15 June 2013 @ 02:25 pm
[ The screen flickers on to show the outside of Lucina's apartment building as she steps out. Her sword is drawn in plain view as she stands ready to battle, certain The Time Has Come.

It's the final boss battle.

She knows it. ]

Show yourselves! We must not prolong this battle any longer. I know you're out there. It must be the deities everyone has spoken of. First the kidnappings, and now, they're finally coming to end this.

[ She grits her teeth and stares at the screen of her device before a movement to her left startles her, causing her to drop it and let it roll on the ground. Her sword is instantly drawn in the direction of the noise as she tenses up, watching the copse of bushes closely. ]

So that's where you have chosen to hide. It's futile to continue when I can see your movements.

[ The bush shakes again before a beast of unfathomable might and fury comes out and stares up at her curiously. ]

-!! ...What sort of beast is this that you sent to attack me? Surely, they can't be serious about this...

﹙ooc: she is under the influence of the paranoia curse.﹚