26 December 2013 @ 12:14 pm
[Nathan pops on. It seems he's wearing a puffy fur coat. It's not that he needs the warmth but he does enjoy winter fashion. Especially if it's vastly over the top like the things he wears.]

Hello darlings~!

I do apologize for the delay on news of the fashion show but I've been wanting to make sure that everything is just perfect. Therefore it will happen in the new year. I do believe that is the perfect opportunity for it.

[He is a stickler for details.]

That's the perfect way to kick things off don't you think?
20 November 2013 @ 02:20 pm
You know, I have been far too anti-social of late. Perhaps my age is getting to me.

[Nathan sits on a balcony in his home with a glass of wine in his hand. The lighting right now is doing good things for him but he probably knows that. This is someone who knows how to work lighting and angles to his advantage, after all.]

So busy with work and not enough social interaction. It's sad really.

[He pouts.]

I was thinking of throwing a fashion show and a party. Naturally I will accept others who wish to show off their work for the show but you will have to come contact me. The party will be to celebrate the success of it.

[Smiling now, he sips at the wine in the glass.]

It's about time I got back into the social limelight, yes?
13 October 2013 @ 04:31 pm
My, my~ What a gruesome day. I've had to stop several people from cutting off pieces of loved ones. Naturally, you are free to do as you like but getting blood off my floors is so difficult. I would really prefer not to have to do that.


[He smiles then looks off to the side with a sigh.] One moment please.

[He vanishes from sight and when he reappears again, he has someone slung over his shoulder, completely out like a light.]

New rule. Anyone who attacks my staff will be tied up until the urge to cut them up goes away. Thank you, darlings.
05 September 2013 @ 02:01 pm
[Nathan can be seen sitting there studying his nails with a little pout on his lips.]

You know, yesterday reminded me that I should get my nails down. It never hurts to have someone take care of them and a nice clear polish would make them shine beautifully.

[He wiggles his fingers in front of his face as he keeps studying them before finally lowering his hand and smiling at the camera.]

Would anyone be interested in doing a manicure on me? I will pay you for your services.
26 August 2013 @ 05:39 pm
Next week there shall be Circus Fantasy nights at She'ol. If you come everything shall be decorated to match and if you request a talk with the owner then I will tell you what you can get discounts on.

No hints for what you will see, I want it to be a surprise~

Private to Mad Hatter

Tomorrow for lunch, dear?

Action for Solomon//Follow on to his phone call to him

[Waiting in the restaurant, Nathan waits for his "date" to arrive. Honestly he's interested in hearing how Solomon will argue this "friendship" of his. After all, he really can't trust that boy's opinions on men. Anyone who thinks that Amshel is a wonderful person clearly lacks good taste.

And that is where they are at today. Lifting his glass, he looks through the liquid inside it to watch Solomon coming to the table.]
23 August 2013 @ 03:24 pm
You know, I think today has inspired me. I should add a circus themed night to She'ol once in awhile. What do all of you think of that?

Perhaps there could be other theme nights as well. Camelot, space...

I think it will be very enjoyable to add some spice to the mix.

[He's already making the costumes for it.]
06 July 2013 @ 01:55 pm
[She'ol is so lively today! And there in the middle of all of it is Nathan. He does thrive on watching people so naturally he's at his business for the day.]

Hello there, everyone~ I just wanted to let you all know that if you come to visit She'ol today that drinks are on the house. Naturally the dancers are not but if you talk to me very nicely I might let you have a discount~

[He lifts a glass of wine up.]

Do come enjoy a visit at the finest club in the Underground. If you have trouble getting here then I will provide you with a bodyguard at the entrance to escort you down.

See you soon~
12 June 2013 @ 01:05 pm
Though my shop is hardly open yet, I would like to announce that I will be taking commissions on for clothes you would love to have. I do so love a challenge and am open to all styles.

[No, really. He's open to everything. It's not like he really cares in the end how you dress yourself.]

If you like my work then I will make sure to give you one free purchase when I have store front.

Anyone interested?
06 June 2013 @ 09:35 pm
[Nathan is sitting there listening to opera music, the soprano just lovely and it's clearly a recording of some kind. He smiles as his hand moves through the air as if to direct it.]

You know, people wonder many things about my family but I think they fail to realize just how much I actually know about my Queens and their men. I've seen so much of it including a beginning and an end.

[He lets out a little laugh.]

I know things even my family doesn't know about themselves.

[He looks at the camera and brushes his fingers through his hair.]

Really I think I hold more secrets and have for many years. I just wait for the day when they will find the right question to ask.
07 May 2013 @ 05:26 pm
You know, I think I might be cursed today. It would seem I have quite the delicious flavor to my skin. Of course, that's only invitation to handsome men for taste testing.

Oh and I will have to insist my lover watch while you do. He can rate your performance for potential intimate times later.

[He smiles and hums softly before adding...]

On that note, I've packed your things to kidnap you for a bit, Ivan~
22 April 2013 @ 01:00 pm
Such an interesting weekend and with quite the sad conclusion for some. Ah well, one cannot have everything, I suppose.

[He chuckles a little because he's not really THAT bothered by Diva leaving. After all, she's already gone in his time.]

Still, let us all raise a glass of your drink of choice to those that have departed. I will miss your terrible selves.
01 March 2013 @ 01:35 pm
[Nathan is sitting on the bar counter of his strip club, sipping at a glass of wine. Business is really booming based on the noise around him and he really can't complain about that. It just means more money for him in the long run. But seriously, that's hardly why he's come on right now.]

Hi~ [He sets his glass down and waves at the camera.]

You know I have been thinking of starting up another business to help occupy my hours. This one would be above ground and would focus more on fashion. It seems a lovely venture, yes? I always have been fond of designing clothes and there really are so many pretty people here.

[Leaning back on one hand, he continues.] I know there are several clothing shops around but what I would like to do is create a little boutique where I can design your outfits on the spot then deliver them to you in a few days. Seems interesting in my mind anyway. Now the question is...would that be of interest to those around here?

[Another smile and he sits up to wave again.]

Let me know your thoughts, darlings~!
08 February 2013 @ 04:14 pm
[Nathan is standing before a mirror and it's obvious that someone is holding his device for him while he tries on a coat. It's a lovely design, the lines all perfect. Upon closer inspection one will notice that it's made out of the colors of the German flag.]

You know, I never was too fond of the colors for my flag. They're bold, yes, but in combination like this they just fail to really be impressive. Such a pity one of these colors can't be a simple accent for the rest.

[He pouts.]

Ah well, I suppose I can get by wearing this for today since the urge to wear my flag fails to leave me.
23 January 2013 @ 04:12 pm
[The video turns on to reveal a shirtless Nathan lounging in bed. He has a smile on his face that says he finds something absolutely hilarious. Of course, a sudden muffled whine might be the cause of it. In fact, that sounds like Raikov whining.]

Now, now, handsome. Be patient a moment. You wanted to wait on breakfast to have this first, after all.

[Smiling at the screen now, he runs a hand through his hair to fix the already perfect locks of gold.]

I have a question for all of you today, an interesting one at that. How does one remove the tongue of another from one's own body? I imagine this is a curse which means waiting until midnight... [A longer whine from Raikov can be heard at that.] ...but I thought I would ask.

Oh, and I have a dress or two ready for a certain goddess. I apologize for how long it took but I needed some time to find the right fabric. Let me know what day you would like me to bring them to you.

By the way, today has me a little anchored to the bed.

[He blows a kiss then hangs up.]
01 December 2012 @ 08:10 pm
[Before the video starts, there is a presentation of an invitation. It stays there for about a minute before Nathan clicks the feed on to show himself.]


It's almost time for the grand opening of my precious little club, She'ol. It will be in the Underground and directions will be provided on the back of each invitation which you can get from myself, one of my employees, or from my handsome Russian lover~

[He smiles and lets out a laugh.]

Remember that this is an adults only club as there will be plenty of flesh to be seen. Still, if you're good little boys and girls then perhaps you will get to see something naughty at an early age.

If you have questions please bring them to me, your humble host Nathan Mahler.

03 November 2012 @ 01:58 pm
Hello, new friends. I think I should establish a couple of rules for visiting Diva's Palace today.

[He smiles at the camera fondly before resting his head on his hand. This is very amusing to him.]

There are some very temperamental people living here. If you don't want to be ripped to pieces or eaten then do tread lightly. I would hate for something tragic to befall you. Especially for something so innocent as a visit.

[He laughs softly then brushes his fingers through his hair.]

So, who wants a tour?
01 October 2012 @ 09:05 pm
[Nathan is currently sitting on a large boulder in the Underground. Anyone paying attention will notice two fluff balls sleeping on his lap. He really isn't paying them much mind currently.]

It looks like my club is coming along quite nicely. I should be able to have a grand opening soon. Perhaps I'll have it be Halloween themed as the kick off. It seems a pleasant idea.

[He hums a bit then brushes his hair back.]

Ah but I must come up with a name for it. What shall I call it?

[He tilts his head to the side then laughs softly.]

Anyway, it looks like October is now upon us and I'm looking forward to seeing it all play out. I do remember watching this month grow over the years. Why in Germany there is Oktoberfest. It should be coming to an end soon, I imagine. Ah, such fond memories.

[A hum then.]

Oh yes. I am bringing home new friends everyone~
20 September 2012 @ 09:37 pm
[Hello, City. He's back~

Anyway, this time he's in shop trying on a lovely coat. He seems to be very pleased with it and it does look divine on him. Smiling, he looks at the back of it before returning his attention to his device.]

You know, City, I think I've thought of the perfect thing for my new business. It's something I've never done before which will make it interesting for me. Really, I suppose that matters the most.

So I believe that I should start up an exotic dance club. One that will provide entertainment for all tastes and serve beverages to satisfy anyone.

[He chuckles then takes another look at himself in the mirror.]

It should be fun to design the outfits for it.

[Yes, he thinks he'll get this coat. A nod and he removes it to add to a pile of fabric that he's already got. Diva needs more dresses, after all.]

Also, I think I should get a puppy. It would be a lovely accessory.
17 September 2012 @ 10:02 pm
[Nathan can be found hanging out on a couch at the manor. Everything has been redecorated so that way it is fashionable and very expensive. In his hands is a glass of red wine which he's sipping at.]

You know, after some redecorating and the recent arrival of my Queen, I have decided to rename this place. It really deserves a proper title that shows off the beauty within.

[He smiles and takes another sip.]

Henceforth let this place be known as Diva's Palace.

[A toast and then he leans forward to set the glass down.]

Now, I'm interested in knowing what jobs are around. I have experience in the entertainment industry as a producer, director, and manager. However, I also have dipped into the fine world of fashion as well.

Let me know if there are any spots I can fill.
02 September 2012 @ 09:45 pm
[Nathan comes on the screen shaking out his hair. One needs to make a little effort towards presentation after wearing a hat all day. Humming softly, he glances at the hat in his hand before tossing aside and smiling down at the device he's holding in his other hand.]

Mm. Technology does advance so quickly. There was a time when communication required something far more personal than the mere separation of a screen. I suppose those days of utter intimacy are done though.

[A breath and the brown suit he has on shifts into what appears to be a flowing purple shirt of silk. Satisfied with that, he leans back in the chair he's taken over and sips at a glass of wine.]

I'm going to look forward to exploring this new city though. I've been to so many in my lifetime but this one isn't one I recognize. Perhaps I've drifted off into some kind of waking dream. That would be interesting, don't you think?

[He smiles and runs his fingers through his hair.]

What shall I call this fair city that I've landed in? I'm hoping for something creative and magical.