27 November 2013 @ 04:47 pm
[The video that starts up is extremely low to the ground. And the person on screen? Why, it's a cat. Well, if one ignores the wings folded against his sides and back. Despite how medieval his world is, he isn't fully surprised by the technology. Althena had something similar to this. And, well, when you have something Strange for as long as he had it, one tends to play around with it.

His little red eyes narrow though and he speaks. Yup, flying, talking cat-like thing here, and his voice sounds about like an eight year old girl's voice.]

So what in the hell kinda whacked out place is this, huh? At least you bastards left Ruby on Silver Star. That's right, I can tell she's not here, and I can tell the other two aren't here. [A pause.] I admit, that'd be a pretty good trick, getting the next Black and Blue here.

But that's beside the point! There better be fish coming, 'cause if I'm being forced into something stupid, I want a bribe or two or twenty.

And I swear to Althena, Ghaleon, if this is more of your shit, I am so going to claw you back to death.