11 March 2012 @ 05:47 pm
Alright, alright, okay I get it. There's music coming from nowhere to set the mood for whatever I'm doing, from eating breakfast to taking a walk. Sure, whatever, that's kind of weird and all, but I can live.


Would it be too much to ask for music I liked? I didn't even know there were songs with lyrics specifically made for things like being annoyed or posting a message.
21 February 2012 @ 02:03 am
[When the feed clicks on, the camera displays a... dizzying view of sand, someone running, and more sand. Guess who's in the desert!! It's hard to tell from the view, but by the sound of it there's one girl running for what is most likely her life from a monster. Of course, you can't see her face, but the voice that calls out is definitely one teenage girl.]

Tenebrae! If this is your idea of a joke then you're even worse than I thought! I don't know how you got Emil to ditch me too, but you both better show up soon before this thing kills me! [Not that she can't take care of herself of course, but... come on, one girl versus some awful monster? She would definitely appreciate some help thanks!!] I know you can hear me, so where the heck are you?!

[Because if this wasn't a joke and he really couldn't hear her, this was going to become a whole lot scarier very quickly. Finally managing to find some sort of cover though, she slides behind it and finally takes a good look at the device in her hands, thereby looking straight into the camera.]

Just what is this thing supposed to be anyways? I don't think we saw anything like this in Meltokio... oh who am I kidding, it'd definitely be like Zelos for him to give us something useless and for Tenebrae to actually pawn it off to me. [Life is hard and no one understands okay.]