03 August 2013 @ 08:50 am
[ well. this is embarrassing. asami can't say for sure how long it's been since she's last seen your ugly mug, polychromatic, but she definitely recognizes it upon sight... though it had taken her a few moments to remember that she was supposed to remember you at all.

seems almost poetic that she'd turn up at the exact same place she had the first time around. heck, she'll even give the fixed-up carousel a wistful pat along one of its weird plastic animals' snouts... though don't mistake the oddly sentimental gesture for happiness or relief, or anything silly like that. she still isn't all that happy to be here oops.

after a while, she'll fish out that strange phone gadget she'd been taking the time to acquaint herself with the last time, and quickly scan through the contacts. there's an odd twist to her lips when she sees a few familiar faces... and notices a few missing.

eventually, she turns on the video option. ]

So! Long time no see. [ a pause. ] I think.

[ and because she still hadn't been able to figure out that tricky filtering thing: ] Korra, I hope you still have a room available... I don't think this place is ready to let go of me yet.
13 June 2013 @ 03:39 am
[Mako really thinks, for a while here, that test driving a used Satomobile is going to be the best way to segue from a month of occasionally exchanging pleasantries to something more substantial. He's in the process of earning his license, so driving is important; and if there's one thing he knows about his ex-girlfriend, it's that she knows cars.

In other words, this is perfectly impersonal.

But things never work out perfectly, do they? Mako notices that the sky is transforming from sunny to overcast in a matter of odd minutes, and then the Satomobile begins to act strangely. It's like his hands are irrelevant to the steering wheel. In fact, he tests it by lifting up his palms just an inch. It's moving on its own.]

Hey, Asami. I think something's wrong with the— [BLAM!!]

”video” )
26 October 2012 @ 08:54 am

[ The first thing that rips through the network is a woman's frantic screaming along with the sound of metal being bashed into. Bones popping can be heard underneath all that, a sound like wet silk tearing causing her sob. ]

Let me go, let me go! Stop it, please, please ... !

[ The video swerves away from a nondescript wall to catch sight of her shapely legs splitting at the muscle as bones reform into a grotesque satyr-like lower-half (It hurts, it hurts, stopstopstop!). Shrieking in fright, the cloven hooves lash out and kick wildly as she tries to escape her own body, dragging herself backwards from the spectators across scant hay over a hard wooden floor. The screen draws back, revealing her to be caged at the circus, now a freak as penance for driving over a doe a few days prior. To the coaxing of a dark figure laughing lowly under his breath, it's adrenaline and horror driving her to stand up, shaky as a fawn clattering heavily against one side of the bars when her sense of balance gives out.

Hands fly to her face as she backs away into a corner, crying freely in distress and trying to tuck away the new limbs still covered in the blood of her last. The communicator is tossed at her knees. ]

07 October 2012 @ 02:35 pm
[ The screen seems a little fuzzy, this being a broadcast of knitted memories flowing swiftly from one to another. Asami can be seen at the probending arena as the boys pack, her mansion with Mako and Bolin, and later racing with Korra. When her father is accused of being an Equalist, she stands by him; mistakenly, as it turns out. Choosing to go against him, this rehash is largely made up of things leading up to that turning point in the underground factory when she first uses an electric-shock glove to fight her way free of her father's twisted vision.

More than that, she's oblivious to this post as it airs her dirty laundry until the replies filter in. ]

[ OOC: Only the clips with Asami in will be shown, along with people around her. They can be skipped to at 01:20, 04:00-07:22, 08:03, 09:00-11:32, 13:12-14:57, 15:47-16:49, 20:22-21:55, 23:00. ]
14 September 2012 @ 05:31 pm
[ An engine revs down as the feed clicks on, the video balanced between a pair of handlebars as Asami removes her goggles-and-helmet combo and that sure is a lot of hair yep. She gives the network a bright smile, a little wind-swept but beaming in a happy mood; it's good to be driving again. ]

Hi, guys! So, I'm out of the house today and I'm done with all the chores I had to do. I recently finished re-vamping my new transport and I was wondering if anybody needed a courier service until around nine o'clock tonight; I know the ticking can get on peoples' nerves and you might not want to venture out or ruin your plans for this evening. [ Hopping off the vespa to give a decent view of it, it looks so old-fashioned and worn that on first-glance it could be junk just parked at the side of the road. (Alternatively, if you're from the 1920s, it simply looks like it could do with a decent paint job.) Swinging the picture back around to herself, she relents on a chagrined chuckle. ] I know it doesn't seem like much but it runs solidly and if your package is small enough not to out-weigh it, I'll be happy to deliver it for you. Free of charge, I should add. We're all stuck in this together, right?

Oh! Korra, would you like me to pick up some bathroom essentials for you? I know you liked a couple of mine when you had a shower. [ Hmm, come to think of it, she ought to check-in with all her housemates. ] Bolin, are you over the worst of your cold now or should I pick up a few more medically approved Milk Duds? Mako, I cannot remember if you said anything this morning, I was in such a rush. Sorry! Remind me, sweetie?

[ And with a wink, she ends the public call. ]
30 August 2012 @ 12:30 am
[ Blueprints cover a table in the Avatar 2.0 household, sketches of what looks like a 1920's steampunk-esque car. To Asami, of course, it's the latest model. ]

I've been wondering how to help out around this place and I think I've got it. You could call me a sometime-engineer and these are drawings of a regular Satomobile, a race-car and a taxi-cab invented by my family. They're mostly doodled from memory, so please excuse any mistakes. It would really benefit the city to have a police cab around too, but I'm still working on the designs for that.

[ Turning the camera back to face her, she's shown to be prettily made-up as usual, this time with a red scarf whirled around her neck. ]

I'd love it if somebody wouldn't mind investing in the creation of these automobiles. On the other hand, I'm not going to delude myself. I need a job to afford kick-starting this sort of project ... something linking back to mechanics would be great, obviously. I guess you could call this a mini-showcase of what I can do. Oh! [ Snapping her fingers. ] As someone who's trained since she was a little girl, I can also teach self-defence classes to anyone who needs to brush-up on theirs.

Don't worry about a job being too difficult for me, I can handle myself.

[OOC: Action for housemates, if you're pottering around. C: ]
20 August 2012 @ 11:36 pm

[ The screen flickers to life on the beautiful face of a young woman; green eyes peer out under immaculate make-up and waves of black hair veil one half of the view as she leans in to get a better look at the controls. The video option flickers to text, audio, then back to the initial picture as she cycles through.

A small smile quirks plum-dark lips, pleased with how useful the device is proving itself. ]

I guess that clears up what this is for. Sorry about that. [ Flipping her epic hair over a shoulder, she perches on the edge of a fountain with the noise of the city all around and offers a friendly smile. ] Hi! My name's Asami and I'm more than a little confused as to how I got here, but I'm hoping someone can explain that to me over this interesting little gizmo and clear things up. I'd really appreciate it.

[ The polite veneer fractures when her smile weakens, a result of missing her companions. ]

This doesn't look like any district of Republic City I've ever been to. If it's alright to do this, I'd like to leave a message for my friends. [ Savvy enough not to mention one is the Avatar (in case Equalist ears are listening!) Asami gives a Here-Goes sigh. ] I don't have a Satomobile on hand or I'd come looking for you. I'm going to turn this off now and take a look around, this miniature radio is coming with me. I'll keep it on.

Get back to me soon? Thanks.

[ Click. ]