For those of you with last minute questions about your exams, your final project grades, or any other matter, I will be available in my classroom for extended hours after school. You may check my website for review guides.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you that it has been my pleasure to teach every one of you, in each of this year's biology classes. Whether it has been your pleasure is for you to determine, hopefully through use of the proper formula.

To those of you who are graduating, congratulations. I wish you the best of luck in the years to come. As for those of you who will be taking summer classes with me, I will see you soon.

Mr. Sephiroth

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17 April 2012 @ 03:56 pm
[Sephiroth is surrounded by tribbles. That's nothing new on the network today.

However--these tribbles are screaming.

And screaming. As if something terrible were happening or their lives were ending, although Sephiroth isn't doing anything. It's hard, unknowingly being part world-destroying alien. Thanks, Dad.]

I require assistance. [He's not going to bother to explain too much. It's quite a piercing, unpleasant sound: tribbles shrieking en masse.] I keep trying to get rid of them, but more appear. I believe they're in the ventilation system.


Thank you.
02 April 2012 @ 04:59 am
[The video turns on for a moment, showing Sephiroth covered in blood. Even his hair is dark with it. It's hardly possible to tell that its true color is silver. One thing that is quite evident is the look of annoyance on his (blood-splattered) face.

So many people have had to die... In war, and in peacetime, if peace was what it could be called, as it seemed there was unrest always. He didn't need this reminder. He was no murderer, no butcher. He fought with honor. Casualties were always better avoided.

The device is a bit tricky to worry when one's hands are sticky with blood, but Sephiroth realizes the error in turning on the video function almost at once and turns it off, switching to the audio function.]]

These curses seem like little more than cruel jokes at times.

[After a pause, he asks:]

I wonder if someone would be willing to assist me with my chocobo.

[[OOC: backdated to the 1st; Sephiroth is cursed with "Out, Damned Spot"; sorry, I have been out of town.]]

They must be somewhere nearby. Why don't they answer?

[The ordinarily collected Sephiroth looks different today. His hair hasn't been brushed. Now and then, as he walks, he staggers slightly, clearly disoriented. His bright eyes don't focus on anything around him, fixed on some far off point.

He gazes up at the sky. The "rainbow" he sees there is shining, in a sense, but its colors are faded to pale, barely differentiated, and with an almost sickly greenish tinge. As if tainted with Mako. That same green is shining in his eyes. It appears to him more like a beacon light than a rainbow, showing him the way, so he follows it. That must be where they are. They flew there, on wings... He doesn't have wings, but he wants to be with them.

Around him, the landscape has changed, at least to his eyes, yet what he sees doesn't remain constant. One moment, it's a tall, industrially modern city of steel, rising around him. In the next moment, those tall, gray buildings disappear, replaced with smaller structures: the houses and warehouses of an abandoned mining town, a ghost town. Steel and snow, both cold, neither comforting.

The tall city lies swathed in smog, and the tiny town lies blanketed in ice, but both are empty. In both of them, he is alone. And where is Angeal? Where is Genesis? His friends. They've gone away. If he can only find them. It will be all right. They can leave Shinra together. They can support each other.

He does use the network, and only once, but his transmission is terse, grave:]

Angeal, Genesis, please respond. This is Sephiroth. I am not here to bring you in. I am not here to fight.

I repeat, please respond. Where are you?

This is Sephiroth.
11 March 2012 @ 12:00 am
[[ooc: This song will be playing wherever Sephiroth goes today, sometimes softly, sometimes loudly, depending on his mental state. The song may also attempt to drown out others' songs, as it's not a song with a good attitude. Anyone who understands Latin will be easily able to comprehend the lyrics. (So comforting, aren't they?) I just couldn't resist using his theme song for this curse.]]

I. The park
In the morning and in the afternoon, responsible caretaker that he is, Sephiroth can be found taking his chocobo on a walk. The black bird has grown larger, although it will not be mature for some time. It's now about the size of a large terrier, and runs quite quickly through the grass, though it never leaves Sephiroth's sight. It doesn't seem to know what to make of the music today, cocking its head to one side curiously whenever the song swells.

Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias

II. The library
He's rather annoyed when the music doesn't cease as he goes to look for new reading material. Unfortunately, his annoyance only causes the song to grow louder, to his increased frustration, which in turn increases the volume of the song (a vicious spiral).

Estuans interius
Ira vehementi

III. Training
Unable to find any escape from the music, Sephiroth was unable to concentrate on his reading and finds himself uneasy and restless instead, the music never leaving him. So he has found an open space on the edge of the City, and there he is practicing. His training is perhaps an odd sight, when it can be seen, for he can move faster than the eye can see. Flashes of fire and light accompany his session, and combined with the music, it's hardly a comforting sight.

Sors immanis
Et inanis
17 February 2012 @ 06:35 pm
[Sephiroth gets right to the point.]

I am Sephiroth.

If you are in the desert and in need of help, contact me. I will provide assistance. I have both combat and healing capabilities.

[The man with the gigantic sword looks like he means business.]

[OOC: Rescuing can happen anytime during the event. Sephiroth will remain in the desert to help people.]
03 February 2012 @ 04:12 pm
[Sephiroth isn't affected by the curse at all (or maybe he is, just the tiniest bit). He is already completely confident in himself and his appearance, and he doesn't feel compelled to act in any particular way.

It is true that he isn't wearing a shirt. But when does he wear a shirt? (Okay, sometimes he does, but it's not a part of his uniform, that's for sure.) However, does a SOLDIER need an excuse not to wear a shirt? No, he does not. He does have an excuse for going around like this, however. He used his usual long, leather coat to cover a wounded woman while transporting her to the hospital. He's been busy, so has yet to regain it and have it cleaned, though he will shortly. For now, he's only wearing two leather straps that crisscross across his chest.

Not feeling strange in the least, Sephiroth has gone to the grocery store to shop for greens. Chocobos need a lot of them. A responsible pet owner (maybe he takes things a little too seriously) he's picking through them to find the freshest and highest quality greens available.

He'll also be stopping by the pet store later for bird treats. Feel free to bump into him at either location, or out and about.]
27 January 2012 @ 02:56 pm

I can see from the other transmissions that a number of people from other worlds have arrived en masse.

Welcome. I am Sephiroth, of SOLDIER, if that means anything to you. Regardless, I am willing to help if anyone is in need of assistance.


[Sephiroth is walking his young chocobo in the park today. The small, black bird seems content to follow along at his heels, and Sephiroth has slowed his usual stride so the animal can keep up.]

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21 January 2012 @ 02:45 pm
[Sephiroth looks different today. For one thing, if anyone were close enough to tell, he's a bit shorter. Only six feet tall instead of 6'1". His features are slightly softer and less angular, his neck smoother, and his voice, when he speaks, has a higher pitch. Most notably, he is wearing a shirt under his leather jacket, covering his chest for once.]

Hello. I find myself in need of help, and the network strikes me as a good place to seek it.

I have a dependent companion animal. His name is Faremis. [Sephiroth bends and picks up a black bird: clearly a chick, but large enough to fill both his cupped hands. It is vaguely ostrichlike in shape, with a long neck that moves as it turns toward the device and blinks at it.] Like most juvenile birds, he requires constant care and regular feedings throughout the day. However, I will be busy with other concerns at times, and I won't always be able to give him the amount of attention he needs.

If anyone would be interested in a job as a part-time caretaker, there would be payment involved. I am looking for responsible, competent individuals, capable of handling an intelligent, active animal. [By which he means, if something happens to his bird, he will be most displeased.]

Thank you.

[Sephiroth doesn't really seem to care that he's become physically female.]