08 September 2012 @ 12:38 pm
'Tis a strange place, this city.

[ Anyone who knows Ariadne should recognize her voice, even if the video is just that of the City itself -- from her perch up on top of a roof. ]

I have not been to many, of course, but none had magic devices such as these, nor wagons without horses. It's quite exciting, really, though I do miss the woods. Perhaps once I'm done exploring here, I shall look to the woods. It would be far more comfortable to me than the room I woke up in, though it was certainly nice. Just far too enclosed.

[ The camera finally moves away, catching bare feet, a brown skirt, and a closed vest before settling on her face. ]

You may call me Fox, if you would like. Bear, I shall be exploring. Stay out of trouble, if you please.

[ And then the feed clicks out. ]

((ooc: Ariadne is cursed with a Genre Switch into fantasy! She believes she's a forest-dwelling mage orphan, oops, while "Bear" is Eames. Feel free to reply with video or run into her exploring!))
25 August 2012 @ 01:20 pm
[ German Shepherds do not, when most people think of them, typically have floral neckerchiefs around their necks. This one does, because this dog is Ariadne, currently sitting in her kitchen looking back and forth between the door, the fridge, and the stairs.

She can't quite seem to figure out what it is she wants to do, the poor thing. ]

((ooc: Still technically on hiatus, but... puppies! Ariadne is mostly sentient but very prone to slipping into being mostly dog instead. If you'd like to bump into her outside, she will eventually get the door open!))
22 July 2012 @ 06:43 pm
[ From the look of things, Ariadne appears to be in the Inception House's kitchen, staring intently at a piece of paper in front of a cookie jar. There's a pen in her hand, the tip pressed to the paper, but every time she goes to write something, she ends up shaking her head and stilling. This continues for several minutes before she finally starts to write. Once she's finished, the pen is set down and the paper held up so the camera can see what she wrote: Pancake. Once the camera has seen it, she begins to whisper. ]

I'm sorry Pancake, but I can't afford to let you turn against me and vote with Arthur because he offered you more treats. I have to vote you off the island.

[ With that said, Ariadne folds the paper in half and places it in the cookie jar, the feeding cutting out as she turns her back. ]
11 July 2012 @ 08:19 am
[ The camera turns on at an odd angle, held haphazardly over Ariadne's back -- which is completely bare. Luckily (unluckily?), there's an orange tabby cat curled up on her backside, shielding it from view with his conveniently placed nap. There's some shaking as she tries to move the angle up, and-- there we go. On her back, near one shoulder (her hair swept to the other side), is a tattoo; healed by now, black ink, a circular maze with the Eiffel Tower in the center.

From out of the shot comes Ariadne's voice. ]

I just realized that I never really showed this off after it was done. Eames designed it for me for my birthday back in April.

[ Does she need to be naked to do this? No. But hey, curses will be curses. ]

((ooc: also open to action at the house! Sorry boys.))
30 June 2012 @ 05:37 am
Can someone please inform my mother that six in the morning is not a time that normal people start baking? Especially when she's only just shown up within the last half hour?

[ Hi, City. Ariadne's looking rather bleary-eyed, Biscuit the cat's orange self plopped onto her lap and staring up at his human as she tries not to yawn into the camera. ]

I think we're going to need a new freezer to store everything in, guys. [ TOO TIRED FOR LOCKED MESSAGES TO HER HOUSE. ]

Anyway, I'm Ariadne and welcome to the City. [ Pause. ] Any familiar faces out there?

[ Okay, so maybe she's hoping for some... ]

((ooc: Open to all sorts of fourth-walling, save for telling her she's from a movie!))
19 June 2012 @ 11:19 am
[ Ariadne looks pretty normal today, actually. The only thing that could maybe be considered odd about this broadcast is the fact that there are a plump corgi and an orange tabby in the background, attempting to eat bubbles. ]

You know, I don't actually feel that different.

[ It's hard to be much more kawaii when you're only 5'1" and already have big brown eyes, after all. ]
09 June 2012 @ 11:54 am
[ In a move unusual for Ariadne, this entry is entirely in text. ]

Sorry, can't make it into work today. Tony, if you see this, I'll get you some donuts. Welcome back, by the way. Don't scare us like that again.

Does anyone have any experience in suddenly being taller? It looks like this is a pretty common one but nothing fits right now except some of my baggier shirts. Barely.

((ooc: Ariadne's been turned into a boy, joining a great deal of the City! Open action to housemates (surprise, she's six feet tall as a dude). All replies will come from [personal profile] construire.))
11 May 2012 @ 06:09 pm
[ The post is audio-only, and it starts with the sound of a knife hitting a target with more force than strictly necessary. ]

Natasha Romanoff is gone.

I thought people should know.

[ Another knife, and the feed cuts out. ]
02 May 2012 @ 10:42 am
[ The camera switches on, catching a bit of fence and grass before it swings down, catching a boot up on a rung of the fence. There's more movement before the picture stabilizes, angled down at the ground to catch this sight:

cut for horse picture )

Behind the camera, Ariadne laughs. ]

She's gorgeous, isn't she?

[ The camera remains fixed on the mare as she finishes rolling and stands back up, shaking herself before walking over to nose at the camera. There's another laugh and Ariadne pulls the device away from the inquisitive nose. ]

She's smart, too. She'll take a halter but I'd appreciate some help training her past that.

[ It stings a little to admit that she might need needs help, but when the horse whickers at her and nudges her again, she's soothed pretty quickly. ]
24 April 2012 @ 01:32 am
Really, City?

[ Ariadne is standing in a particularly green part of the labyrinth, trees hanging over the walls. It's still dark, stars peeking through the branches and in the open expanse of sky between the labyrinth walls. ]

Let's put the girl named Ariadne into an actual labyrinth. Funny. You didn't even give me a ball of thread.

[ She's definitely not pleased about this and clearly doesn't find it funny at all, at the moment. At least she's not cold, or unarmed; her trademark red cardigan is on, and she has her throwing knives. Hopefully the deities didn't throw in a minotaur... ]

I guess I'd better start trying to find the way out. If anyone has any leads, I'd appreciate it.

((ooc: network or action is fine!))
08 April 2012 @ 03:53 pm
People who weren't before are alive today, it's Easter, and it's my birthday.

Who wants to go celebrate?

[ A long pause. ] Or, if you're not happy about the breathing thing, you could just come get drunk.
04 April 2012 @ 02:32 pm

It's the end of the line for you, buddy.

[THIS HAPPENS. BUT WITHOUT A VOICEOVER. And the hands doing the dropping are lady hands.

Followed by:
(1) orange "Holyyyy shiiiiiiit."
(1) ariadne "Let's do it again."]
11 March 2012 @ 12:00 am
[ It's early in the morning when Ariadne makes her network post and she's obviously still tired, nursing a cup of coffee. The reason she's awake might be obvious -- in the background, even though there are no speakers anywhere nearby, a song is playing. ]

You know, I've never heard this song before in my life.

[ There's a pause so she can yawn into her cup of coffee. ]

But I think I like it. I'd like it even more if it didn't wake me up, though.
05 March 2012 @ 08:37 pm
[ The message is short, to the point, an undercurrent of panic to Ariadne's voice that is seldom there any other time. ]

A woman appeared in my room. She needs to go to a hospital but I don't think she can move. I need a doctor, now.

[ Which means someone's going to have to come over to the Inception house, but they'll just have to deal with it. ]

((ooc: So Anna dropped into Ariadne's room. Whoops...))
02 March 2012 @ 07:30 pm
[Fuck sand. Fuck the sun. Fuck the heat. Fuck the biting cold that came at night. Fuck eating Charlie-fried critters that people can’t identify. Fuck Eames. Fuck Eames smelly armpits. Fuck being tied to robots by Eames. Fuck Eames and his knowledge of knots. And fuck Eames’ snoring.
This was a combination of thoughts had by Ariadne and Charlie and both girls had decided, sometime around 7 PM, that they needed to get out of their respective residences and into a bar somewhere. As per their usual ‘oh-god-that-curse-was-shit’ routine.
They had a specific bar in mind. One with a Karaoke night and their favorite singer whose name they didn’t actually know. They dubbed him Karaoke Adam ages ago, the name stuck and Charlie and Ariadne were his biggest fans.
Considering they hadn’t seen him since before the desert bullshit, they were concerned and felt it necessary to make sure Adam survived.
The video feed kicks on at about midnight, unbeknownst to the two now-inebriated girls, and overheard is Charlie whispering loudly--]

--pretty sure those aren’t the lyrics.
[There’s no visual on the girls yet. Just a row of drinks in various colors and in varying degrees of consumed. And the girls are sorting them by color. In the background, someone singing ‘Hey, Jude.’ Horribly.
Ariadne speaks.]

I’m telling you, Charlie. That’s puce. I’m an architect. I know these things.

Okay, okay.
[The puce drink gets picked up, it’s gone for a moment and then it’s set back down. Half gone. And now Charlie speaks.]
Oh. Shit. I messed it up. We…we need another puce one. And an orange. [A pause.] That’s the weirdest shade of orange I’ve ever seen. You should…you should make it your life goal to get another puce. And an orange one that’s actually orange otherwise this rainbow is just going to look all wrong.

This is a good goal. I’ll go do that. [Ariadne stands, the video shuffling and it’s now pointed at both girls who look about how they did during that one curse on the 3rd. Hey, when that’s all you have left in clothes and you haven’t been shopping yet, it’s okay to wear corset tops and matching pants and heels again. And okay to do your hair. Because they need this. Charlie spots something on the stage and flails, grabbing at Ariadne’s arm excitedly and missing a few times.]
Sit. Sit, Ariadne! Sit!

What? I thought I had to get---
[Charlie points at the stage, still grinning, and Ariadne looks. Both girls faces light up and they say simultaneously;] It’s Adam!

[And both girls rest their elbows on the table, their chin in their hands and sit with the biggest smiles on their faces, eyes only just a bit unfocused as someone sings on stage.]

[ooc: so...both girls are hammered as hell. and will threadjack the hell out of each other. fair warning. and feel free to threadjack them in return! charlie is red. aria is orange.]
28 February 2012 @ 03:29 pm
[ There's a bit of a crackle of audio from this device, interference for both of the cities before it clears up. There's no video, but anyone who's crossed between cities or checked out the paperwork should recognize the voice of one of the deity's helper droids. ]



[ Oh, so that's who this belongs to. There are a few minutes before the droid speaks again, telling her that her paperwork's been approved and she can go on ahead. ]

Okay, Eames-- [ Whatever she was going to say is suddenly cut off by a startled noise, followed up by the sound of someone trying to break free of... something. ]

You'll thank me when you get there.

Eames! Get back here! Eames! I'm not going-- [ And off goes the audio. ]

((ooc: Ariadne was just tricked into crossing over to the Glass City without Eames. ... and by 'tricked into crossing over' I mostly mean 'he tied her to one of those helper droids and left'.))
11 February 2012 @ 12:57 pm
You know, I don't think I've had these since I was in sixth grade. Remember the Valentine's Day parties they'd make you have in elementary school? I was always more excited to make the box for the valentines than for the rest of it, though sometimes the candy was okay. Halloween was better for it.

[ Ariadne pauses, frowning at the small pile of candies she's gathered. ]

Well, these aren't normal, anyway. As usual, considering the City. I wonder how many misunderstandings these will lead to.

[ private to Jack, Roxas, George ]

Hey, I think I got something of yours.
03 February 2012 @ 02:02 am
cut for image of ellen page in fishnets )

There's sand in my popcorn.

[ A slight shrug, and she dumps the handful before setting the bucket aside. She seems to have not noticed the fact that she's wearing makeup, a short red dress, or fishnets. Instead, she's acting like it's a totally normal day. And it is. It's just... sexier than usual. ]

I guess I shouldn't be eating popcorn before lunch anyway. I'll pick some more up later; hopefully it'll be sand-free.

((ooc: Feel free to reply to her post or to bump into her out and about; she'll be buying herself some popcorn and doing a few other things before heading home. Also this is why I shouldn't write posts at 2 am.))
31 January 2012 @ 03:23 pm
--like this?

[ Hello, City. Instead of more people discovering sand in things, this accidental broadcast seems to be showing two familiar ladies doing... something outside. Natasha is pressed up against Ariadne's back, one hand on the shorter woman's hip as she slides her back slightly, adjusting the way she's standing. ]

This gives us a better angle.

[ Natasha's other hand is on Ariadne's arm, and now she's shifting that, too. ]

Eyes forward.

[ There's a quiet noise of assent from Ariadne, and then Natasha shifts, tucking some hair behind Ariadne's ear. Lips close in, moving as the redhead says something. It's probably a wonderful sight for some of the City's residents...

...and then something shiny and sharp flies out of Ariadne's hand, embedding itself in one of the targets and making some sand trickle off the top upon impact. ]

I did it!

[ And that, City, is how to use throwing knives. ]

((ooc: regular black is Ariadne, bold is Natasha, and we make no apologies.))
28 January 2012 @ 01:11 pm
[ Ariadne is sitting on the couch, an orange kitten curled up on her lap. Behind her is a man, who seems to be holding a cup of coffee and looking out the window. ]

Well. [ She pauses, rubbing the back of her neck. ] My father's here, but if anyone else would like to say hello or needs anything, I'm still available. He said he'll be going out for a walk in a little bit anyway.

[ As if on cue, the man pulls away from the window and heads for the kitchen. Ariadne watches him go, some of the tension gone when she looks back at the camera. ]

I'm Ariadne. Welcome to the City.

((ooc: Open for fourth walling! Please no telling her she's from a movie. Other than that, go wild~))