30 April 2012 @ 02:54 am
[ The device kicks on to show nothing but concrete, a still, close-up shot of what's likely one of the City's streets for a long moment before it's actually given attention -- Cobb's body can then be seen in flashes of fabric while he fiddles with it, something that's pretty ... annoying to watch, to be frank. So, enjoy that.

His breathing is picked up by the microphone on the thing upon being brought a tad closer to his face, and while it's not ragged, exactly, it's shallow; clearly that of someone who's under a fair bit of stress. It's safe to say that he's Not. Happy. about the current circumstances, and this is also proved further when it occurs to Dom that the device is recording and a glimpse of his face can be caught as he turns it over in his hand, attempting to find an off-switch of sorts.

On instead comes the audio - even though his charges were supposed to have been dropped, it's probably not the best of ideas for wanted fugitives to make video recordings.

I seem to have lost my bearings. [ ... or, quite possibly, his mind. ] Information of any kind would be much appreciated.