17 February 2013 @ 12:01 am
 It sure is noisy and unorganized today. Not that the City has ever been a good example of order since I arrived.

[ He sounds half-amused and half-annoyed. ]

I take it, an increase of arrivals like this has happened before?
03 February 2013 @ 03:10 pm
 [ George is sitting at his kitchen table, holding out a sandwich that three little hippos eat from. He doesn't look particularly shocked or delighted. Maybe his expression is a bit skeptical but that's all. ]

Go ahead and eat, if that keeps you from wildly vandalizing anything edible in sight. 

[ He observes them for another moment and tilts his head a bit. ]

But that doesn't mean I trust you to be harmless... And if you bring any more of your kind, we're going to have problems.

[ He sighs. ]

...why couldn't it have been ducks? I at least know how to deal with ducks.
29 January 2013 @ 10:05 pm
What interesting information there is on the network today. It loses its amusement value after a few posts.

After starting out with the zombie plague, I'd have expected less ridiculous happenings.

[uncursed, but who cares, he can communicate in text just to go with the flow.]

13 January 2013 @ 08:23 pm
[ Have a ... person on your screen. The gender is honestly hard to determine until he speaks up with a manly voice. Finally he's found the time to fix himself up nicely, so he's now in full uniform: purple lipstick, styled up hair, sunglasses, turban with blue feathers, yellow coat with purple fur. Yeah. Uniform. He smiles in a conceited way. ]

I would have taken the time to properly introduce myself on this network before, but given the recent... inconveniences I only got around to it now.
My name is George Ace and I'm a leading member of DUCK. For those not familiar with the acronym, DUCK stands for Defensive Universal Confidential Keepers. It consists of special agents whose purpose it is to protect earth from extraterrestrial life. [ If you're an alien you have every right to get offended, his intonation makes clear that he really doesn't think highly of non-humans. ]

I hope for good cooperation in the future.

Well then...

[ Suddenly there's a card with a 'D' on it between his fingers and...
this gesture happens. Yeah ]


[ The feed ends. ]
04 January 2013 @ 07:43 pm
 When abnormalities were mentioned, I didn't think they'd take this level.

[ This time George isn't dripping with water, but he still looks very distressed. But at least his make-up is on properly now and his hair is styled. Apparently he's found himself an empty apartment to reside in. Currently, he's leaning against the closed door of it. From outside, noises of ghouls can be heard. ]

I've dealt with a great number of paranormal beings in the past, but zombies are new to even me. If there is anybody who has experience with the living dead, I have a question. Is there any way of returning them to normal?

[ George doesn't consider it likely. But even so, this thought alone has kept him from shooting them in vital areas. Because if this wasn't a trick, if this were the people they looked like... George wouldn't want to be the one to end them once and for all. It's hurtful enough, seeing them like this, but George wouldn't admit to it. ]

On a less theoretical note, I'll run out of bullets in a foreseeable time. Can anybody supply me with some more ammo for my gun?

[ He hates having to ask strangers for all these things, when usually he had an army of agents at hand for it, but what can he do? ]
28 December 2012 @ 11:27 pm
 [ The man's voice sounds distressed but stern and determined as well. ]

This is DUCK command speaking. I have reason to believe I've been abducted. This device was found next to me. I need someone to immediately track my position and give me directions to the nearest airport. I also require a video connection to Enoshima, Japan. This is urgent, the lives of people are endangered.

[ He pauses for a short moment, as if considering something ]

Any valuable help will be rewarded by DUCK once the situation is dealt with.