conveniently for the latest guest on the edge of the fountain, captures the woman as she surfaces, squints against the sun then quickly checks the water around her for her sunglasses. She notices the device, but is distracted when one of her hands locates her missing shades. She stands -- a woman in a tight, black wardrobe, leather belt with a gold skull buckle and two guns strapped to her thighs. The lower part of her legs are still in the water.

Her dark brown hair is pulled back in a long, French braid. She's wearing very little make-up, but then, she doesn't really need to wear much at all as her rather striking beauty comes through, even in this slightly bedragled state. Strands of her hair have come free from the braid and her clothing appears to have been dragged through some mud before her arrival. Her other hand reaches behind her for a small backpack and unerringly unzips the pocket she needs. A mobile phone drops out into her hand. She checks it for connectivity, but seems to be having trouble getting a signal. She sighs, slides a look to the device and walks toward it, water splashing a little as she moves. She leans closer, looking the item over with a 'hmmm', then she addresses whoever might be able to receive her message. She smiles a little, her voice is pleasant and the accent in definately British.]

Well, hello. This doesn't seem to be the ruins of Aztlán.

[She doesn't appear overly upset by this development as she slowly nods, once, toward the device.]

I suppose this is some sort of general feed video phone. Interesting. Strange place to leave it lying around. My phone... is wet and I need to make a few calls. Anyone at the other end?