18 June 2013 @ 10:09 pm
[ A WILD DARCY APPEARS. One that still has her awesome glasses on, with that look that she totally perfected in the mirror; y'know, the cool and thoughtful that makes you wish she can give that look just by glancing at you.

Or so she wishes, anyway. Chances are it's the kind of look that gives you the desire to say, Young lady, why don't you give me a cappuccino, double stirred and extra creme?

This, she knows. But whatever, it's not like she's their intern, is she? And there's something else different here as well. Different as in Twilight-Zone-slash-Burmuda Triangle weird. Doo doo doo dum doo doo, as the theme song goes.

So there's a network she can make posts to, like a live video version of Facebook. She can totally do Facebook. She can do Facebook like Anonymous can do the government's stash of Macs. ]

What's with the ticking noise?

[ That's the most important thing. ]

I thought I was in New Mexico. Pretty sure, like 99 percent of my time. I am holding the remaining one percent on reserve in the case I really am dreaming, 'cause my life gotten a little weird before all this happened.

[ That's the second most important thing. ]

This is definitely not New Mexico.

[ Thinking she got her bases covered, she's gonna wait for her answers. ]