29 December 2013 @ 09:27 am
[Julie's outside on the beach. Behind her, the beach house. She's dressed in a tank-top and shorts. Her hair is tied back and nearby one can probably see her bag full of art supplies. This is how she plans on spending her day.]

Three days of nice weather. Does this happen often in the winter? If so, I hope I'm here next year. It's beautiful out.

[Paintbrush, who's gotten a bit bigger, peeks into the frame and bats at the camera, meowing loudly. It leaves small grains of sand on the lens that Julie brushes away with a clean paintbrush before grinning at the camera and turning it off.]
Stuck in a weird, weird state of blah. Staying home is doing exactly dick for it.

Help? I'll paint a small mural in your honor on my wall. Just get me out of this weird mood.
[Julie's settled back into the routine of being in the city and after a brief text conversation with one Peter Rumancek, she's decided to be a brat.

He'll love it, though. She's sure of it, so she doesn't even care.]

Peter Rumancek is turning eighteen soon. He says it's no big deal. I say he's full of shit and we should make a very big deal out of it.

So, who's in? Parties rarely happen back home and they're pretty low-key, if at all, so I want help in making this ridiculous and huge.

He'll pretend to hate it, but let's be honest. He'll love it. We all know this.

So, who's in and what can you do?
18 November 2013 @ 02:45 pm
[The last time Julie's device was on, she was in the Hall of the Missing and then had vanished after seeing her own portrait appear. For her, she's been home for a couple weeks. It's only been one in the City and when the device does start recording, it's in her room at the suite.

Julie's not looking at the camera directly, even if she was the one to turn the thing on. She looks worn out. Defeated. There are bruises and scratches and she looks like she needs the worlds hottest, longest shower. And alcohol.

And when she finally does look at the device, it's her eyes that stand out the most. They're no longer blue. They're a sun gold, brilliant in their own way and very full of exhaustion.]

Good news. My world is finally coming back to life. Guess I didn't miss it. In fact, I think I may be one of the ones to have started the change.

[No details as to how it happened and she won't be divulging anything to anyone any time soon. Maybe R. He has a hand in it, too.]

Anyway. I'm...back. I'm tired. I won't be showing up at work for a few days. At either place, which I apologize for. I just need quiet. Bringing the world back to life is a violent, costly ordeal and... R, I swear to God you better still be here.

[She just shuts the feed off here and can be bothered at home though she won't be saying much.]
10 November 2013 @ 01:53 pm
[Julie wanted to check out the Hall of the missing so, sometime in the afternoon, she finds herself wandering the building. She carefully examines pictures, possibly looking for familiar faces but she finds none.

Or...oooh, that can't be good. She's found one and this is about where the feed kicks on. She turns the device towards a portrait. Her own.]

Hey, guys? Is this a c---

[Her device drops suddenly, a loud clatter as it bounces on the floor. It spins once before landing on Julie's portrait, the girl herself nowhere to be seen except for a picture on a wall.]

[ooc: decided it was time to canon update Julie. She'll be gone until Saturday. Peter, take care of her cat and her R. Mercy, she's calling out Missing and for all her other housemates at Mercy's beach house...for real, take care of R for her.]
05 November 2013 @ 12:34 pm
[Julie's coughing slightly as the feed turns on, a deep cough that sounds like it hurts. With the grimace that follows, it probably does. She clears her throat once or twice, groaning a bit before she plays that off and acts like she's totally one hundred percent okay. Nothing to see here. Just a blond girl in a blue hoodie with a basket of laundry on the bed behind her that she decided she didn't feel like folding and putting away.]

Question for anyone that wants to answer.

[Oh, Julie. Your voice sounds terrible. It's all scratchy and raw.]

What's your favorite movie? The last one I saw in theaters, I was seven. There really haven't been any new releases since.

[Because Zombies.]

And since I have a day or so off, I'd love some recommendations.

[There's a faint mew from behind her and a kitten peeks over her shoulder where it had been hiding in the hood of her sweatshirt. It wants the device. It must have the device. Crouched on her shoulder, it growls and wiggles before pouncing and...missing entirely.

Julie's laugh turns into a cough as she reaches both for the kitten and to turn the device off. Shes done.]
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[Private filter to friends one single convo style? threadjacks encouraged?]

My birthday is coming up soon and I'd like to get so shitfaced that I don't remember what happened the day before. Parties aren't the biggest focus back home, and I'd like a big one.

Who wants to help me plan one?

Also, please tell me you guys are okay.
18 October 2013 @ 07:39 pm
[It’s some time significantly later than Julie’s original post so who knows what device this is coming from. Probably Rs. The feed is upside down, at an odd angle and only showing part of Julie’s pale and panicked face. She looks tired. It’s been a very long day. In her hand is a crowbar she’s found and nearby is R who is hovering very protectively around Julie.

In the background is a strange scraping sound and an odd Other Worldly hum. There’s something fucking dark about it.

Julie’s trying to keep her breathing in check but there’s something tight in it, a wheezing she really can’t control. She looks at R, silently asking ‘what now?’ But then the scraping and the hum stops and Julie freezes.

She’s not sure what that means at all. She stands, the device falling off her lap. It’s now at an angle and it shows Julie peeking carefully over a counter in the beach house’s kitchen. She seems to relax for a grand total of point five seconds but then…]


[A Boney has launched itself over the counter and has grabbed at Julie, knocking her into the counter. She managed one successful swing of her crowbar, enough to chip it’s ribs but that’s wrenched from her hand and Julie is thrown aside.

For a skeleton, these fuckers are strong. It goes after Julie again, this time pinning her to the floor where she’s landed. Her left arm is, apparently, useless or at least damaged. It’s curled against her chest. Her right arm presses against the Boney but it’s not much to keep it back. At most, she has seconds before it gets her.]


[R responds immediately, an enraged growl coming from his throat as he grips his hands together, and swings them like a bat at the creature’s head. The first thing is to get it off. The second thing is to descend upon it, biting, scratching, teeth cracking at the bones - fingers gripping at its head as he tries to rip away at whatever keeps it alive away.He knows once the head is gone, it’s over. The head has to be gone. now.]


[Julie sits up and inches back, away from the Boney. She won’t stay back for long. Her good hand finds her crowbar and she stands very shakily. Her arm is still clutched to her chest but that doesn’t seem to matter.]

Move, R. [When he’s clear, she’ll jam the pointy end of the tool in the things neck, enough to sever the connection part way. She hates these things with a passion and wants to help and it’s shortly thereafter that the head comes free and the Boney’s violent flailing dulls to a subtle vibration.

She holds the crowbar out to R, suddenly fatigued and she simply says;]
Fuck it up, R.

[And then she collapses, sitting on the floor with a thud, her back leaning against the counter.]

[He stares at the Boney on the floor - the creature that hurt her. He stares for a long, hard moment, before letting the crowbar fall to the floor. He goes to pick up Julie, instead, glaring with disgust at the skeletal remains.]

Keep… you safe.

[ooc: R is in red and Julie is in blue. Tags will come from either of them. Action spam open to the hospital, there will be a thread starter for it.
18 October 2013 @ 02:40 pm
[There's a valid reason for the text. Julie knows what these things are and how they work. So she's offering some hastily typed advice.]

These things are from my home. They're worse than zombies. Think of them as zombies but with obviously more decay and a significant lack in any shred of humanity a zombie may have had.

They're called Boneys and headshots won't do shit.

You have to take them apart but be careful.

One bite and you turn into one pretty damn quick. I'm talking minutes or less.

They're attracted to sound. They travel in packs and if you see only one, it's a trap. It takes seconds for them to summon others.

Be careful. Stay in groups. Arm yourselves.
07 October 2013 @ 08:33 pm
[So, guess who's been hiding since seeing R's memory and being turned into a cat?

Julie. That's who. It's a lot to process, finding out that R ate Perry. Though, it's not really finding out if she suspected all along, is it? So the first part goes unfiltered and there's a certain quiet to her voice. It's the sound of someone who just went through something emotionally and mentally draining and only just made it out the other end.]

Hey. Everyone survive the weekend?

[Checking on friends first helps her feel better. Mostly because she's not focused on herself. She's incapable of doing so sometimes.]

Sorry for disappearing. It was partly the City's fault. And some of it was because I needed space, I think.

[And now, the filters.]

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06 October 2013 @ 07:16 pm
[Exactly twenty four hours after R's post, Julie has gone missing. She didn't make it home the night before and there' a valid reason for that.

After leaving Peter's apartment, mildly drunk, she took her time getting home and at exactly midnight, Julie forgot everything about Julie and thought she was nothing more than a fuzzy grey kitten.

Said kitten is now busy growling at the device, batting it with a paw and running off with it's tail straight up and it's fur on end when it reacts.

At least she's not focused on R eating Perry anymore. She just wants to play with the Noisy Growly thing.]
27 September 2013 @ 03:56 pm
[Julie's set the video camera up on the kitchen table. It's covered in various objects that she's...er...well, there was this curse and she was a ninja and now a bunch of stuff is missing from the garage.

Also there were a couple appliances missing from the kitchen. And she somehow stole R's hoodie.

Anyway, short of it? Julie wants to apologize so a moment later, she pokes her face in with a very embarrassed smirk.]

So...uh...R? Mercy? I am really, really sorry about yesterday. I was cursed. Here's your stuff. I just found it in my closet this morning and remembered what I was up to yesterday.

It's all fine. Not a single bit of damage.

[R's hoodie even looks clean and she took a moment or two to sew up some of the smaller holes so it doesn't look awful. Just loved.]

I'll be in the kitchen, willing to apologize personally.
18 September 2013 @ 04:11 pm
[Julie's sitting on the beach outside the beach house. She has ben giving this a lot of thought and while she figures Mercedes might not want a zombie hanging around the shop, maybe Rapunzel would be more lenient because Julie does take-out and delivers orders?]

Hey, Rapunzel? I need to ask you something. A friend of mine from home arrived and they kind of need....[How to put this without offending R. That's the last thing Julie wants.]

I want to keep an eye on him.

[Well, she tried.]

Would you mind if I brought him with me on deliveries?
[Julie doesn't know it's going to be a crazy weekend. She was hoping for more time to settle in before shit got weird so today, she's on her device with an important question. One that's going to be interrupted half-way through. For now, she's holding up a prescription inhaler.]

Hey, again. So...I'm wondering where I can go to get this filled? I've been using it a lot for the past few days because of stress and a lot of running an---

[But then the feed cuts out here in a whine of static and snow before--]

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28 August 2013 @ 07:29 pm
[That is a very, very cherry red Mercedes parked by the fountain. It's dented on the front fender but other than that? It looks damn decent, considering where it came from.

The slightly bedraggled girl sitting on the hood, though? She looks like she's seen better days. There's an anxious look to her. Her clothes are incredibly rumpled and probably appear damp and her hair has only had fingers brushing through it to make it look somewhat neat.

Julie only just got the device working after finding it in the passenger seat a moment before and, anxiously, she speaks into it.]

I was just told I'm nowhere near Citi Stadium or home in general. How true is that? Because I need to get home and fast. It's important. Like...world-changingly important.

[And the feed ends just as she turns to look around. She'll be at the fountain for the next half hour before heading off to find better clothes and a place to stay, if she's really nowhere near home.]