20 April 2012 @ 12:09 pm
[Luckily, Dawn had been walking into a Starbucks back home when she suddenly appeared in the City. It was almost a seamless transition for her this time. She'd opened the door to Starbucks in San Fransisco and walked right into Cafe Juliet here in the City. It was so seamless, in fact, that she'd been standing in line for five minutes and even ordered a latte before she noticed that this was not Starbucks.

A minor freak out, several questions of the other patrons of the coffee shop, and another less than minor freak out later, Dawn is starting to get the gist of what is going on here. Someone was even nice enough to hand her the device by the door and explain about that as well.

With her brain still fried on new information and adapting to the idea of it all, she flips on the video looking very much stressed out and anxious.]

Buffy? They said you were here so... you better be here. I mean if you aren't here I guess I could handle it cause there's still coffee and nice strangers who answer all the questions and you've been absent before but I'd really rather you were here cause there's that whole security blanket thing and... [Deep breath in, quick exhale that might indicate another impending freak out.] ...us.

ooc: Dawn is back from her canon update and City memory wiped! And after speaking with Buffy!mun, we decided to canon update her to one of the most recent comics for the fun pretendy times dramaz. So she's coming from comic 9x5 'Slayer Interrupted'.
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01 April 2012 @ 11:08 am
[The light is almost too bright to make anything out on the video, brilliant even, like the morning sun coming up over the horizon. But looking closely enough, the outlined features of a girl can be just barely made out. For those who know Dawn's voice though, her yammering is easily recognizable even if she can't really be seen through the bright light right now.]

Okay, so I know I have this whole fairy or angel thing going on right now. But I really don't wanna be a brilliant ball of light, okay? I mean, when Dulcie was here I was always feeling the wing envy. Wings. Not glowing. I can't even look at myself in the mirror to put make-up on without going blind. So maybe next time we could give me sexy feathery wings, okay City? I could totally rock the wing look. This one is just kind of... isolating and can we say been there done that got the t-shirt even without being all glow-y. I don't need any help in the being ignored and / or left behind and forgotten area. And definitely no help needed in being a big ball of light area, okay? Thanks.

ooc: What's in a name curse for Dawn! She'll be blinding people who are in the near vicinity of her all day.
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14 March 2012 @ 06:39 pm
[The number 3.14 has been driving Dawn crazy today. So instead of stay at work where nothing added up to 3.14 she decided to do one of her favorite things and go shopping. And when nothing added up to 3.14 there, she decided to split the three from the fourteen and go from there.

After a full day of shopping, Dawn is currently standing in front of the make-up counter at the store looking a little bit perplexed, maybe kind of stressed out. Shopping is usually something that's calming, like a creature comfort, and it has been for most of the day... until now. Her voice sounds over the network.

So, so far today I've bought myself three new pairs of shoes, three new tops, three new jeans slash trousers and three new pajama pants slash shorts. That's twelve things and now I'm stuck because for some reason I only want to go to fourteen items but that messes with my whole buying three of everything. Another three and it'll be fifteen.

I mean what's a girl supposed to do? Do I leave the whole three thing I have going on and go with fourteen or do I stick with three and make it fifteen? Stupid decisions. It's like there's a chocolate and vanilla cake sitting in front of you but you can't have both. You can only have one. How do you choose? I mean... chocolate and vanilla... right there!

Totally not cool, math... totally not cool.
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01 March 2012 @ 09:51 am
You know, having caught the few last moments of the glass city before everything went back to what passes for normal around here, I think Buffy and I got the short end of the stick. My shower felt awesome this morning though. And luckily Buffy and I are super-pros with a first aid kit. I guess I have to add how much my sister rocks, which doesn't happen all the time so everyone should take note. She made monster slush of the desert creatures and kept me alive too. I mean, I did help too... here and there! But sometimes I got in the way too. I'm good at that. If getting in the way of all things Slayer were a super power, that would probably be mine. Anyway, my sister is awesome.

So... everyone's okay? You know... I've seen people not being dead anymore. So... Aya and Ken? Sam? Dean? Ariadne? Tony? Faith? Charlie? You know, I could keep just listing names cause we all know how much I like to hear myself talk. But I'll spare you all and just hope that everyone's... you know, okay... and alive. Alive is good.

Everyone should have a Buffy in a crisis. If I could clone her and only have her clones come out during times of impending doom, I would. You have to be careful with clones though cause pretty soon they get a mind of their own and they're all personal space invade-y. Sometimes they're bots.

What? I ramble when I'm nervous or I'm worried about people. Okay, so I ramble even when I'm not nervous or worried. But now I'm done.

...no really. Done.
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11 February 2012 @ 02:35 pm
Careful with the eating of the candy hearts cause aside from the obvious that you might see things when you eat them, hello network thanks for the warning, you might also get some that are mixed with sand. [There's a spitting sound here.] Cause... sand. How it got sand on it between the sky and my hand, I have no clue. But yuck.

Also, destiny... yuck. I knew I probably shouldn't have eaten that one. Although... [She laughs a little.] I ate destiny.

[ filtered to Sam Winchester ]
Sam who is yeti like but not a yeti? You around and not busy with feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders?

[ filtered to Tony Stark ]
Soooo Tony. If I bring you a fresh bottle of some alcohol of your choice can we sit and have a pow-wow? Minus any powing and wowing? Well, maybe a little wowing cause what's a good conversation without a good wow thrown in here and there?
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03 February 2012 @ 11:43 am
This is Dawn today: )

[Dawn is out and about looking just like this with her arms full of fliers she's handing out to everyone she sees. She's going in and out of buildings with an air of confidence that for all her usual bravado she doesn't normally have, handing out the fliers. She's giving them to people on the street, striking up conversations with people she doesn't know. Flirting. Generally being pretty out there and confident as she makes her way through all of the City. By the end of the day, most everyone will either have in their possession or be aware of what's on the flier. But feel free to run into her! She's feeling sexy, but sexy with a purpose!]

Beach in the City Party!

When: Tuesday, February 7th – 5:00 pm 'till whenever
Where: In City Square
Why: Cause there's a beach in the City!
Attire: Swimsuits! Or... not...
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01 February 2012 @ 09:02 am
So the sand didn't disappear at midnight. And all research on sand creatures aside, I think we should at least make the most of it for a little bit, at least. I say we party! There should be a beach party or a Sahara desert party or a hey we have sand everywhere party. And at said party we can make bets on which drinks and foods will turn to sand or not. And there can be dancing at said party, cause who doesn't like to dance? Main key word here, party. That should be a motto somewhere for something. When in doubt, party.

So who's with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? That was a good show too, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Funnyness.
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27 January 2012 @ 01:05 pm
[Dawn is sitting outside in the square with a coffee in hand, watching all the people pass by. She might be looking for certain people although she's trying not to get her hopes up. Her voice sounds into the audio device.]

I love these days! Last time I got to see Giles and it was super cool. He was still cleaning his classes and tsk-tsking and poo-pooing at us... which I kind of miss, actually. And Spike! He was here too. He needs no explanation. There's really no one else like Spike... except maybe Billy Idol.

Anyway, if anyone is all needing the me shaped person then you can find me in the Square doing pretty much nothing but watching people. Only not in a creepy stalker kind of way. Cause I'm not a creepy stalker. More in a I love seeing reunions kind of way, even when they aren't mine.

ooc: 4th Wall!!! Feel free to chat with her over the device or run into her in the square!
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18 January 2012 @ 09:26 am
[Dawn has been busy today. She's picked up Tony's dry cleaning, ordered coffee and donuts delivered to each City Solutions department with a little note that reads 'Have a good day. -Dawn Summers'. She's moving from department to department in the City Solutions building checking on projects and progress just to see where everyone is at this point and what supplies need to be ordered. Yep, she's working through her to-do list and feeling very productive. Now if she could just find the time to get her own things done too.

The audio feature comes onto the network with a Dawn voice behind it.

Just a reminder to the City populace that City Solutions is always looking for new employees. If your specialty is in robotics, weapons, programming, medical engineering, physics, chemistry and other cool things like that, let's have a chat. We also supply funding and necessary electronics, should they be needed, to up and coming businesses in the City that need a little help getting off the ground. So if that's your thing too, let me know.

[ Private to housemates... & Faith ]

I'm thinking about trying to cook something that isn't dessert for dinner tonight. So I'll be stopping by the store on the way home. Anything we need slash want slash desire slash have to have? I'll add it to the list!

ooc: Any City Solutions staff feel free to run into her as she's running about. And I'm gonna put a dinner thread in here too so the Warehouse people can congregate for dinner.
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