02 May 2013 @ 02:33 pm
This is not right.

The paperwork says that this is not in order.

Why have the doors opened? Who opened them? Whoever it is did not fill out the correct paperwork.

I want an answer. Who cut through my red tape?

Get back in your cells, this isn't meant to be over.

[ooc: uh...oh...]
06 January 2013 @ 06:24 pm
Hello citizens: we have been made aware of the unwanted, unregistered guests that have made their way into the City. We are aware of the situation and measures must be taken.

It is essential that you herd them and trap them. There will be an area in the stadium for the ghouls to be contained un-


Citizens! Your attention, please!

In light of recent events, strong measures must be taken against the infection--indeed, I do not use the term lightly--that has now taken hold of the City.

It has been out observation that fire can destroy both the infected organisms and the infecting agent itself.

We therefore strongly encourage the population of the City at large to utilize fire, flame, and heat in excess of 130-165º F (54 -74º C) will destroy the infection and the carriers of the infection--


We did not do the paperwork-


[ooc: Laszlo is weighing in in red font for you today...the stadium is the same that was used once upon a time for games! OOC details (like what happens when you do expose ghouls to fire) is here!]
13 December 2012 @ 10:16 am
Please take note.

The geese you may see are here for you. The paperwork has gone through to assure that one (1) goose egg, gold, will be exchanged for one (1) good from your homeworld.

Any forgeries will be caught.

Kindly bring it to the kiosk in the square for your exchanges.

Thank you for your time and happy winter holiday of choice.

[ooc: Okay! For:

13; Six Geese a'Laying
Geese are flapping around the City and they are laying eggs made of gold. Yes even the boys. Snatch one of these gold eggs and bring it to the Deities who can trade the gold for a Christmas gift from home! But geese wrangler beware, these geese are really really really mean when you try and take their eggs. [Gift restrictions apply, we'll be more specific closer to the curse!]

The rules are: all trades must be of something mundane and relatively small (nothing magical, or anything that could change the entire City like a bomb or a spaceship!) that exists in the character's world - photos, furniture, sentimental objects, jewelry, small electronics like computers, things like that are all fair game! Pets are okay as long as the pets are not sentient characters in and of themselves (so no Lunas from Sailor Moon, for instance!). One goose egg per character. The deities will be wheeling and dealing in here!]
31 May 2012 @ 09:43 pm
Hello Citizens

It is my duty to inform you that on your behalf, the deities of the City have completed the usual sacrifice. The chosen eight Citizens have been processed and the satisfaction of the forces has been reached.

Please note that the the new additions to the carousel should not be ridden without the proper paperwork.

In return for the sacrifice it is requested that everyone fill out the exemption form for next year. Misfiling this form will result in delays in the system.

Do not delay the system.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

[ooc: There is no paperwork oocly, and icly you can choose to do it or not but it won't effect anything (it's just for fun if your character wants to bitch about a 30 page form) and there is no actual repercussion for riding the ponies without paperwork! There are, however, eight new additions to the carousel, four of which you may have met over the event! Your character is free to recognize them stuck forever as carousel ponies. The lady your character may have seen over the curse is no longer around.......

.....for now.]
04 April 2012 @ 12:19 pm
Attention Citizens.

It has come to the attention of the Office that there is a severe lack in the City's paperwork output.

I have been sent to put that to rights. I am M.S. Fice, but you can call me Mr. Fice. There is no need to worry.

The bureaucracy is here to serve you.