13 June 2013 @ 11:35 am
[Tohru gives the screen a big smile, hoping not to worry anyone. Truthfully, she's shaking, so much she has to set the device aside so no one will notice by the screen shaking throughout.]

I hope no one was worried by my absence, but as you can see I'm very well! Unfortunately, I cannot leave.

To everyone at home, I'm very sorry to have left on such short notice. There is still left over rice from yesterday. I didn't put the fish in the freezer so it will need to be cooked today. The food in the blue container will go bad in a couple of days so you may eat that for left overs if you wish. I was unable to prepare lunches this morning, but I hope Miss Lin and Jinora will be okay. Is there someone looking after Korra?

I'm not sure how long this will last.

Again, I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this might give. [Before she cuts the feed, Tohru gives a deep bow of apology.]
24 May 2013 @ 06:33 pm
Mmm, if anyone else feels like singing today, let me know! Maybe we can do a duet. [Yes, totally oblivious to the fact she's been gone for a month, but cheerful as ever.]

[Option A]
[She might be walking down the opposite side of the street, but Tohru's paying little attention to what's around her - the traffic and people on the other side of it. She's compelled to sing. Her voice isn't very strong, and normally would be drowned out by the crowds, but thanks to the curse by some chance she might be heard today.]

[Option B for the family]
[She's completely unaware an entire month has past since she was last in the City. To her it was a split second. And for the first time in a month, Jinora, Lin and Korra would have found breakfast made and their lunches packed this morning. As she tidies up for the morning, ready to head out for work, Tohru sings. And sings, and sings....]

[Option C - work]
[Tohru is a little worried patrons might complain at Oh Aces, or maybe Nathan might say something at Diva's Place, but she's incapable of stopping her voice. Her tunes do take on a sadder note (for brief intervals) at Diva's Place, as she feels the absence of both Karl and Diva. Even if Diva was a little scary and did bad things.]
03 April 2013 @ 05:25 am
[Tohru looks downcast, worried.] I know it's a little late, but I'm sorry for everyone who wanted to keep their dragons but can't. And I'm sorry for all of the destruction they've caused, too. They started off so cute.

Hopefully, some of you get to keep yours. They didn't cause too much trouble, I hope.

Um, and would anyone know, were any of the dragons seahorses, by any chance?
04 March 2013 @ 04:11 pm
[Have a smiling Tohru face.] I smelled peaches earlier this morning! I think I got accustomed to it, though. [She is sniffing once in a while to see if she can smell it again.]

Are they in bloom? Maybe it would be a good idea to buy some for meals. Is that okay, Korra, Miss Lin, Miles, Jinora? Maybe a peach marinade for chicken?

Action Options )
02 February 2013 @ 04:33 pm
[Tohru is feeding one of the little hippos peanut butter from her finger, then when she remembers she had turned the device on - but forgot why in the middle of it - she turns to the screen and beams.]

They're so adorable! I hope we can keep one.

Does anyone know if things like this stay sometimes? I really hope it isn't just for today.

[Filtered to Korra; the real reason she turned on the device;]
Korra, I hadn't wanted to do things this way, but I think because of our schedules it's been hard to get a hold of you lately.

I just wanted to apologize. I know the curse wasn't my fault! I'm not trying to be self-centered and say I'm capable of doing that. But if how close we were bothered you, then I'm really sorry. And I hope I didn't do anything that offended you. If you have issues with intimacy? I imagine it was really shocking. I just wanted you to know I don't blame you at all, and I hope we can still be family. Or at least friends.

Do you need me to move out?

You've become a good friend of mine in a short time, and I wouldn't want to ruin that.
[/end filter;]
City, I just feel like I have to tell you this, or I'll burst. [Tohru gives the screen a loving, happy look, like she's completely besotted. She is.]

Some days, it's just too strong to hold back on. But I feel so fortunate to have such a cute baby sister. Jinora is sweet and intelligent, and the best. And Korra is such an amazing hus-wife. [She looks confused.] Husband.

Partner! [Yeah, she'll just go with that.] I couldn't have possibly asked for anyone better.

[Of course, her family has a meal already prepared for them, a wonderful breakfast spread - even Lin and Miles have been included on the menu, even though she's not sure if they'll join, or what they prefer.]

[And there's a lunch waiting for Korra with a heart drawn on it.]

Jinora, Korra! Are you guys ready for breakfast? I don't want it to get cold.
02 January 2013 @ 05:08 pm
[There's a worried looking Tohru, at first.] Korra, Jinora, I really hope you both aren't out in this! I'll be home soon. [In fact, the scenery behind her isn't far from the apartment she shares with them.]

But this is awful! They look like they're suffering, falling apart. But they're attacking other people! Why?

[She hears a scream and stops, jaw tightening. A first for some - Tohru looks downright angry. Well, as angry as she can look. The device shuts off right then.]


[And when she shuts off the device she uses her bag to smack the ghoul in front of her that was about to grab and bite someone else. Of course, this does nothing to really hinder the ghoul but make it turn to growl at Tohru.] I'm sorry, but I can't let you hurt anyone!

[ooc: Feel free to be the person she just saved (maybe they didn't even need the help), jump in and save her, or just try to talk sense to her over video.]
21 December 2012 @ 05:56 am
[Text, because she doesn't want to worry anyone;]
Is there a curse today? One that causes monsters to appear in normally safe places?

[See Tohru. See Tohru running in the Underground, breathing hard. She leans against a building, hand over the middle of her chest, eyes wide. There may be mistletoe above her head. There may be a monster she needs to be saved from. Maybe you can have both!]
16 December 2012 @ 05:54 pm
I'm not entirely sure where to look for a job, so if this isn't the right way, let me know. I will look through the shops tomorrow, but I thought I might try this way first.

I really would like a job! I was used to having one back home. Cleaning and cooking are the skills I'm good at. Back home I was working with a cleaning crew, so I have experience, too! If anyone knows of anyone hiring for such a job, or anything similar, please let me know.

Even if it's really different, though, I'll still try it!

And, again, if this is the wrong way to look, I'm sorry, and I'll do it the right way from now on. [A quick bow of apology, in case it's needed.]

[Action for housemates;]

[Speaking of cleaning, Tohru's been looking for cleaning supplies and trying her best to clean around the place she shares with Jinora and Korra, without being intrusive. Maybe she should've asked to do this, first? Also, is that lunch she's prepared out on the table? Yes, yes it is.]
06 December 2012 @ 10:50 am
[Option A - Action]
[There's a petite girl by the fountain, happily speaking to passerby. Otherwise, when she thinks no one notices, she looks a little down or overwhelmed. In her hands is a device, and as soon as someone gets close enough, she asks if it's their device. If they dropped it. Or maybe there's a lost and found she could turn it over to?]

[Option B - Video Post]
[Unlike some people, Tohru didn't immediately post to the network after arriving. It was a couple hours later. She's still by the fountain, where she arrived, happily giving a smile.]

So this is how it works? Recording.... But is it recording video or voice? It doesn't say. I thought I pressed video. So I hope I did it right and this is showing up! [Bright cheery smile!]

Hello. My name is Tohru Honda. I'd like to know where I am so I can find my way home. I was on a school trip with my friends, and they might worry if I don't get back soon. [And Kyo.... Would Kyo worry? For just a moment she might not beam so brightly, but the expression is quickly gone. Not many would know her well enough to catch it, either.]

Also, I really hope this didn't end up in my possession by mistake. A kind person told me it was mine, but I don't recall ever buying anything like this. So if this electronic thing is yours, [she can't show it, though she does shake the device a little, then bows, apologetic, not quite so smiley anymore] I didn't mean to take it, and I'm very sorry!

I hope I didn't take up too much time! And thank you for any information you can spare.

Good day.