04 September 2013 @ 05:25 pm
( Thanks to the City, Alexiel starts her day off with fabulous nails. When the camera turns on, she is examining them, caught between disgust and curiosity. No one has ever given her a manicure...

Or a pedicure for that matter. Should she care about this or -

Something is telling her to care about it and for the love of all that is holy do not chip it!

Weird. )

I won't be happy if someone did this to me in my sleep. ( Gingerly, she tests the strength of one nail by tapping it against a table. ) These are pointless.
16 August 2013 @ 01:28 am
( There's a small groan of frustration and Alexiel appears on the feed, running a hand through her hair. She has isolated herself for over a month, barely leaving Hatter's mansion - except for work, of course. But it's time things changed, so she's back out on the street, taking in the goings on around her. )

Kurai... Michael... Hatter...

If you see this, I would like to speak to you.

( Let's face it - depression or overwhelming sadness isn't new to her, but this lack of purpose is. She seems lost without her heart and her sword. )

I'm beginning to lose my sense of how things used to be.
06 July 2013 @ 06:44 pm
( Alexiel is glaring at her communicator, her eyes glowing malevolently. She is sitting at a bar and a number of empty (and large) cups are scattered in front of her. )

I don't feel anything. ( Drunk or otherwise. No, that's not true, actually. She's still pissed off and the alcohol only splashes against the barrier of her rage. Useless. )

Nothing can make this better. ( She shoves the cups off of the bar and stands up. As the glass shatters on impact, she stands up. Immediately, the room spins and she covers her mouth with her hand, coughing.

So she had been wrong. There is an effect. It's just not the one she wants. )
23 June 2013 @ 04:32 am
( It's strange for Alexiel to be so reclusive. In fact, in a way, it goes against her core nature. But she cannot hide her despair this time. She sounds as if her heart and soul have been ripped from her. )

You take, but you do not give.

( The sound of rushing wind follows that cryptic statement and the connection sounds a little unstable. )

Bring him back.
If you touch Setsuna again, I will be the last thing you see. ( And she is leaving it at that. When pissed, Alexiel becomes pretty damn straight forward. )
03 June 2013 @ 02:31 pm
( Oh woe the life of a fallen angel. She is currently surrounded by women and all of them seem...excited. There are flushed cheeks and, well, giggling. Alexiel arches a brow and looks over them before - and perhaps this is against her will (thanks, City) - smiling charmingly.

Some girls fall into a dead faint.

What the hell, Deities. What. the. hell.

Though she doesn't catch the girls that fainted, Alexiel does flick her hair over one shoulder (hello sparkles) and leans over, offering them her hand.

Who called for a knight in shining - erm -

Well she does have wings? )

It would be a shame if you injured yourself on my behalf.

( OOC: Trope should be obvious, but just in case. )
16 May 2013 @ 02:15 am
( Alexiel is kneeling in front of one of the walls in her room. Her long, dark hair trails down her back, the curls reaching her waist. Her arms are bare and she isn't wearing any shoes, but it's impossible to tell if she is otherwise clothed because of her hair.

However it is easy to tell what she is doing. Before her, written clearly on the wall, are runes. Did she use blood or ink? The shade makes it impossible to tell and Alexiel's arms seem uninjured.

When she finishes the last rune, she touches it, smearing the base. Her fingertips are stained by whatever she is using - not that she gives it any notice.

In fact, she seems far too focused on the language she is speaking. It's the oldest language in existence and it is likely that it has never been heard within the City before. Yet the syllables glide over Alexiel's tongue effortlessly until there is almost a lyrical quality to them.

If one didn't know better they might think she is in a kind of trance. )

( OOC: Rune Meanings: god thorn | gift need/distress | joy day | grave )
10 May 2013 @ 02:16 am
( Private to Lucifer. )

Perhaps I should apologize? I seem to have upset your brother. To be fair, he did deserve it.

( / )

( Alexiel is dressed casually today. She seems to have developed a penchant for mortal clothing, though anyone who points her recent interest out will be met with a chilling stare, no doubt. She sees no harm in looking well. It isn't often that she gets the chance to simply enjoy herself. )

I wonder what flavor I would have been? ( Looking thoughtful, she runs her tongue over the tips of her fingers - one at a time. ) It's hard to tell.

Has everyone re-solidified? ( She smirks faintly. If they haven't, they won't be answering. ) What a strange curse. I can't imagine what they gained from it.

( Her eyes fix on a point in the distance - the clock tower. )

Is the real aim to drive us into insanity?
23 April 2013 @ 02:56 pm
( Alexiel's hands are sliding over the scales of a most curious serpent. The diamond scales of the creature catch the light and sparkle brilliantly. After admiring the snake's beauty in silence, the angel smiles sadly. )

Farewell. ( She exhales softly and lays her head down, eyes never leaving her new pet. ) Your name is Vale.

( With the ease of someone who has a soft-spot for animals, Alexiel picks up the serpent and gently wraps it - him - around her neck. Soon the serpent is nestled contentedly against her hair. )
03 April 2013 @ 08:58 pm
If you have a dragon that you find bothersome, I will gladly take it off of your hands. ( She unfurls her wings - all three of them. She also seems to be wearing gloves. ) I know of a better place for them should you wish to visit them in the future.

( With a quick glance at the network, she tilts her head. )

Give me your location and I will make your life a little easier.
18 March 2013 @ 08:29 pm
( Alexiel's communicator is sitting on the edge of her bathroom sink. The picture is obviously skewed. This is a video that no one was meant to see.

As she stares at her reflection wearing little more than a bath towel, she reaches up and touches her cheeks. There is a strange light in her eyes and, for those who are sensitive to such things, a pulsating, powerful aura surrounding her. She raises a hand and the towel begins to slip, revealing more of her pale skin yet, at the last second, she comes back to herself enough to grab it with her free hand. Her upraised hand is soon pressed against the glass of the mirror. )

Am I meant to seek you endlessly? ( She doesn't shed tears, however the emotion shaking her voice is obvious. ) You will never know.

( Waiting in the City is slowly grinding against her self-restraint. She moves in a way that suggests she is forcing herself to bury all of the negative emotions her appearance causes her to feel.

So like him. Twins.

There really is no telling what she sees in the mirror. Are they nightmares? Visions?

To have this body and not be able to reach him is torture. This is a side she never wanted anyone else to see. With a quick swipe of her hand, she knocks her communicator away from her and the screen goes black. )
15 March 2013 @ 01:28 pm
( A day filled with the memories of betrayals, hm? Alexiel is glad that certain residents are no longer in the city. Otherwise she would have more than one knife in her back.

However, after feeling the impulse to right her betrayals (i.e. by using someone else like a pin-cushion), she decides to spend the day high above most of the other citizens. While a knife in her back wouldn't kill her or keep her down for long, it would hurt and she doesn't want to deal with the inevitable backlash of "I wasn't myself!" etc. etc..

Oh city, you never disappoint. )

Should anyone feel I've betrayed them, I suggest that you buy a doll and take out your frustrations on it.

( Her voice is laced with bitter amusement. )

I think it would do you more good in the long run.
22 January 2013 @ 09:24 pm
( Citizens, you are treated to a dazzling view of the City from above. At first it may seem like someone's recorder is suspended in mid-air, but then there is a massive whoosh of air and the recorder is climbing higher. )

This is how he sees you; this is how they see you. ( Small, dark figures - much like ants - are barely discernible below. ) How easy it would be to crush you. He could do so without remorse.

They are like him. ( Suddenly, the recorder is diving towards the ground with unrelenting, death-defying speed. ) I could be like them.

( A sword flashes into existence, barely missing an innocent person on one of the sidewalks. )

But I know mercy. ( Two heels hit the pavement with a dull thud. ) Once you've tasted it; once someone has offered it to you...

You can't go back.

Open your eyes and stand together against those who imprison us here.
02 January 2013 @ 12:20 am
The stench of death is in the air. ( And you better believe she knows that stench well. Far too well. ) I suggest that everyone take an additional day off of work and keep to themselves.

( Even if they happen to be rotting. She is beginning to wonder if that's exactly what some citizens are doing. )

( Private to Setsuna. )

Keep to the air for your travels until the danger passes.

( / )

( Private to Lucifer. )

It reminds me of Jahannam. Surely there are ghouls wandering the streets.

Do you feel at home?

( / )
22 December 2012 @ 01:38 am
( The mistletoe can't find Alexiel. Well, it can, but she's not making it easy. In fact, she's on top of one of the tallest buildings, the wind whipping her curls around wildly.

There is something in one of her hands. She flings it into the wind and it scatters like...


You're probably better off not knowing. )

Hm. ( She steps back from the edge and sits down. Uncharacteristically, Nanatsusaya is not at her side.

After a moment of nothingness, the image fades. )
19 December 2012 @ 12:54 am
( There is an awful lot of clucking on this feed and not all of it is incoherent bird talk. )

Vous devez être courageux avec vos sentiments! Dites-leur de le monde!

( Alexiel's heels click hollowly against the sidewalk as she approaches the flock. )

Et qu'est-ce que vous savez au sujet de mes sentiments? ( Speaking the various languages of humans isn't so hard when you've been around as long as Alexiel has. ) Je préfère les garder pour moi.

( The hens congregate around her feet and cluck louder. )

Le temps est compté! Vous perdrez votre chance!

( Pursing her lips, the Angel barely refrains from rolling her eyes. But she does nudge the hens out of the way with the toe of her shoe. )


( * Translation (the hens are in italics): You must be brave with your feelings! Tell them to the world!

And what do you know about my feelings? I prefer to keep them to myself.

Time is running out! You will lose your chance!

Move. )
20 November 2012 @ 03:53 am
( This is aimed at the Deities, but anyone can read it. )

You reopened wounds I had forgotten.

Thank you for giving me yet another reason to set my sights on you.

( / )

( The amount of blood Alexiel lost during a certain curse (on the 15th) had caused the angel to feel an exhilarating amount of bloodlust. Upon finding herself bleeding, she had managed (though she cannot recall how) to bar herself in a basement of sorts.

As she bled from wounds that brought back a barrage of memories, she had focused her enraged thoughts on the Deities. Though she could have torn the basement (and the building attached to the basement) apart, Alexiel had held herself back. (Yet the furrows in the stone floor and walls are testament enough to her frustration.)

She had awoken on the floor of said basement and found that her energy had been sluggish to return. However she found the strength to pick herself up and reenter the throng of people wandering about the City.

Her clothes are torn and there is dried blood on her skin. To make matters even worsemore interesting, her wings are fully visible and there is a dangerous glint in her eyes.

She also seems to be carrying Nanatsusaya. Her fingers are wrapped so tightly around the hilt that her knuckles are white.

Who doesn't want to approach her? )

( OOC: I meant to put this up on the 15th (obviously), but I've been sick, so yay backdating? ;-; )
04 November 2012 @ 01:58 am
This again? ( Alexiel is standing on the roof of a building, peering down at the masses. Her sword is drawn, but she is holding it at her side. ) How can we be sure this isn't a trick? Familiar faces don't seem quite as familiar in this environment.

( Someone is feeling a little bitter. ) I'm not taking any chances and neither should you.

( She shuts off the video. Oh Alexiel, you are so open and welcoming! People might get the wrong idea. )

( OOC: Open to 4th Wall. No duplicates, please. )
20 October 2012 @ 06:30 am
( Alexiel isn't one to sleep much, however she has noticed a certain fatigue. She has also noticed that there's a large key poking out of her back.

This can't be good. She isn't even halfway to the apartment yet.

Tick, tick tick~

Reaching for her communicator, she quickly turns it on and frowns. )

( Locked to Kira, Setsuna & Sara (if she happens to be looking). )

I'm losing energy. Fast. If it depletes completely, I -

( The lock fails... )

( Now the entire city is privy to Alexiel pausing in mid-motion, her expression stuck somewhere between curiosity and frustration. What the hell, City?

What. the. hell? )
07 October 2012 @ 08:01 pm
( Have you ever wondered how angels judge their own? Have you ever wondered how far they will go to ensure balance and order?

Well, citizens, you're about to find out. Sit back and enjoy the popcorn.

A counsel of winged and austere angels surrounds a woman chained. Her head has been forced into a prostrate position, but there's something...unapologetic...about her appearance. Perhaps her clenched fists give her away? She does look like she longs to rip the chains out of the ground. )

"Organic Angel Alexiel you have been found guilty of -"

( The words blur together. Alexiel wends her long fingers around the chains and grits her teeth. Must they drone? Going through the official motions drags this out even longer. She just wants to hear her punishment...

So that she can find a way around it. )


( Ah. Him. Finally, Alexiel raises her head and gives him faint, cold smile. Yes, Uriel. Decide her fate. It's almost fitting that he's the one that does it.

The chains scrape against the floor as she shifts, her gaze focused and unwavering on Uriel. )

"Before that..."

( Her gaze shifts to the angel speaking, her brow slightly furrowed. )

"Tell us...

Who do you love most?"

( Tilting her chin, her frown becomes an almost knowing grin. )

"God, of course."

( It's then that her fellow angels descend upon her and drag her to her fate. Alexiel accepts all of it gracefully, showing not an ounce of fear.

However, before the feed comes to an end, Uriel's expression comes into clear focus.

He looks...

Sickened. )