03 April 2013 @ 03:33 pm
[Once more everyone is treated to a wonderful view of a strip club. It's not nearly as exciting as last time, however, since the club is currently closed for the day and no one's actually taking off any clothes.

Unless you count the shirt Kira is wearing, which is only held closed by a few buttons, rather low. The blood mark on his chest is definitely very visible. As is, well, a lot of said chest. And those collarbones. It's not all bad, as views go.]


Is anyone looking for a job? Or, if you already have one, a better job? I have some fun offerings for anyone interested. You don't have to take your clothes off for all of them.

Also, wherever this city is, it's not America. You can come into the club before you're 21. Question is if you'll ever want to leave.

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18 March 2013 @ 07:35 pm
[The images on the screen right now might not be entirely safe for work, children or Michael sensitive viewers, given that Kira records from inside the strip club he works at - in a managing position - and the current curse has people lose even more inhibitions there than they normally would.]

Hello, boys and girls.

[A good-looking man in his late teens, dressed in dark clothes with a wicked smile and a strip club as a back-drop. Inviting, ain't it?]

Since everyone seems to be enjoying themselves here, I figured I should inform a wider audience of the possibilities we offer.

Come to She'ol, I can guarantee you a good time.

[Because who doesn't want to come when the Devil's asking you to the lowest circle of Hell?]

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18 February 2013 @ 02:57 pm
[Someone is leaning on a bar at She'ol, Nathan's club. It's before opening hours, so the lights are still on and some more or less - mostly less - dressed people can be seen walking by in the background.]

With crazy weekend over, guess we finally know who's actually here to stay again.

Setsuna, if you want to buy me a book, don't get one with half-naked men on the cover. It doesn't generally contain any classic literature. If you want to purchase something with nudity for me, I'd really go with a magazine.

Not that I need that, seeing how I work at a strip club. This goes out to everyone: Come by some time! First lap-dance is on the house.

[locked to Setsuna, Alexiel and Katou]

We're moving. Hatter's house. Mansion. Whatever. Start packing.
09 January 2013 @ 03:00 am
[There isn't much to see in the video, which makes it fairly obvious that it's one of those times the device came on without knowledge of the one carrying it.

Kira wouldn't have paid it any mind right now, anyway. The recording does show the ghoul of a Japanese men, middle-aged, tired looking. Kira can be heard hesitating, taking a deep breath.

Then there is movement, the sound of a sword being pulled and then it can be heard slicing through flesh. The ghoul falls over and then the perspective changes, as if Kira has knelt down next to him. It.

Only now does he think to check the device and he's not surprised to see it switched on.]


[Just a mutter, quiet, perhaps to hide more feeling than he'd normally show. Than the feed is switched off.]
04 January 2013 @ 05:29 am
[He's at a bar, his sword by his side. The ghouls can leave even him a bit on edge.]

Wonder whether this weekend will be as fun as the last.

Not for all of us, I should think.

[Isn't that right, Karl?]
18 December 2012 @ 01:11 pm
Anyone expecting Christmas gifts from me, there won't be any.

Seems a bit tacky, given I'm the Antichrist.

So, how many of you are celebrating this... birth?

[private to Setsuna]

Long time no see. When the hell are you coming home?

[private to Saya]

Think it's time we got to know each other.
03 November 2012 @ 07:22 pm
A weekend like that again, huh?

...guess it can't get worse than last time.

[Kira's sitting at a bar - one he's been frequenting with a couple of people, some of them gone already - and looking less than impressed.]

If anyone of interest happens to drop by, I'll be having a drink. Join me. Invitation also goes to people that don't just drop by when they feel like it.

I could use some steady people to hang out with.

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[Everyone knows dragons are badass. We're talking the really big, really scary, fire-spitting kind here. Sharp teeth, wings, horns, scales, the whole package.

Kind of a huge deal, really.

So, apparently the Demon Lord of Hell Lucifer (currently inhabiting the body of the teenage boy Kira Sakuya) has been turned into a dragon by the circus. A black, scary dragon, with all the aforementioned perks to make him scarier still. And two pairs of wings, because that's what Lucifer would have in his actual body.

Since keeping a dragon isn't easy, this specimen is chained down by several hooks digging into his flesh, dark blood dripping down the black scales. Definitely looks painful and there is no way for him to move without making it worse. But despite the pain, he notices the device recording.]

Stay away, Setsuna.

[He can still talk. Might be a lot more growly and deep than usual, but still. And he has the same priorities.]

[ooc: Credit where credit is due: Thank you very much for the idea, Mouse!]
21 September 2012 @ 01:38 pm
[The conclusion that a curse is hitting is pretty obvious when one is suddenly wearing a different shirt than a moment earlier and the device is recording, so instead of hurrying to take the shirt off, Kira just looks down at his chest and sighs. Was to be expected, after all.]

I led the revolution against Heaven and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Heh. Actually, I got a fair bit more than that.

[Being outed as The Devil is no reason to stop smiling.]
25 August 2012 @ 05:36 pm
What is it with this City and turning people into animals? Kinda starting to get bestiality vibes from the deities...

For the record; I don't like pets. So if you feel a strong urge to wear a collar and wag your tail around me, then do it when you're not in the form of a dog. And preferably be a hot girl.

Now, that sounds like something I could like...

[locked to Crowley]

So where can I meet you Mister Demon, sir?
22 August 2012 @ 10:21 pm
[A certain teenager who's also an incarnation of the devil has been shaken out of his current mode of moping and waiting for his purpose stalkee friend to get back by the sudden increase in angelic activity in the City. So he turned on his device and shares a wicked smile with all of you lucky viewers.]

Is there bad weather coming up or why are angels flying so low today?

I always thought this City has a higher than necessary angel population, but today it's just getting ridiculous.

Thinking this would be the right time to commit some sins. Wouldn't want things to get too heavenly around here.

Who wants to sin with me?

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28 July 2012 @ 06:47 am
Seems like I'm back.

[The young man doesn't sound too excited about that fact, but not exactly put out, either. He can be seen lighting a cigarette near the fountain, acting as if there isn't a blizzard going on and said fountain frozen over. He's just too cool to notice the cold. Bad puns aside, he does have to shield his lighter from the wind to actually manage.]

Bit frosty today, hm? What else did I miss?

[Who else, he wonders. Who's still there? He'll find out soon enough, though, so he just smiles for the camera, an eyebrow raised.]

Who missed me~?

[ooc: Back from hiatus, Kira is back in the City and checking up on friends and enemies. New people also always welcome!]
30 June 2012 @ 06:48 am
Told you today would be something big.

[He's smirking a bit at that. No delusion of actually understanding the City, but at least he's seeing certain patterns.]

Anyway, since the City seems to be filling up, I gotta ask:

Any cute girls here?~

[ooc: Open to all comers, fourth wall people, come at me!]
26 June 2012 @ 05:26 am
[Kira's leaning on a counter, posting from work for a change. Well, Luke, if you want a diligent worker then don't hire the devil in his delinquent highschool student persona.]

There's another big curse coming up, I'm fairly sure. They do follow a pattern, after all, though there're always surprises.

The deities sure like playing with us, but I guess that's gods for you.

[Leaning a bit closer, he sounds more serious all of a sudden as he talks again after wetting his lips.]

I'd like to learn more about divinity and religion where you come from.

[The guy has charisma, at least. He definitely manages to make it seem as if he is asking you the question. Better answer.

Kira pauses to light a cigarette, taking a drag and blowing out some smoke before continuing with a topic change, voice casual once more.]

Yo, Setsuna, I want to talk to you about the party. And, Ikki, let's get a drink.

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10 June 2012 @ 07:15 pm
[Somehow like magic the device has turned on and Michael can be seen sitting there on the couch staring at Kira and Ikki. Ikki who happens to be wearing a cute pink apron.]

But I’m hungry.

[The apron doesn’t stay on long, Ikki’s hands immediately flying up to the perfect little bow at the base of his neck to rip the damn thing off already.]

Hell no! Cook your own damn food. We didn’t raise some good-for-nothing son who can’t even cook dinner for his parents one frickin’ night of the week!!

[Mostly unimpressed, Kira watches them argue. Nothing is burning yet, so this is hardly worth getting excited over.]

Not his fault you didn’t teach him how to cook properly.

[Michael pouts.] And ya said I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen anymore after the last time.

. . . Oh yeah. I did say that. [He lifts a hand to his chin as he thinks about it, and all the fires that Mika’s presence in the kitchen alone seemed to cause. Shit just kept catching on fire if this kid looked at it long enough.]

Whatever! Whatever! Fine. I’ll make you some goddamn stir-fry or something. [Pulling off the tie at the waist of his apron, he tosses it over towards Kira’s face.] And you’re helping! Put that shit on.

[He catches the apron without thinking, then raises an eyebrow.] Kinky. [So not happening outside the bedroom. Apron gets left behind, but he does get up.] After you.

[UGH! HE HEARD THAT COMMENT!] Ewwwwwwww. Don’t do that shit with mom where I can hear it, dad!

God, I’m going to throw you both into the fucking sea. [Grumble, grumble!]

[ooc: Blue is Kira, Pink is Ikki, and Black is Michael!]
07 June 2012 @ 10:33 pm
[The video feed starts off right to the very handsome, if rather smug-looking, face of Kira.]|


First of, hope everyone's doing okay. Weekend's coming up, so curses should be hitting. It's a pattern I've noticed. Did anyone else notice anything like that about the curses?

Secondly, I want to take the opportunity to thank Rosiel-sama for the stripper he's been sending me. Between that and the service you've provided for Raphael, you're becoming quite the professional!

If anyone needs a pimp, I can really recommend him. You know the one, wears a face that'd look better on someone else.

Lastly, I'd love to meet up with some of you. I do have plans with quite a few, you know who you are. Ikki, we still on? Kazu, Akito, Raiden and whoever I'm forgetting and whoever new wants to join me. Luke, boss, I owe you a drink. Raphael, I guess that was a one off, hm? Too bad.

And, girls, do hit me up, ones I know and ones I don't know. Charlie, Karla and, hey, Rapunzel, I've not seen you since that highschool curse, wonder if you're still as cute. Also, my special bro, Mae, we need to do this not-date thing.

In summary, let's have some fun and raise hell!

[A small wave and he leans forward to end...no, to switch the recording to private. But unfortunately he doesn't manage right away.]



[Now he does it right, so here it comes, private to Michael.]

Michael. I need to talk to you about the forest.
25 May 2012 @ 09:03 pm

[Clearly the device wasn't intended to come on, as it shows two people sleeping in a bedroom, rumpled sheets and all. There's Kira, as some might recognize, and curling up to him in "her" sleep is a curvy, long-haired blond. It might look like Kira got some last night, but if he did? It wasn't from "her". Some might recognize Setsuna's face, and he just can't help cuddling in his sleep. Also, no, he's not wearing much. Button up shirt undone, and a pair of small boxer shorts.

[Right now that shirt is open, and there is a large set of bare breasts right against Kira's arm.]

[Kira was dressed similarly, but he obviously didn't have breasts. As obviously as the person in bed with him shouldn't have had them. Not that he was complaining, at least in his sleep, they felt nice pressed up against him.]

[When he does finally wake up, he still needs some time to register that something is wrong. In his defense, it's not easy to think of holding a blonde girl with proportions right out of fantasies as anything but right. It does register finally though.]


[This City hates him. The very image of Alexiel, just with blonde hair. What is he supposed to do with this? First, he lets go and moves away. Then he realizes the device is on. This results in the covers being pulled all over Setsuna. Better.]

[There's a confused whimper from the sleeping person at the sudden lack of nearby warmth. Setsuna half wakes up and reaches out for Kira. The sheet starts to slip off, and light brown eyes slowly open.] The hell....

[That's when the feed shuts off. Kira probably thought the City had seen enough.]


[Setsuna's in baggy clothes shopping in the City stores, looking for, obviously, something to wear today. He seems to be alone, but don't be fooled. Kira's in the shadows, so be careful when approaching. Unless you want a possessive stalker kicking your ass, that is.]

[ooc: And this is what Setsuna looks like for the next couple of days, only blonde. Feel free to either respond to the video or do an action thread.]
23 May 2012 @ 02:28 am
Hello, City!

[Have a wave. Slightly wavey wave, due to the waving person being a bit drunk. The blond boy next to him seems even worse off, still holding the bottle in his hand. But Kira is doing the talking.]

Wanted to apologize to all the girls I made out with and the guys I beat up during the school curse. Unless you liked it, then we gotta meet for more.

Later, Senpai. Flirt, later. [The blond, Setsuna, is looking so dead serious as he interrupts him to say this, too, then he cracks up. Too drunk not to think it hilarious Kira went around groping a bunch of poor girls.] You're lucky none of 'em smacked you for it.

They liked it. Alright, let's do this. One by one, you ready?

[It may not be the most proper behavior for the body that hosts the Devil's soul, but he was after all still a teenaged delinquent. Also, drunk.]

Of course I am. I was ready earlier, but you're goin' on about molesting people. And I know who we should start with, too.... [GRIN.]

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If you need my help to pass your exams, I want some compensation. If you're a pretty girl, that might count. Don't wait until the last minute to beg for help. I'm also not letting anyone copy. You know who you are.

That aside, any of the tolerable people up for drinks or something?


[The Library at the ever so prestigious Culters Grammar School for Boys. One living contradiction (gang leader/delinquent and intelligent and diligent student) is leaning against a shelf, reading a book. Approach at own risk.]

[ooc: Anyone at Culters, do feel free to bother him, anyone from the other school, they can meet up after/outside? Here if you want to plot. He's up for much of anything! Not just with pretty girls, though that's a plus.]
12 May 2012 @ 11:43 pm
[The City is full of dreams today and as it turns out, even the devil's lost soul has dreams. Nightmares, to be precise.

Standing in the middle of a road close to the fountain, Kira is looking unlike himself today, though some might say that it's much more like his true self. With four magnificent black wings sprouting from between his shoulders and a wicked smile on his face, he seems confident in his ability to brave this nightmare.

What he's fighting does - as so often in dreams - not seem to make much sense. Wires, but moving, bloody, deadly. They've already hurt him, but the wounds have healed, just the traces of his own blood still clings to his skin. So far, he's not received lasting damage, but the wires aren't stopping. And - again, as often seems to be the case in dreams - somehow it's just known that these wires want to kill.

There is something to note to those who know Kira better than most: Despite the wings, he still has the bloodmark on his chest, he still fights with Shiranui, the holy sword. He still has a human body. Dreams don't always make sense, after all.]

I'm not dying yet.

[Such confidence, despite the wires just regrowing whenever he manages to land a hit, despite being out of breath already.]

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