23 February 2013 @ 07:08 pm
i'm seventeen. again.

[ whoops did he send that to the entire network? that was only supposed to go to his flatmates!


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20 January 2013 @ 07:04 pm
[ Yusuf is a fan of Sundays, not religiously, but because Sunday is universally a slower day than most other days of the week. Regardless of whether you think a week starts on a Sunday or only ends when the clock passes 11:59 on Sunday night, Sundays are the day people like to get together for brunch or lunch or supper or just a couple of beers.

Sundays that have a work-exempt holiday following directly after them?

Even better!

Which is why, Yusuf, laid back and meandering through a conversation, decides to share a brief kernel of wisdom with the City.

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20 December 2012 @ 05:19 pm
I understand the theoretical appeal of snow, but the reality of it is getting a little obnoxious.

[ ooc: Yusuf needs a winter coat! Are you out shopping with him? Just listening to him grump as he walks by? ]
28 November 2012 @ 12:48 am
[ A scientist cannot simply ignore the siren call of inspiration, which, just so happens to strike at 12:16- or so the glowing blue numbers from across the room tell him. Yusuf isn't particularly bothered by the time, or the odd way the elastic on his sleep pants is suddenly looser than when he fell asleep with a journal over his face went to bed- the only thing Yusuf is bothered by is getting his hands on that notebook he'd stuffed in his bag yesterday.

The thing is... once he's got said notebook in his hand, pen poised in hand, his mind is completely blank. Words should be scribbling themselves on the page, his hand merely a conduit, but it's just resting there, pale and still and useless. Something must have woken him from his sleep, and it's usually a thought that permeates his subconscious enough to kick itself into his conscious--


Pale hand?

What the-

[ His hand is really pale, like, call a doctor that shit is unnatural pale, and as Yusuf rushes into his loo, notebook forgotten as he hurriedly flicks the lights on, he completely forgets what time it is and that he should probably try to handle this a little better because it is the City and weird things happen all the time.

But no, he's just going to scream his head off- sorry Inception household- sorry neighbors- sorry bees.


This is ridiculous and I am uncomfortable with everything remotely associated with this. [ Yusuf gestures to his face for the benefit of the network. For the love of God, how is he supposed to take a piss without feeling like he's touching someone else's junk???

04 November 2012 @ 12:20 pm
For those of you who show up and have no secured lodging with a friend or family member here, where do you end up staying?

[ From the clicking sound of doggy nails on the floor and the whining of you have the leash WHY ISNT IT ON ME RIGHT NOW YOU CRUEL CRUEL MAN, it would seem Yusuf is getting ready to take Pancake on a walk. There is a metallic click followed by a moment of silence. ]

Should anyone see Ariadne today, please ask her to stop by.
26 September 2012 @ 05:50 pm
[ Here's a shot of the Inception crew's backyard, covered in vibrant fingerprints of red and orange and yellow. Ruining an attempt at a pile (Yusuf has never been big on that thing called "manual labor" and the rake is a rather confusing lawn instrument ) is Pancake, of whom you must all be either thoroughly enamored or, at the very least, inundated with. From offscreen comes Yusuf's voice, ] I wonder how many of these are curse-modified stratum corneum...

[ aka ew Pancake u nasty ]

For what it's worth, I appreciate the seasons the City affords. Mombasa doesn't see a Fall season, so raking leaves and parsing out the heat function on the thermostat is still novel to me.

[ A pause, in which Pancake fails utterly to see himself as a hinderance to the raking process. ] Not sure what I'm supposed to do once they're all raked up, but I suppose we surmount one obstacle at a time...
01 September 2012 @ 12:42 am
[ Short and sweet and to the point, the Network is now filled with a happily wobbling wet corgi flanked by this other equally happy but equally soggy dog. After the two shake off, water droplets flying everywhere, Yusuf's voice can be heard asking, ]

After the interesting events of the other day, [ Namely events of the Eames getting turned into a bull terrier that inappropriately humped everything kind-- but this is only (heavily) implied. ] I feel I should check with the City to make sure no friends or loved ones are still furry and four-legged.

[ A pause- ] I guess I should clarify- those who are not usually so.

Pancake doesn't seem to mind in the slightest, but it seems prudent to ask.

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21 August 2012 @ 04:32 pm
[ Though he's still not entirely comfortable addressing the City at large (at least, not for anything more than shaming the dog), this video feed is obviously intentional. ]

A curse for flying, hm?

[ Yusuf taps his chin, as if he hasn't thought about this for the past couple days. ]

Well, I hope no one was hurt. Flying without a means only happens in hallucinations... and dreams, of course.

In my world, at least. [ He adds, because the City is full of surprising people with surprising talents. ]

I wonder if flying is the City's collective desire. If you could have any dream you liked, would it be to fly?
04 August 2012 @ 11:22 am
[ This post will seems a little out of context for anyone who doesn't know the whole story behind Yusuf's embarrassed ire. ]

Not one word from the lot of you.



[ ooc: you only have to watch the first ~18 seconds of the linked video to understand ]
30 June 2012 @ 08:24 pm
[ You may either find Yusuf laden with an armful of cookie tins- in which case, please stop him and ask for some, contrary to a single person's belief, the house literally cannot handle any more cookies in it- or walking back from the grocery with the tins in a bag and about four other bags of what can only be baking supplies. Likely, if your house needs butter, it will not be getting it on this good night, as Yusuf has just bought pretty much all of it.

You can thank Ariadne's mom.

Finagling the bags around on his wrists, Yusuf flips open his device just long enough to ask a question of the network.

So people make brief or repeated appearances in the city on certain weekends. Is it then, a rule, that the people who appear have a relation or acquaintance to someone else in the city?
04 June 2012 @ 02:43 pm
[ Observing the network today is a lesson in every day of Yusuf's life sympathy? Compassion? Something of the sort. ]

I see the network has decided to appreciate the smarter of the two most common household companions. [ And for your viewing pleasure, you can have a shot of Pancake, who is going to town on a nearly empty jar of peanut butter and looking particularly ridiculous while doing so. ] I applaud you all.

[ Not so much "filtered" as loosely addressed to those of you who live in the house of dream criminals- I mean, the house. ]

Who ever has shopping duties this week should be aware that we have no more peanut butter.
22 May 2012 @ 12:12 am
[ Though the lights that have been set up in the square for the dance are still casting the streets in festive, multi-colored swaths, it would appear the curse has ended-- at least is has for Yusuf. Gone is the baby-faced stubble he'd relived a certain amount of pride over, in addition to the casual finery he'd donned for the dance. He's back in the loose kurta he regularly dons, beard slightly fuller and less boyish for his age.

Sitting on the back of a car (Yusuf is not entirely sure who this vehicle belongs to, just that it was nearest and didn't sport an annoying spoiler on the trunk) is Ariadne, hair slightly mussed and hands on his shoulders.

What had seemed like such an urgency as two teenagers is... actually a very public display. They're not being indecent-- should anyone come looking for them, or simply be passing by (or... trying to get in their car...)-- but they are being pretty obvious.

[ ooc: backdated to a couple minutes after midnight (or whenever the high school curse ceased its effects) the night of the dance! ]
17 May 2012 @ 01:02 am
[ Yeah, okay, so it's late o'clock in the morning and you know, people should go the fuck to sleep because there's studying and stuff to be done-- for all those suuuuper difficult exams.

Yusuf is straight up shaking in his khakis.

Except, not. He's got that four point oh (plus that extra online college class) on lock down, so he's really not bothered. Hence, why he's up and bothering people via text. Although, he may hit the wrong contact by accident-- you know how that story goes.

So whats up with tomorrow?

[ ooc: texting is my jam, even if you don't know yusuf TEXT HIM BACK- he probably whittled your number out of some contact or another ]
10 May 2012 @ 06:51 pm
[ As it turns out, Yusuf has never shopped for a fire extinguisher. He has never needed one (let alone multiple...) before the City, but the household is out of extinguishers after the... last incident, and he's not going to be responsible for another residence burning down.

Hence, the question:

Where does one purchase a fire extinguisher?
23 April 2012 @ 12:38 am
[ Since there's been no fall out from that strange picture curse, Yusuf assumes that he's safe. He's congratulating himself-- he hasn't been inundated with pictures, nor contacted about any unsavory photos of himself (so obviously he's flown under the radar for this one, right?)-- on a job well done, when a picture falls out of his notebook and onto his work desk. 

He makes a face, and picks up his device, showing the image and, for once, turning the camera to address it purposefully. ]

Should I throw this away?
19 April 2012 @ 02:01 pm
[ There's a cup of tea on the desk, long since cold and just kind of sad. Hanging precariously close to the cup is an Erlenmeyer flask that, judging from the color alone, could be what Yusuf brewed the tea in (waste not want not) but most likely is something not meant for human consumption. Yusuf has been in his lab at Stark Industries for the past three days, lost in his work and rarely about in the halls unless it's to ask the whereabouts of x chemical or y pipetter.

Leaning back in his chair, he runs a hand over his face; fingers stroking his beard down.

(Okay, it might occur to him that it's time to go back to the flat, his beard is feeling a little wild...)

When it registers that the green light on his device is on-- again-- he reaches over and clicks it off.

[ooc: yusuf needs something to be working on, so if you've got anything let me know! otherwise, its just stark business-- whatever that may be.... /shrug ]
05 March 2012 @ 03:42 pm
[ This is probably the only time Yusuf will use his device for its intended purpose- barring curses that make him make an arse of himself over the network. Thankfully, it is not his turn. We'll just leave that to Rhada the cat.

It would appear that Yusuf is trying to show the network the back of their couch until he angles it toward the floor and there is Rhada, playing with a hat like it was brought into the house solely for her enjoyment.

[ Yusuf's laughter can be heard in the background as Rhada gets the fabulous idea to try and eat the hat. ]

You my dear, are going to be in trouble when Arthur gets back. [ Surprisingly, Rhada seems to recognize that name ( The One Who Tried To Bathe Me ) and releases the hat to flop over and give Yusuf a look. ]

08 February 2012 @ 10:06 pm
[ After years of watching the sparks fly from strikers and oils accidentally set alight, Yusuf is less interested in the lanterns than what he just saw walk past him. More accurately, what was in the hand of the person who just walked past him.


You can bet that he sets out after the smell of grilled meat with the fervor of a woman looking for her lost child. He follows the faint charred smell (that Yusuf can, for once in this godforsaken city, say isn't his fault) to a small stall with an already established line.

Even through the charred smell (really, the vendor should clean out the drippings or something...) Yusuf's mouth waters as he takes his place in the line.

He's going to cry if the person who just walked by was carrying a paper cup of boondi laddoos. ]
29 January 2012 @ 12:12 pm
[ A house with four people uses less milk than does a house with five, but with four people, two cats, and a corgi (Yusuf is not 100% sure that dogs are allowed to drink milk-- not that this stops Pancake from shoving his nose in Rhada's dish in what seems like a fit of glee) the house is serially out of milk.

In retrospect, Yusuf probably should have figured he would run in to someone on his way back...
19 January 2012 @ 12:44 pm
The network has certainly churned out a number of responses today, but I feel there has been a common misconception that should be addressed.

Sex is not simple.

There is no formula of in-out-in-out that achieves a magical simultaneous orgasm. What you get out of a sexual encounter is highly dependent on what you go into it knowing about yourself; at times, that may not be much, and that is perfectly acceptable. You have every right to be unsure, to try something just for the sake of seeing if it might be something you want to try again- and if not, then no harm done! There is a certain self-consciousness that permeates the realm of sexual encounters; a worry that if one asks questions they will seem incompetent or undesirable in some fundamentally flawed way, and that does nothing but hinder what could otherwise be a good time for all parties involved.

Intimacy is not necessarily defined by the parameters of a long-term relationship, but rather the level of honesty you achieve with the other person-- or persons, if that happens to be the case. Sex is messy and complicated and oftentimes not as linear as books, or television, or even our friends would like us to believe.

Sex is not a performance art, it is an endeavor in satisfaction. Not knowing is forgivable- sometimes you just can't tell- but not asking, not making sure you've completely satisfied your partner in every way you are capable of and comfortable with, is selfish and infinitely unattractive. Rest assured, you may not be able to tell the difference between bravado and skill, but your partner will.

So ask. Ask in the act. Ask after the act. Ask over some kebabs in the park-- just make sure that you give as good as you get.

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