16 September 2013 @ 09:35 pm
[So poor Isaac here doesn't realize he's broadcasting, the device is sitting on a table beside him, showing just a small outline of his face and he's deep in conversation. His face is slightly flushed and he's gesturing a lot with his hands, its the most animated he'd been in a while mostly because the situation he was talking about was quite close to home.]

So Allison... or Scott? I mean I can't make that kinda decision right now and hey, what if I just can't make that kind of decision?

[He sighs, bring his cup of coffee to his lips and taking a drink.]

This is pretty much the opposite of what I thought would happen... but uh, I probably shouldn't be talking about this anyway. Really great how I'd suddenly come to these two discoveries at the exact time...

[OOC: So Isaac doesn't know he's broadcasting his problems of the heart to the Network. I figure he's not talking to himself so either A) He could be talking to someone he knows if anyone he's had CR with wants to assume that kind of position or B) He's harrasing some poor waitress in the coffee shop.]
04 September 2013 @ 08:03 pm
[Heeere's Isaaac.

The teenaged werewolf is back, he'd just turned a corner in the real world after being away for what seemed like a week or two for him. But really it was only a couple days since he'd been away from the City.

He seems faintly confused until everything comes rushes back and he realizes exactly where he is, his face is lacking any previous worry and there's a big smile on his face when he turns the feed on.

You can see buildings passing him as he walks through the City into the forest, heading for Derek's cabin.

So guys, I'm back I guess? I mean I don't really remember leaving... [A small laugh]

So I was home, I'm here again though... not that I mind this time.

[>Private to Beacon Hills crowd]

If you're all still here, I'm back. I don't know where the rest of you were, with all the time-lines and whatever. But I guess we have things to talk about? Especially Scott, if you're seeing this...
27 August 2013 @ 07:55 pm
Dear city,

I'm worried about growing distant from my friends. Everyone seems to have settled so well, found their place.

What if we were only together because there wasn't any other options for us? What if the only real reason was because we were all affected by the same things.

From Not-So-Happy Puppy
06 August 2013 @ 09:38 pm
[Isaac’s face appears on the device, looking troubled and confused. He scratches the back of his head pensively while thinking of the right words to say.]

Uh, hey, I guess? I literally just got here, wherever here is, and I’m kinda lost. If anyone could help me get back home it’d be great. [He sighs]

There’s a lot going on back home and I’m worried about my p- [He cuts the word off] My friends.

I mean, there has to be some way to get back, right? Even though I don’t remember how I got here...

[He’s quite clearly at a loss. Its been a while since he had to deal with things by himself and he finds himself caught off guard by the sudden feeling that he was lacking something he didn’t realise he was relying so heavily on. He drops his arm, taking his face momentarily out of sight while breathing deeply, trying to come to some kind of decision of where to go, what to do when he catches a familiar scent, one that he’s had to track before.

Suddenly his face comes back into view, some degree of nervous excitement spanning across his features, after all if he was right then that means he wasn’t totally alone.

This might sound weird but uh, Stiles... are you here?

[He stares into the screen of the communicator as if trying to will the other boy into existence because if Stiles was here, and Isaac definitely knew that scent then that meant that other people could be here, his pack.

He wouldn’t risk howling, not right now at least in the unfamiliar territory but it was something he kept in the back of his mind while heading in the direction of the nearest building.
28 February 2013 @ 09:17 pm
[Isaac's stood in the zoo in Xanadu, in front of one of the cages, inside which stretches a huge forest.  He grins at the camera]

What this.

[Throwing his head back he lets out a weirdly realistic howl and after a moment and pack of grey wolves start to pad forwards out of the trees]

Cool, huh?
16 January 2013 @ 02:14 pm
[These devises seriously act of their own accord.

At first when the broadcast starts there's no picture, only the slightly crinkled variations of darkness that suggests shaking around inside of someone's pocket .  Even muffled by the fabric though the sound of heavy breathing and running is clear, although the rhythm of the footsteps don't quite sound right for someone on two legs.  Suddenly whoever it is jolts to a stop and the sudden change tips the device from their pocket.  
The screen, now shows the view ahead, a small alley on the edge of town, right by the woods, at the bottom of which stands a zombie.  Someone missed the round up.  Something behind the device snarls and the zombie looks up before moving forwards.  Whoever's device it is steps forward, the side of their trainer blocking the camera for a moment before another loud snarl rips through the air and they launch themselves at the zombie.  The two fight like animals and although the snarling thing is clearly stronger they keep flinching back away from the zombie before making themselves press forward again.  The device remains unnoticed, not even the swirling snow seems to phase them.  

It isn't a long fight, all claws and teeth and snarling, with an occasional string of abuse from the zombie whenever the other flinches.  In the end it takes one well aim slash of his claws, nearly separating the zombie's head from it's body and it crumples.  The victor takes a few faltering steps back before sliding down the wall, now half out of the shot.  Only half in the picture and his knees drawn up to his chest, face hidden, except from the whimpering which sounds like a wounded animal, he looks more like a lost teenager than the beast from before.]

Current Mood: scared
04 January 2013 @ 03:26 pm
[The view is from quite high up, looking down on the corpse of a man going mental in and alleyway.  Jumping and reaching for Isaac who's perched out of reach on a tall brick wall, just don't ask how he got up there.]

City, meet my dad.  My dead dad.  I've been seeing the asshole for about a week, I thought I was losing my fucking mind!!!

Everything smells dead and rotting.  This zombie apocalypse shit is way cooler in movies.  
13 December 2012 @ 09:53 pm
 So the geese, do we get in trouble if we kill them?  If not I caught tea!  But I'm not plucking it, I got enough feathers in my hair already.  

[Isaac holds up a goose on one hand, in the other is holding one of the golden eggs.  He also has a ridiculous number of feathers in his hair and also what might be a small amount of blood]

So who knows how to get the rest of the feathers out?  
05 December 2012 @ 05:36 pm
 [Isaac has been crouched low for a few hours now on the top of a shop veranda and for some reason he's just sat there.... waiting........

                     ......waiting......                                                                                                  ......waiting......



                       ......waiting......                                                                                          ......waiting......

Before he spots you walking underneath and, leaping down in front of you...]


[Made you jump]
28 November 2012 @ 09:55 pm
 This is seriously creepy.  So so creepy. 

[The camera is pointing into town from where Isaac's stood at the tree line, focusing in on the people walking around with matching faces]

Such a messed up curse, how do they even come up with these things?  Still, I still look like me, [The camera swivels to show Isaac still looking like Isaac as he waves awkwardly at the camera] so that's something I guess.
13 October 2012 @ 09:24 pm
The roof has serious objections to being fixed!  I repeat, the roof, it does not want to be fixed!  Home improvements are officially a no go!

[The picture focuses in on the roof of the cabin before the frame spins to show Isaac standing a little way away in the forest, speaking to the camera in a rather loud stage whisper.]

I seriously think I hurt the roof tiles feelings.  At first the kept rearranging so I couldn't fix the stupid holes in the roof and then shouted at it that a roof doesn't actually work if it's full of holes and like seven tiles threw themselves off the roof before I could apologise!  Suicidal roof tiles!

Oh and the roof, totally in a worse state than when I started.  
30 September 2012 @ 09:24 pm
 [The camera is pointed up through the trees at the sky, showing the bright outline of the full moon through the branches.  Isaac's not visible in the shot but he's holding the camera, pointing it upwards and away from him]

So does anyone have any idea when the night's going to end?  

Also it sounds like there's some kind of party in town, what's going on there?  [He can smell the sweetness of the cakes on the wind too but mentioning that would be a little not subtle.]
08 September 2012 @ 11:06 pm
 Look fuck you Derek, you're an ass hole.  I don't care how funny everyone else in this stupid city thought it would be, messing with me because I'm new or whatever but you are an ass hole to just ditch me like this.  Ass. Hole.  

[Isaac looks much like he did when he arrived, hovering somewhere between annoyance and panic, except it's pretty clear he's been freaking out about this for a while before he made the post.  He's sitting on a bench on a very very empty street in town trying very very hard to hide the fact that he's completely miserable.]

I mean you all just took off.  I can't even tra- find anyone, not even the people I'm used to being around.  This is just really really immature okay?  Dr Banner, if you make them cut it out I'll tell you how quickly my device came back after I buried it.    

Just stop it.  Stop it... please.  I can't do it, if this was some kind of test I fail.  I can't find anyone....

(((This is Isaac's first curse so he's not really sure what's going on but he's been hit by lost not found)))
30 August 2012 @ 07:09 pm
 I can’t be here!  [The voice is noticeably tinged with panic and its a few moments fumbling with the device before the unimpressed face of a teenager appears,  looking half way between panic and annoyance at finding himself... where ever here is]

Look, I’m sure someone thinks this is a brilliant practical joke, haha, but if you don’t tell me how to get home right now I’m going to rip someone’s head off.  I’m not even particularly bothered if it was their fault I’m here or not. 

I can’t be here.  [ He can’t just disappear, he can’t abandon his pack, what if Derek thinks he took off after Erica and Boyd?  What if the alpha pack attack when he’s not there?  Their pack is tiny, they’d be outnumbered even with him there and from Scott’s description, Peter wasn’t the kind of person who he wanted Derek to have to rely on.]  I really can’t.