30 October 2012 @ 11:48 pm
There's been a lot of noise, hasn't there? And I've missed the main event of the season, it seems—I hope it entertained as it ought to have done!

But I confess that's not quite my main interest at the moment. It's the nature of things here, isn't it, to grow out of season and often against all reason. . . ? I suppose it makes the city gardens quite a comfortable place, but it does seem worth wondering what their properties are!

Is there anyone familiar, then, with the local plants?
25 September 2012 @ 02:52 am
[ a yawwwwwn, loud amid the sound of crackling leaves. ]

Noisy, noisy. . .

[ a soft and startled burst of laughter, as if there's a joke to be found in that. more leaves rustle dryly before he seems to recall himself. ]

—oh. I don't suppose anybody has enough to spare at the moment for a game. . . ?
How odd.

I was told this wasn't unlike a phone at first—but it's closer to a record, isn't it? There's quite a lot of information archived if you're willing to look back so far. I wonder if there's a quicker way to search through it as well. . .

[ dead pause. ]

But that would be far too inconvenient to consider. Wouldn't it?

Ah, I'm straying from my own question. I meant to ask—has anyone got a book recommendation or two they could make for the local library? For a younger audience, of an unfinished education—mmm, and a rather impatient temper. He's particularly fond of adventures.

[ another tiny thoughtful beat—to go with a tiny thoughtful laugh. ]

In more than one arena, it seems! It's to be expected, I suppose, if that sort of reading's common here. . .
Good afternoon—City, isn't it? I suppose this is an offer for work; we're rather in need of doctors—a physician, a surgeon. . . a veterinarian. . .

Vincent. Instead of asking for things we don't need—

[ Though that would make one wonder about his definition of "need." ]

—why don't you try asking for a way out, instead? That way, we won't keep anyone waiting any longer.

Well—the master's overstrained himself, after all. . . [ but, returning to the audiofeed - ] It's a matter of some urgency, you see. It seems we won't be staying.